It might not be the signing Newcastle fans were quite hoping for but it looks as though the club may need to book an extra seat for Ivan Toney, when they head off to America next weekend.

Northampton Chairman David Cardoza has revealed that his club are prepared to take a lower initial transfer offer, in return for a Newcastle deal that would offer potentially more money based on the player progressing at St James Park.

Cardoza confirms that he has been in talks with Newcastle and that he is waiting for the offer from United.

Wolves were reported to have had an offer of £600,000 turned down for Ivan Toney last November and there is talk of Northampton potentially accepting an offer as low as £300,000 but with attractive add-ons.

United Chief Scout Graham Carr both played for and managed Northampton and still lives in the area, plus as a regular visitor to watch Northampton play he has seen plenty of the striker.

The Northampton Chronicle and Echo spoke to Graham Cardoza and also added that despite no offer as yet, they understood that Steve McClaren wants the deal concluded in time for Ivan Toney to travel to America with the first team squad next weekend.

Graham Cardoza:

“I can’t say any more at the moment, other than there has been discussions with Newcastle.

“I am expecting to hear something from them, but nothing yet. There have been a number of conversations, but we are still waiting to hear something definite.”

Every football player’s dream:

“We have to get the best deal and if there are add-ons and all the other extras, then it means that as Ivan improves over the years, the club will continue to get some income from it. That’s the way it should be.”

“What can we do? It is a massive Premier League club, it is every footballer’s dream to play for a club like that and I hope it happens for Ivan. It would be good for the club, but it would be fantastic for him.”


  • prestondave

    Well, this is how low we have fallen. Haggling over a lower league player for £300,000. The rest of the footballing community must be bricking it when they come up against us.

  • Andgeo

    No disrespect intended to the lad bu £300k or £600k, what the [email protected] are we doing? sign some proper players now!!! ashley out!

  • Andgeo

    The next story will be we got pipped to his signature by a championship club. From ashley to charnley, the people running our club are complete and utter [email protected]!

  • macandmarge

    This actually beggars belief…3 goals in 13 games in the lower leagues…tell me this isnt our striker

  • Alsteads

    In fairness to the lad I seen him play last season and he stood out on the pitch straight away, very raw talent. He’d need a couple of seasons in championship before even thinking about challenging to get in first team. ………….then again we aren’t very good at bringing players on are we

  • Kazie23

    True…But I think if we loan him to a good championship club that will offer him plenty of game time then I think he’ll come good for us

  • Kazie23

    I thought he scored moreeeee than that????

  • philntfc

    tomreedwriting ffs Cardoza is a mug! We should squeeze every penny out of a prem club, the money involved is peanuts to a big club

  • SimonSidwell

    tomreedwriting Anyone thought it’s Newcastle not willing to pay a big up front fee? Maybe #nufc are the shrewd ones, & we cant stop Toney!

  • clarkeysntfc

    tomreedwriting I can’t think of a worse club in the 92 at selling players than ntfc. Appalling mismanagement.

  • tomreedwriting

    SimonSidwell Of course. If they smell bargain they’ll go for it. Seems a strange time to accept if moneybags Indians are coming in.

  • FilmInterpreter

    tomreedwriting SimonSidwell Cardoza said “what can we say?”. The word “no” comes to mind…

  • SimonSidwell

    FilmInterpreter tomreedwriting Then Toney+agent piles on pressure. Undercurrent of DC anger is masking that Prem clubs hold the power!

  • SimonSidwell

    FilmInterpreter tomreedwriting Everybody wants £1m for him. It’s what he’s worth fur sure. DC may have said “No” many times during negots!

  • FilmInterpreter

    SimonSidwell tomreedwriting Toney is under contract to us, we have no obligation to sell him. A tribunal will get more than £300K!

  • SimonSidwell

    FilmInterpreter tomreedwriting If only things were that simple Ali! I’m sure Toney would’ve gone last week if £1m was tabled!

  • FilmInterpreter

    SimonSidwell tomreedwriting And that would have been fair. Newcastle made a record £18.7m profit, £1mill is nothing to them

  • SimonSidwell

    FilmInterpreter tomreedwriting I agree! But theory never works for our club! :( DC has every incentive to make as much as he can…

  • FilmInterpreter

    SimonSidwell tomreedwriting True, can’t see why DC would do this, even he must think the deal is piss poor

  • SimonSidwell

    FilmInterpreter tomreedwriting When NUFC come calling, pressure to construct a deal is high for all. DC clearly not accepting 1st offer!

  • FilmInterpreter

    SimonSidwell tomreedwriting If £300K is the first offer he better not be! This also means we’ll only have one confirmed striker

  • FilmInterpreter

    SimonSidwell tomreedwriting Replacement better be good