In recent seasons we’ve got used to Newcastle transfers that we’ve never heard of….but now Steve McClaren has claimed that there could be new potential credible signings who have gone under the radar.

Despite being linked with well over a hundred different players, the Newcastle Head coach insists that there are star players who fans haven’t got a clue that the club are working on.

Steve McClaren:

“We are forever working and people are mentioning this and that, believe me though, we have a lot of names that people haven’t got hold of yet – we have been close with them.

“At the moment we have got two in and I’m sure that we are looking for other – but they have to be the right ones.”

If this is the case, then it will be a major departure from how the Georginio Wijnaldum and Aleksandar Mitrovic signings have played out.

The same with the seemingly imminent Chancel Mbemba arrival.

You could write a book on all three of these very public deals, the alleged twists and turns as day after day they filled the newspaper column inches.

Clubs want as much money as possible for their star players, so it is very much in their interest to make known to other clubs that they are willing to sell a player, to try and get a price hike.

So the question remains, can Newcastle honestly buy players good enough for the Premier League, without the selling club or player(s) agents getting the word out to try and drive up transfer fees and/or wages?

I think it unlikely and even though I am happy to believe it when Steve McClaren says they are still working on other signings (which must be the case for pretty much every other club as well), is it realistic to think that apart from Chancel Mbemba there is any chance of other new signings arriving in time for Southampton in two weeks time?

Taking these three deals (Mitrovic, Wijnaldum and Mbemba) you would think that was all but impossible, judging by the time it has/is taken to get these deals done.

Those three plus at least two other Steve McClaren (nice) surprises will bring my heart rate down a bit but it could well be a close call.

  • DownUnderMag

    So far with Gini and Mitrovic, we seem to have two young guys who are really showing all the right signs of being a big lift for the club, not just on the pitch but in terms of their general attitude. 
    If we get Mbemba and perhaps another defender, one more attacking player (either a froward or a right winger) would set us up nicely for the coming season if everyone stays fit and gels quickly.  From there though it would be down to Ashley to finally show that he meant his words and if we are within touching distance of the European spots come January then buying some players to help push on would certainly go a long way to showing this new found ambition.  I guess that proof of the new Ashley model is what we are all waiting on.

  • Happyharrys2011

    We just need some consistency, can I just remind everyone we are due a massive clanger by the regime. Every time things start to go good the dictator does some thing massively stupid.

  • Jievo

    Happyharrys2011 I’d agree with that – buy buy buy seems to be the modern football motto, and I’m loving these transfers, but 3 or 4 players in this summer would be more than enough for me, and 1 more in january would be icing on the cake – obviously some departures are to be expected yadda yadda yadda – but beyond all of that, with our CB and CF departments reinforced, there are 2 things that to me seem massively more important than any new players – getting the new coaches bedded in and the underperforming players back to something resembling decent form (yes, there are some who are just not good enough, but equally many who are more than capable of being midtable prem players if they hadn’t been pardewed. Funny how we accuse pardew and carver of underperforming and misusing good players for so long, then the moment they’re gone the blame switches to the players we were previously accusing the coaches of not treating properly. Guess some people need a scapegoat). And as you say, we need the regime to just stay quiet a while. Stability is key, Ashley actually understands that with the unwillingness to sack managers (a good thing, but taken too far with pardew), but we need stability in more than just managerial staff, we need stability in the playing staff, stability in the fan base without more aggravating actions from Ashley and Charnley, and stability in the press which Ashley will NEVER achieve, he may hate us but he despises journalists.

  • wor monga

    Anything that Mac puts out has to be coming from
    inside the club, and if he says there could be signings that we don’t expect…It’s
    not because we haven’t heard of the players …or that they haven’t been
    previously ‘linked’

    …However when you say we’ve been ‘linked’ with over
    100 players…none of that info came from inside the club, did it?…it came from
    the sources you mentioned for the reasons you mentioned, and you can disregard
    it as fact…

    … because the club will be phoning other clubs, and agents every day,
    but there won’t be anything released until a bid has been made, accepted, and
    money is on the table.