After Newcastle United’s 2-2 draw at Bramall Lane, Steve McClaren was full of praise for his two goalscorers.

The Newcastle Head Coach praising the natural ability of both Gini Wijnaldum and Siem de Jong to drift into the box and score goals.

Wijnaldum scoring after Papiss Cisse was denied by the home keeper, whilst Siem de Jong scored from a corner(!) delivered by Jack Colback.

McClaren also said that he is looking forward to one or two more players coming in this week and ‘freshening the place up’.

The United boss expecting Aleksandar Mitrovic to join the squad on Tuesday, whilst he hopes Chancel Mbemba will have his work visa sorted by next weekend.

An FA panel will meet on Thursday to consider the Mbemba’s situation.

Whether Steve McClaren was also referring to hopes/expectations of other players coming in was unclear but let’s hope that is the case, as Newcastle still look desperately short of numbers.

Steve McClaren speaking to the club’s official tv channel:

“That’s what Gini Wijnaldum is capable of doing, he can score, he drifts into the box. Siem de jong is exactly the same from the corner – drifts in and scores a goal, I’m pleased for both of them.

“Gini has came into the group and settled well, that was always key.”

One or two more:

“We look forward to one or two more coming in this week and freshening the place up.

“Hopefully everything will be sorted with Chancel Mbemba by the weekend and I think Aleksandar Mitrovic comes back in on Tuesday.

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  • Andgeo

    This is not enough. We need to hear an acknowledgement that the club are going all out to bring in a proper centre half. Not convinced they are!!

  • Steve1221

    So completing everything but the work permit doesn’t convince you they’re trying to bring one in?

  • Toonarden

    Let’s hope we are still looking in to bringing in top performers such as Abdennour, Thauvin, Rudiger, Austin, Fer etc as “coming in to freshen the place up” sounds like we are going back to the old cheap, stop gap purchases.
    Will be happy to be proved wrong however.

  • DownUnderMag

    Fingers crossed Mbemba’s transfer goes through.  Add one more good defender and a right winger with some creativity and perhaps another forward and we are looking in good shape.  As it stands we are still very weak at the back and lack a bit of creativity to really threaten (or keep out) other Premiership sides.

  • 1957

    I would disagree with the article in that we are not short on numbers we are short of quality. We have 3 senior goalkeepers and a promising youngster, 8 defenders including Mbemba, and 11 or 12 midfield or attacking players. If they haven’t made an appearance in the PL they are internationals or have been regulars at a lower level, but in many cases they aren’t players who can move you forward.
    McClaren has already said that it will take three transfer windows to sort out the club and given there are players who will not be leaving us until their contracts expire next summer I can see where he is coming from. It will take a while to move players on there are some no one would take if they had to pay a fee and match their salary.

  • ArtyH

    I wonder if there is a plan B if the transfer of Mbemba falls through? We need another C.B who is a commanding influence on the defense as well as Mbemba as what we have is not good enough based on previous years showings. To be fair I would rather the club signed another C.B than any other position, because if the defense keep a clean sheet we will not get beaten, simples, all those 1 points add up while the strikers get their act together.

  • 1957

    A centre back should be next priority over other positions, preferably one who has a will to win and would be the senior player in any partnership. With the best will in the world Mbemba will need some help.