Steve McClaren believes that in 14 months time, Newcastle United ‘should have a damn good team’.

Speaking to ‘preferred media partner’ The Mirror, the Newcastle Head Coach says that after talks with Mike Ashley, the backing is there to buy Europa League/Champions League players.

McClaren indicates that Newcastle are going for players valued at £10m+ which he says helps create delays because of the competition.

Steve McClaren:

“We are close and we are working very hard behind the scenes. When you buy players for £0-5m, there are loads of them and in that respect Newcastle would be top of the tree. At £5-10m, there’s a lot of them, and we would be right up there.

“When you go £10m+, and there is a lot of speculation about that level of player at the moment, and they are Europa League and Champions League players at top clubs, there are not so many players in that bracket, so the competition is higher.”

Asked if United had targeted three or four £10m players…

“That would be nice. “Yes, I think the targets we have talked about, and the positions to improve, we are talking about one, two, three, four, five – they don’t all have to be top ones.

“The process is ongoing and believe you me there is a massive willingness from the club to spend, but not spend foolishly.


“I have came in and looked at the plan and looked at the calibre of players (targets) and said ‘Wow!’ We’ve expressed our objectives. Mike Ashley said; ‘Go on, fulfil it’.

“We have talked a lot about the next three windows being huge, massive, for us. In a year’s time, after our third transfer window, we should have a damn good team, that’s purely because we are looking at players above a certain bracket.”

With only four weeks until the start of the season, bringing in just that first credible signing will do so much to lift everybody.

The problem at the minute for Steve McClaren is that we have heard all this before.

Promises made and raised expectations, only to be dashed by reality.

Maybe even more than the fans, McClaren also needs that first credible new player. Not just to do the obvious of improving the team but also to reassure everybody that he isn’t just going to be a mouthpiece along the lines of Kinnear, Pardew and Carver.

Nobody really believes that is the case yet but we need to see Steve McClaren pictured next to the new signing(s) before we can all start to move on a little.

  • Andgeo

    McClaren has made his first big mistake, believing mike ashley! I really wish him well and he is a hell of an improvement on the inept pardew and shambolic cardew, but he has misplaced his trust in ashley. The main reason supporters and commentators are demanding signings now, is to replace the players that have been released/sold/given away but also because none of us believe any of this crap about investing money in 6 or 12 months. This is ashley dangling the carrot as usual. 12 months from now let’s just see how much money has been invested in the team. In the past 8 years it has been £0!!!!!

  • Reports suggest that Mitrovic is doing a Remy ,and has not turned up at Newcastle as expected . The type of player we want to sign are looking for European football , its a catch 22 .

  • desree

    after 4 transfer windows we’ll have sold the best players from that dam good team without replacements but have made a profit.

  • LeazesEnder

    Toby 9 The flight doesn’t arrive until 10.15 this morning….. maybe someone at the airport can snap a pic….

  • Andgeo

    The money should have been invested at the end of the season we finished 5th. When everyone told the fat prat!!!
    I don’t believe ashley is prepared to let the club invest in players. But assuming there is money to spend over 3 windows, it would make sense to start with a couple of centre halfs and a left back. Get quality in these positions to match janmaat and then build from there.
    If we are in the top half at Christmas then we could start looking further forward in the team when we may be looking a more appealing option.
    We desperately need another striker but for this season maybe a stop gap like a loan or older player on a short term deal can get us into a position where the type of player we want in attacking areas will be more interested.
    Don’t waste it on Rivières!!
    The £6m wasted on him last summer could have bought us a decent centre half or loaned in a proper striker for a year from one of the huge clubs like barca.

  • Neil Robson

    That’ll be 3 summer transfer windows because we only sell in January!!!

  • Moljim01

    Stop it man everybody. stop it Steve McClaren. “I’ve looked at the players we are looking at and thought wow” I bet that’s true with this shower. Look talk of two quality centre halves and a quality left back plus two top strikers is quite simply not going to happen. He’s already started preparing you ( the fans) for it by starting to talk about “the next three windows”. How many times has this disgusting bloke running out club have to take you all for mugs ? He will buy someone like the type the press are reporting. Someone he can claim cost £11 or £12 million but the reality will be less. Someone will be sold to recoup the money and promises of signings at Christmas will be made The man is beyond contempt although I have to admit to being surprised that Steve McClaren has bought into this fraud.

  • toonterrier

    Really looking forward to the 2018 season when we have a proper team with the new rejuvenated Sammi and the ever present Obertan leading the line and with STaylor,Williamson and Colo protecting the goal where could it go wrong.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Charmless must be under the kosh. We WANT to spend money now do we?. Mike must have laid the law down about how shite the team is. Only explanation I can think of.

  • mactoon

    I cant criticise the standard of players they are going for, but for McClaren to build a team over 3 transfer windows it means we need to hold onto the players we buy and that is a big shift from the present strategy. Fingers crossed McClaren has managed to influence this.

  • ilullissat

    The best thing to do about it is to tippex the words’Alan Pardew’and replace them with ‘Steve McClaren”and there you go,job done.Apart from that nowts changed.Fatty has pulled off a blinder again.Hes convinced the sheep to keep following shite

  • Jimmywayhay

    Funny how ,Pardew is splashing the cash right left and centre ,at a club with half the gates Newcastle get , in saying that ,a package of about 20 million for Yohan Cabye over 3 years shows how mad football has become !

  • Happyharrys2011

    How about after 3 mins at gateahead you could tell we were purely belter. ha ha lol. ah mean purely $hit!!!
    1- 0 against the heed? I know they say its not important, but ask sir Alex if ever played an unimportant match.

  • Kev82

    I guess nobody has rod Schteve that we don’t spend in January! Although so far we are doing a good job of not spending in June or July either, but hopefully that will change in the coming days.

  • 1957

    When McClaren and his coaches speak it is in calm measured terms and with a degree of planning for the future, a mighty change from the arrogance of Pardew and the lunacy from Carver. It’s the approach we needed at the end of last season when things were gong wrong, rather than Carver’s scattergun approach to blame, anyone but him.
    The problems created in the last 4 years especially won’t be put right overnight, but I think McClaren has three distinct advantages as he tries to get it right.
    Ashley saw the EPL millions slipping away last season and got a shock, hence the loosening of the purse strings.
    McClaren was allowed to bring his own coaches in, it is obvious he took so long to sign up because he didn’t want to work with Carver, Stone and the fitness guru Pardew brought in to stop injuries last season (that worked well) Billows. First impressions are the new coaches are an huge upgrade on the previous ones.
    McClaren has a seat on the board and is involved in the decision making process across the football club, something they didn’t trust Pardew with. I saw a comment in the media last week that in effect Carr now knows the style of play proposed and can focus his scouting team on players who fit into that, presumably he didn’t do that for Pardew.
    People may disagree and time may prove me wrong but I can see a path ahead if the right quality players appear together with some good younger players like Perez to back them up.