When asked about the Aleksandar Mitrovic situation, Steve McClaren has said that the signing is ‘very close’.

However, he doesn’t believe there will be enough time for the striker to complete the deal and fly out to play against Portland Timbers on Tuesday night.

After the all the trials and tribulations of the Mitrovic transfer saga, no doubt like the rest of us, Steve McClaren will only be 100% sure that the Serbian striker has signed when he is actually wearing the black and white strip.

In only 21 days United kick off their season against Southampton and whilst Wijnaldum should hopefully get more game time on Tuesday, other new signings are desperately needed as soon as possible, though the Anderlecht forward would make a great second signing of the summer.

The case of Loic Remy always sit in the back of your mind, the forward due to hop on a flight to sign on the dotted line, only to then be offered more cash by QPR and forget all about Tyneside.

Steve McClaren asked about Mitrovic signing:

“We’re very close to something and there’s a lot of speculation and pre-empting decisions.

“Certainly  though from the feedback back home they’re working very hard to bring one or two players in.”

Mitrovic to be available on Tuesday for the Portland Timbers match?:

“No I don’t think so, we have what we have, it’s a good squad.

“I am so pleased with the games we have had so far in terms of how they boys have worked. They’re getting the minutes in and working hard, their attitude is very good.”

  • Andgeo

    What really worry’s me is this:
    ““No I don’t think so, we have what we have, it’s a good squad.
    “I am so pleased with the games we have had so far in terms of how they boys have worked. They’re getting the minutes in and working hard, their attitude is very good.”
    Schteve, this squad nearly got relegated last season. They are not good!
    In the 3 pre season games thus far, with players apparently playing for their places and with sub standard opposition we have managed a goal, a penalty and an own goal.
    This inability to create good chances and test opposition goalkeepers is typical of newcastle over the past two seasons and is not going to worry any of our premiership opponents.
    Hence the need to sign players, URGENTLY!!!
    Not being negative, just find it very patronising being told we have a good squad. Every supporter knows only too well the squad lacks depth and quality.
    Any squad, where gouffran, obertan or mike Williamson can command a starting place in the first team is NOT good!

  • fireflyuk

    I think it is probably better to judge McClaren by his actions rather than his words. He will say the politically correct  thing for the press, he is professional like that. He may say Obertan,for example, is working really hard and is looking good but could then ship him a week later. That for me is the right way to manage. 

    Of course he will tow the party line, most people will do that in any line of work and while the jury is still out on McClaren I think he at least deserves a season to see how he functions.

  • TonnekToon

    The quote ” we have what we have, it’s a good squad” is a real shocker .When hes talking to the media  I suppose he has to be a bit diplomatic , but never the less  come on Steve , a little bit of reality would be appreciated .

  • Brownale69

    TonnekToon yea where did this “good squad” get us last season

  • GToon

    I’ve heard the delays to us signing anybody are because Ashley personally counts every penny of the transfer fee before putting it in a Sports Derect bag (not the ones you pay for, just the normal ones, let’s not waste money!)

  • Demented_Man

    Brownale69 TonnekToon What did you all expect?  McClaren was the last resort and he regards Newcastle as a last resort.  He’ll come out with the thickest type of bshit.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    I got worried last week when McClaren used that well known Pardewism “Over the line” when talking about transfer targets. As soon as I saw those three words I couldn’t help get the feeling he had been specifically briefed by the club on what to say.

  • 1957

    I prefer McClaren’s approach to Pardew’s approach to players he want happy with, stick them in with the youths to train, be critical of them in public or ship them off somewhere on loan without giving them a reasonable chance (MYM for example)
    He will have his list of keep and go but getting rid of some of them will be difficult, who in the Championship or the French League wil pay our level of wages until there is a offer he needs to keep them onside

  • NottsToon

    The front and back ends of the team need a revolutionary overhaul, everyone knows this. What is wrong with Newcastle, as was highlighted week after week last season, is that we leak a ton of goals and don’t score many.

    It is not a good squad, it is a squad with 4 or 5 decent players and a lot of utter shite who we couldn’t give away on a car boot.

    Of course the manager cannot say that, but I hope his private grip on reality is different to his public utterings.

  • Leazes_62

    NottsToon Aye I can appreciate your point but the thing is , at least its moving forward, so lets see eh? Two canny signings so far, hopefully more to come, maybe the future isnt that bleak after all?

  • NottsToon

    Leazes_62 NottsToon That is a fooking massive maybe.