After Aleksandar Mitrovic signed on the dotted line earlier today, Steve McClaren said that he can’t wait to start working with him.

Indicating that fans shouldn’t expect too much too soon, the Newcastle Head Coach said that they will give the striker ‘however long it takes to adapt to the Premier League’.

Despite the £12.5m price tag and hype surrounding Mitrovic, it is important to remember that the forward is only 20 years old and stepping up from a far weaker league.

Unlike certain managers who have gone before, let’s hope that Steve McClaren will stick to his guns and leave Mitrovic on the bench at times, if he believes it is in the best interests of the longer term.

The former England boss says that Newcastle had to fight off many other clubs for the player’s signature and believes he is an ideal signing for United.

Much has been said about Aleksandar Mitrovic being a ‘character’ but McClaren says he is only interested in goals and performances.

Steve McClaren talking to the club’s official TV channel:

“It has been a long process and a lot of opposition for his signature and we are delighted he has made the step to us. Again, a statement of intent that the club wants to go forward.

“He brings goals, he brings potential, he’s got talent – I think that is an ideal signing profile for the football club and we want to develop him. Bring him in and give him the experience and however long it takes to adapt to the Premier League.”

steve mcclaren

A character?:

“A character? I prefer goals and performances than character but if character goes together with that then fine.

“He is a young player and very confident, already an international, so we can’t wait to start working with him – help him to improve and help our team to win.”

  • 1957

    What a relief it is to have a leader who talks about issues with a calm logic rather than the bluster under pinned by huge arrogance we’ve had for the last 4 years or so. I wasn’t especially enthused by his appointment but he is growing on me

  • wor monga

    Maclaren knows he needs players coming in with enough
    character to be able shout up for themselves in a changing room full of very
    experienced players…tell them what they expect from the players around them, and
    that can be hard for a foreign player, at such a young age.

    … However Mitrovic comes
    with a reputation that matches even Gini’s, and from a league that certainly
    knows what a top class footballer is, and there’s not much wrong with his
    language skills either!!

  • DownUnderMag

    1957 McClaren always struck me as a decent option even though I would have preferred maybe a younger up and coming manager/coach.  I think Steve has started to win over some of his critics though so let’s hope he can turn things around on the pitch as well and finally those who have labelled him a failure because of the England job can start to consider the reality that the players were more to blame than McClackers.

  • v0ices

    DownUnderMag 1957 I also think McClaren is doing ok so far, I think he was more labeled a failure for his last 4 positions than his time at England.

  • tommy tucker

    Hate to be pessimistic about the signings but…. Is another
    out and out goal scorer who you might not see for 80 minutes but still get you
    a goal not similar to Cisse and even Perez to an extent? Then the Dutchman, who
    from what I’ve read looks similar to Sissoko/de jong. From last season we were
    poor all over the pitch, but particularly poor at CB, LB, and LM. If we are
    going to go for a forward should it not be someone in the ilk of a Remy or
    Bellamy with electric pace to support the other forward(s) and score a goal?? I
    think we should have been concentrating on strengthening these areas and
    spending the big bucks on these areas, anyway Just my thoughts on it.

  • delashio


  • delashio

    So why is he best known as “the wally with the brolly” then if what you say is true?

  • v0ices

    delashio ??? its a term that was popularised by the national press keep up at the back.

  • v0ices

    delashio  The comment is in reference as to why Newcastle supports may not have been happy with the appointment of McClaren and I suggest it is not because of his England failure (Many good managers have struggled with the England job) but his time at wolfsburg, second twente spell, nottingham forest and derby.  

    Thought I would explain more as you seem to be having difficulty following the thread today. Celebrating a early weekend?

  • delashio

    Which makes him best known for his failure with england just as downundermag pointed out. So you stand corrected.

  • delashio

    I was always happy with his appointment at the toon. Im also looking forward to the new season and also have no doubt we will sign more players.

  • v0ices

    delashio ???? the conversation was not about what he was best known for it was about why newcastle fans may have been unhappy with his appointment. You need to get a clue.

  • delashio

    Sorry but he is more labeled a failure because of the england job just like downundermag says. How can you label him a failure at club level when he is actually one of the few managers to have won trophies?? Give your head a shake!

  • Happyharrys2011

    Can I just say I think you both have a valid point. He is probably more famous for the wally with the brolly because of the high profile job, but I also think his reputation has took a a huge tumble with his last four appointments, that is why we have him, because he was free. No other club would ever have take him in. Especially not a premier league club.
    All said, I am warming to him myself and I was very anti McLaren. Just hope he is as good as his patter.