Florian Thauvin has been linked with a move to Newcastle for the last few years but despite renewed claims that he would at last move to Tyneside, the winger has now said he will spend ‘at least one more season’ at Marseille.

Scoring five goals and registering seven assists last season, it was perceived that 22 year old Thauvin hadn’t made the progress anticipated, but Marseilel have handed him Andre Ayew’s number 10 shirt for the coming season, as a mark of the faith they have in the winger.

A number of players have already left including Payet, Ayew and Gignac, saving wages and bringing in much needed revenue, relieving the pressure on the club having to sell Thauvin or indeed any other of the remaining players.

In an interview with Marseille’s official club website, Florain Thauvin insists he isn’t going to quietly desert the club via the ‘back door’:

“I’m a footballer and I do my job, whilst the press do what they have to do. I know I have never cheated and that I have never lied to myself, so really it doesn’t matter what people say.

“Coming to OM (Marseille) was really what I always wanted and I can’t allow myself to leave the club by the back door. I want to succeed at OM and this means playing here for at least one more season.”

For the good of the team:

“I had a tough season where nothing seemed to go my way but last season certainly wasn’t a waste of time as I learnt a lot of things, now I hope all those troubles will be avoided in the upcoming campaign.

“Sometimes the decisions by the coach can be hard to swallow but it is his job to make the choices and then up to us the players to deal with them – it bothered me a bit during the season but I know that whatever the coach does, he only does it for the good of the team.”

Recent days have seen claims that Remy Cabella could be used as some kind of bargaining counter in bringing Florian Thauvin to Tyneside, with even a suggestion that claimed Remy Cabella had missed pre season in America because a move was lined up – rather than the official injury line.

  • Kazie23

    I would prefer us buying Adama Traore

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Good good , we don’t need another flop like you .

  • 1957

    It’s been reported the boy really doesn’t want to leave France, stay well clear of him.

  • RichMilburn

    Kazie23 Never going to happen. Firstly he’s really not very good. Secondly, he was part of the Barca B team that just got relegated to the Third Tear of Spanish football, which is worse than the English League 2. Is that what we should be targeting now? 
    Forget what video games tell you. This guy is not very good at all. No, what we need on the Wing is someone who can hold possession, get in good crosses and occasionally score a flashy goal without doing stupid step overs (cabella). Unfortunately they are in short supply. I’ve never rated Thauvin either, he’s a look good rather than a work hard player..just like Cabella. Glad we’re not getting him to be honest.

  • Slowlybutsurely

    Mitrovic really showing the “right attitude” and “character” to be a newcastle player

  • toonfifer

    We’ve already got the player we need in Aarons all we need to do is keep him fit and get him tied to a longer term deal