Steven Taylor has claimed that it is all change for the Newcastle squad, with a new ‘philosophy’ and a deviation from the ‘run, run, run’ of pre season training under Alan Pardew.

The United defender says that lats season was unacceptable and the players accepted they had to get focus back on getting the basics right.

That is the case especially for Steven Taylor and the rest of our shambolic defence, who let in 63 Premier League goals last season – only bottom club QPR conceding more.

Steven Taylor:

“I think this is the start of a new era, a new style and everything we have done in the past will change.

“It has been tough and a lot different to what we are used to, it used to be old school like ‘run, run, run’ but now it is different and all of the lads have bought into it.”

Different styles:

“When you look at the Premier League there are different styles of teams and this for us is getting us ready for the Southampton game.

“As a team you have to do whatever you have to do to make sure you are fit and ready for the first game of the season. Everything we are doing now is all designed around that – every session.”

Back to basics:

“There is a philosophy behind it and the meetings we have are constantly drilling things into the lads.

“To be fair we had to go back to a few basics, last season wasn’t acceptable and we all know that.”

Of course, we are all used to hearing from players about how everything is going to be different/better this new season.

In fact if you go back only 12 months you will find Steven Taylor seemingly extolling the virtues of a tough physical (run, run, run?) approach to pre season.

August 2014:

“Pre-season has been really, really tough. Dave Billows (fitness coach) has come in from Everton and he has been absolutely thrashing the life out of us.

“It is a sickly feeling sometimes but the hard work is going to pay off for us. It has been really good and we have been enjoying the pain.

“Dave got us down to hard graft from the very first day. It’s been tough, but great. It’s what you need as a team and everyone has brought into it straight away.

“Fair play, there have been no complaints as everyone knows how vitally important fitness is in the Premier League these days.”

steven taylor

During last season we kept getting told by the players how next week/match was going to be different, only for yet another defeat to follow.

With only 16 Premier League starts over the last two years due to (lack of) form and injuries, Steven Taylor has to make sure he picks both his form and fitness up if he is going to contribute to anything better this time around.

The centre-back turns 30 this coming season and the days are long gone when anybody made allowances for ‘young’ Steven Taylor.

Whether Taylor can lift his game or not, it appears inconceivable to most supporters that Newcastle won’t bring in the quality central defender taht the club have been desperate for over the course of many years.

The three centre-backs (Taylor, Williamson, Coloccini) from the 2009/10 promotion season are still United’s three senior central defenders, plus all three are out of contract in a year’s time.

Something has to give.

  • Andgeo

    We have heard this all before. We need a couple of proper centre halfs and a real striker in before the season kicks off. We have said all that before too!

  • hettonmag

    Wondered when he was going to come out of the woodwork, here is a man who blamed  the local media on Talk Sport for all that was wrong with NUFC under  Pardew . He looked  promising  one time but along  with Willo and  Collo needs to be shown the door.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Bull Shyte

  • Jimmywayhay

    They must have done all their running on the training pitch,because it wasn’t evident during the matches……

  • toonterrier

    Does that men we will no longer see his Angel of the North impressions in the box. As for it all changing. They’re supposed to be footballers and I’m sure from an early age they learn how to pass a ball and then move. Still need to buy two decent central defenders plus a proven goal scorer as well as some decent back up for when they all go on the sick..

  • Andgeo

    If sailor was to take the “how deluded are you” test, he would no doubt score very highly!! Good in the air, but we can’t afford to carry players that can not complete even half a season. Keep your mouth shut and concentrate on staying fit, or pack your bags!

  • Big Al 1967

    Hang on according to you Steven, Pardew was the best thing since sliced bread then it was Carver should be given the job and now McClaren has brought in a new era. No wonder you’re always injured because you have to be pulled from the managers very tight orifice every week to play.