Mike Williamson and Steven Taylor combined for a classic piece of comedy defending at Sheffield United yesterday.

However, neither Steve McClaren or Tim Krul were laughing.

The Newcastle Head Coach will now appreciate the problems he has to solve after five pre season friendlies, nowhere more so that at centre-back.

Whilst he will hope Chancel Mbemba’s visa will be sorted this week and Fabricio Coloccini will sort himself out, you have to accept that at least in the short-term we will all have to ‘rely’ on the Williamson and Taylor partnership.

Have a look at the footage below and it is hard to work out just who is most in the wrong, Williamson getting caught out of position so far up the pitch, or Taylor’s shocking attempt to play offside.

Maybe the part that best sums it up is when the pair collide, just before the unattended player puts the ball in the back of the net.

Watch the double act below via @NUFC_Vine.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    If either of these defenders get regular first team football next season we are going to be in very big trouble.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    Ya wudnt see that in a school yard shocking that is

  • dude 1

    Think Taylor thought Williamson was a Sheffield forward

  • ArtyH

    Can see other clubs looking at this as a way to stuff goals past our $h&* defense. The sooner these two are  sold the better. Kids don’t make those mistakes…… 
    We need another C.B and thats no secret, so expect prices to be high when we are linked to them.

  • Toonbadger

    They are actually a lot worse than that

  • good butt not quite carling

    that,s willo all over ever time he plays he makes he make a mistake are 2

  • desree

    no fan of williamson but at least he was trying to stop a goal. Taylor is the least intelligent player in the pl.
    I think McLaren needs to rest williamson. the lads confidence is at rock bottom and he shouldn’t be playing. The fans booing the lad isn’t helping but he needs to be dropped.

  • Artie Fufkin

    desree He is, the booing of Willo was not nice from some in the away end. His confidence will be shot to pieces. 

    It’s a shame as he’s a steady back up when fit.

  • Hughie

    Another negative article by an obvious Mackem!!

  • desree

    I agree Artie, but the poor bloke has been our key CB for 18 months now. There is nowhere to hide for the lad, he has been kopping the flack whilst collo and taylor take it easy. He clearly isn’t up to the job and I’m sure he must want to quit to. I can understand why he would get himself sent off with Taylor and Collo going MIA for the last two years.

  • wor monga

    Hughie           I agree…”he says he hates the endless off field politics”…but
    he’s full of it!!

  • jimblag

    Williamson is literally slowing down as the guys about to shoot, absolutely no heart commitment or ability. He should do himself a favour and request a transfer.

  • TonnekToon

    What on earth was Taylor doing ? as desree said below at least Williamson was trying to stop a goal . Sorry but , God help us if these two clowns are regular starters next season .

  • lee1987hughes

    Willo out, willo out! What a disgrace of a defender that man is, when I have been to st James watching the toon play, he is the one telling the team what to do before the game !?!? Why would the team listen to him? Maybe a hint to our disgusting recent form. Must think of himself as a team leader, Must need his head lookin at

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Being fair to the pair of clowns they were once decent players in the NUFC circus; now however they are now both shite. If either of them get near the first team then we can look forward to some humpings.
    Fancy turning down a bid for Williamson ffs.

  • stepaylor

    the trouble is they re both decent players in certain ways but really expose themselves when they try to do things they cant.

    For example on the clip above Williamson thinks he can read the situation like Colocinni often does and break up the attack by pressing himself. Colo does this alot and does ok but still occasionally exposes himself. Williamson is ok defending physicality and playing simple balls. Anything else and looks terrible. Taylor is slightly better at reading the game but makes rash decisions at times. Similarly is just limited but a better player than Williamson. Its why i worry about Lascelles too as he is just another Taylor in my opinion. To be fair to him thus far i havent seen him try to do things he cant. Pressing as a CB is a dangerous game. Cover yourself in glory if successful but its almost a certain goal if you fail. IMO i wouldnt even ask CB to do this, i would just tell them to hold the line. Let the midfield work to pressure the ball. Then at the edge of the box the entire back 4 should hold their line and look to pressure the attack.

    Its schoolboy level education for a back 4 and it amazes me that at premier league level they cant get it right. I would tell them that if they press and fail as a centre back then they get a weeks wages docked.