After watching Newcastle’s defeat to Club Atlas, Steve McClaren declared that his team played good football throughout.

This despite going two down in 17 minutes and almost three down in 20 when the Mexican club’s Argentine striker Bergessio almost grabbed a quickfire hat-trick.

The United boss though was accentuating the positives and said that the opposition were ahead of them in terms of preparation – this game being Club Atlas’ final friendly before competitive football resumes for them.

McClaren was also reluctant to blame his defence, despite some really poor play and decision making at times.

The head Coach instead pointing his finger at the whole team for failing to be disciplined when they didn’t have the ball in that first half.

Steve McClaren:

“It is about performance and where we are at, at this stage – very difficult to gauge as I think Club Atlas are ahead of us in preparation terms. You saw that at the beginning of the game.

“It was a fantastic test for us and that is what we need, it might have taken the boys time to adjust but once we did we dominated.

Trying out new things:

“We have worked on a lot of things in training and we were trying them, we tried to play and we played good football throughout the match.”

“The first half was disappointing but it wasn’t just so much our defending, we basically weren’t a very good team without the ball. We’ve asked them to do things that are quite new to them, but credit to them, to do that takes courage, and they had that,  they carried on, and in the end we dominated the game.”

  • JohnnyNUFC

    We dominated when Aarons replaced Gouffran and as everyone who has seen him play knows Gouffran is rather disappointing

  • Ashleyout

    A great result for us… It shows how poor we are and how desperate we need some new quality players… If we had won convincingly Mclaren would’ve been thinking we dont…

  • Kazie23

    So I’m glad we lost that game and especially a poor display by the centre half’s where we clearly need to strengthen…I suggest we get Virjil Van dijk and Sven Van beek and sell Colocini and Williamson

  • Kazie23

    How did Aarons play???along with De Jong and Arma

  • brent_dog

    JohnnyNUFC as everyone who has seen him play knows Gouffran is rather disappointing

    Rather disappointing? That’s like saying Isis are a little bit nasty

  • AB233