Newcastle United have today sent out their second email to Newcastle fans with Steve McClaren’s name attached.

Two weeks ago today, the first one ‘from’ Steve McClaren confirmed who his backroom staff were (though details of Cathro, Simpson, Black and Schoenmaker’s appointments had appeared in the press the week before) and told supporters that emails to fans would be one of the new ‘preferred’ means of communication. As well as the use of Sky Sports and The Mirror as approved partners.

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In that first missive two weeks ago, the Newcastle Head Coach said that fans would get an email in advance of last Friday’s match at Gateshead, though that never appeared.

However, the next day supporters received an email from the club confirming Georginio Wijnaldum’s transfer, presumably that deal took longer than expected and hence no pre-Gateshead letter.

Today’s (see below) sadly doesn’t announce any further signings but Steve McClaren says that on what he has seen so far, the current players can ‘take us a long way’.

Against the evidence of my own eyes I really hope the Head Coach is correct, though I’ll still be getting the prayer mat out in the hope that the next email will include a few signings.

Dear …..,

We have now made the journey from Milwaukee to Sacramento having completed the first leg of our US tour and the travel has given me an ideal opportunity to let you know how things are going.

We’ve really enjoyed being in the United States so far. Talking to supporters, they are delighted to see the players here and to get the opportunity to watch them train and play.

We had a lot of supporters down to see us training in Milwaukee on Monday and even more inside Miller Park for our first game against Club Atlas on Tuesday. There were a lot of black and white shirts around – and a lot of people with American accents wearing them, which is great to see – and they created a fantastic atmosphere.

Tuesday night’s game against a strong, physical Club Atlas team was a very good workout for us. It was just what we needed at this stage of pre-season and we got through 70 minutes at a good tempo.

It took us a little while to adjust. Atlas are a good side. They were quick and direct and you could see they were ahead of us in their pre-season preparations. Once we adjusted, we dominated the second half especially and created good chances.

steve mcclaren

We were good with the ball. We had the courage to play; the players wanted the ball.

That said, I didn’t think in the first half that we were good without the ball. Atlas were very aggressive, they won more duels and tackles and broke up play more than us. At half time, I said to the players that they have to look after themselves but they must make sure they compete. They certainly did that in the second half. We were aggressive back and there was only one team in it after that.

The performance at this point is obviously important, but so was the spirit. We were 2-0 down after a short time and the players’ heads could’ve dropped. But we stayed in the game. We got a deserved goal back just before half time and we looked like scoring again.

Ultimately, we’ve come through unscathed with no injuries and I’m very pleased about that. Our aim is to give the players as many minutes as possible as we head deeper into pre-season.

I thought the end of the game was great in terms of being able to see fans again and for those in the stadium to get closer to the team. The players went around the stadium and signed autographs, took photos and really took their time doing so.

That’s important. As well as preparing, we are also here to see people who haven’t seen the team for some time or who are watching the club for the first time. The people of Milwaukee and the supporters who have travelled to see us so far have been fantastic.

We are now in California ahead of Saturday’s game and we have two days to prepare for it. We have watched Sacramento Republic and it will be a different game but equally as challenging, particularly in such warm temperatures. We had a test against Atlas and we’ll get one on Saturday. We have also welcomed Gini Wijnaldum to the group today and I’m sure you’re all very excited to see him get started.

There’s a long way to go for us all. We need to continue building fitness levels over what is a relatively short pre-season.

We have to build a winning culture and a good environment, build the team and get them on board with what we’re trying to accomplish. We want the players to have attitude and to fight for every minute.

The signs I’ve seen from the team are that the players are taking on board what we’re telling them, what we’re coaching them. If the players keep up the attitude and spirit they’ve shown me, it will take us a long way.

I look forward to updating you again soon.

Best wishes,

Steve McClaren

Head Coach

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  • Kazie23

    I would love to know something and that is…..what are McClaren’s plans are for the young players…like Keeman,Armstrong,Aarons,Lascelles and Ayoze
    Is he going to give them a good chance or is he going to play the dead legs-Willo,Colo,Anita,Gouffrann,Riviere and Oberton

  • Magnus51

    Attitude and spirit is one thing, but having the likes of Colo, Willo and S.Taylor remaining as regular starters in central defence is taking us nowhere but straight to the Championship.

    Actions speak louder than words Steve.

  • Morpeth mag

    ” SIGN SOME PLAYERS”,, ,,,,,,,,

  • Nutisbak2

    Kazie23  I think his plans are to go with youth, that’s more or less what he was trying to do at Derby and that is what I suspect he will do here.

  • Kazie23

    I hope soooo….But I would love to see Woodman,Armstrong and Kemeen all go out on loan to good championship or league 1 clubs that will offer them plenty of game time….And I would love to see the likes of Aarons,Lascelles and Ayoze get plenty of game time for us instead of seeing the dead legs play

  • DownUnderMag

    Good PR exercise by the club and/or McClaren.  It shows they are either concerned for the ticket sales, further protests or have finally learned they need to include the fans in the club more…only time will tell which it actually proves to be.  It’s a step in the right direction but must be backed up by further players acquired and by a heightened urgency to improve the play of the team before we start staring down the barrel of an open day defeat.  There is time, results in pre-season don’t mean much, as long as we start to see some evidence of improvement over the next few games then that is what matters…oh and a new breath of life into the liability that is our defence would be nice too.

  • RichMilburn

    It IS good PR by the club. We lost a game against a physically strong, quick and up to fitness Liga MX team. We did look good at times but against a team from an inferior league that means nothing!
    What is a shame is the amount of Mag’s who fail to see the ulterior motive after 8 years of misery.
    If this upcoming season is any different that the past 5-6 seasons and we don’t sign players to finance outgoing players in January then I’ll be truly dumbfounded. I forsee us signing a few good players this summer in order for a clearout next January. I hope we get Mitrovic, a solid Centre Half and a competent Winger but as history tells us, we will sign some good players in the summer to (attempt to) achieve safety and then the likes of Sissoko, Cisse, Janmaat, Krul etc will be gone in the Winter window.

  • Chemical Dave

    Wonder if thus is the same person who wrote this on behalf of steve as the one who wrote Joe’s programme notes ?

  • LeazesEnder

    …’There were a lot of black and white shirts around – Greenalls, S&N, Virgin….’ 

    …..and some geezer in a ‘W****’ shirt who they invited to the ‘tailgating party’ to point at…. ‘have a weeny and a bud?’

  • Duke Fame

    LeazesEnder the level of debate has reached an all time high.

  • LeazesEnder

    Duke Fame LeazesEnder You should be pleased you’re only getting the synopsis

  • Andgeo

    And the elephant in the room…….
    We already know enough about the players at the club. They arnt good enough Schteve! What’s happening with regards to the half dozen players we need to get back to respectability?

  • Jarra MIck

    That first picture just makes me want to shout, those summer niiiightsssss