After recovering from his latest injury, Steven Taylor has declared that he just wants to keep his head down and let his ‘football do the talking’.

The Newcastle defender turns 30 this coming season and no longer has the mitigation of being ‘young’ Steven Taylor.

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Somebody who always gives 100%, for many fans Taylor and Williamson have come to epitomise the lack of investment and quality in United’s defence.

The two have shared the role of scapegoat, whilst Captain Fabricio Coloccini has largely escaped blame for the shocking defensive record year after year, with last season showing only rock bottom QPR were worse in terms of goals conceded.

All three centre-backs are now going into the final year of their contracts with seemingly no offer of an extension as yet.

Steven Taylor has started only 66 Premier League matches over the last five years and I think the vast majority of Newcastle supporters will be puzzled/concerned if he, or Coloccini or Williamson, are allowed to extend their stay at St James Park unless there is remarkable improvement in the next ten months.

We all hope that at last Mike Ashley might allow money to be spent on two quality centre-backs but in the meantime we will leave you with Steven Taylor’s uplifting words for the new season.

Taylor says he wants to ‘…get back to where I was’. Many of us are left wondering exactly where that is?

Steven Taylor speaking to the Chronicle:

“For me it was a massive positive when I saw he (Steve McClaren) had come in and I just want to get my head down and let the football do the talking.

“I’m excited and have that love back again. I want to get back to where I was.”

Moving on:

“That Burnley game (picked up latest injury – Achilles tendon) was a horrible moment but it’s in the past and I’m now moving on and back fully fit.

“I am just raring to go and dying to get out and play some football.”

  • Steve1221

    Typical look for negatives in every innocent quote Mag article, we’ve all seen that Taylor is capable of being a good player but unfortunately his career has been completely ruined by injuries.

  • mentalman

    I’d like him to stay, he only seems to manage about 10 games a season and if he’s back up that’ll be all we need him for.

  • Andgeo

    Wish he would keep his mouth shut. Crack on stevie, see how long you last this season.

  • NicholasDryden

    Wish he wouldn’t talk with his feet, mouth or otherwise, full stop. Not sure why he is still here tbh. Appalling positional sense, slow as …. and is made of glass. Mind you next to Willo he’s a slight upgrade.

  • JohnnyNUFC

    If he wants to let his feet do the talking then he shud shut up and concentrate on his fitness and work on some defensive skills. C’mon Steven, if you stay fit for the entire season I’ll show my arse in Fenwicks window lol

  • LeazesEnder

    oh… calamity!

  • LeazesEnder

    Steve1221 …. and the things he does on the pitch…..

  • Barry Goulder

    Time to go tayls.

  • Cypres

    It’s going to be a short conversation Steve if your feet are going to do the talking !

  • Nic Mayer

    Just out play willo for us

  • toonterrier

    So much potential as a young player but like several others got to the stage when he thought he was world class and stopped puttting a shift in. Should have kept his head down,worked hard and could well have been a regular England defender.
    Too late now to change but would keep him as a back up right fullback because as a central defender is a liability.

  • Hughie

    Could have played for England without the injuries and a bit more footballing intellegence. If he can stay injury free is a big asset., and also a threat in the opponents’ box.

  • 1957

    Had great potential as a youngster but a with most of the promising young players we have fail to get the coaching and guidance they need to become top players. Put that together with a terrible injury record and Taylor’s career will be a case of what might have been

  • IainElrick

    Inb4 late September / early October hamstring goes

  • Paul Soulsby

    been a bit mute lately then

  • RoboRat

    I absolutely hate this guy. He has got all the physical attributes to make a great CB but he has the IQ of a sausage. So many working class lads would love the opportunity he has had to prove themselves at the highest level, but he has thrown it all away with his stupid rugby tackles in the box, his deliberate hand balls and his total lack of concentration. The absolute dribble he spouts to the local media always gets my blood boiling too.

  • Philippines

    Give him a chance. Do you don’t get on the edge of England call up if you are totally useless. I hope he comes good.

  • TonnekToon

    Well that’ll  make a change !

  • EastStander

    Anyone knocking the fuy need to look at our record last season when he played and when he didnt. Without injuries he would have been one of our more consistant regulars.
    Yes as thick as a whale omelette but how many footballers arent.
    Instead of the constant flurry of negatives about our own players, heres a thought, try to back them into a new season.
    We all know theres a few donkeys but daily reminders are now just boring.

  • Mal44

    mentalman  I think he’s on £2 million a year. Nice work if you can get it.

  • Brownale69

    Total crap time he has had a good living out of the Town and all the chestbeating before games makes me cringe, and dont mention the pre press comments we are going to do it next game……..aaaaagh. TIME TO GO!!


    I would make this his last season i really like the fact he is a true geordie and il never forget when he said il “rather lick stamps than play for the scum” that was pure brill but his talent doesnt seem to have got much better in the last 10 years but he does try! and like we all say “WE DONT DEMAND A TEAM THAT WINS JUST A TEAM THAT TRIES”