Sadly, former Newcastle player Steve Watson is the latest in a growing line of former United favourites to embarrass himself in his desperation to get/keep a job at the club.

Currently out of work and admitting his dream is to get a job at Newcastle United, Steve Watson has told Newcastle fans that they have to trust Mike Ashley.

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As I say, sad to see a player who was part of the great times under Kevin Keegan, willing to say anything to try and land a role at United.

Peter Beardsley and Bobby Moncur will always be remembered as great players, maybe the most talented player and the most inspirational captain that the club has had in the last fifty years.

However, with now Moncur a Director and Beardsley on the coaching staff, both of them have been regularly wheeled out to make positive comments about Ashley’s running of the club.

Whilst John Carver never made it as a player at St James Park, his off the pitch pro-Mike Ashley and other crass comments wound fans up as much as the atrocious run of results he presided over.

Steve Watson seems as badly out of touch with the NUFC fanbase as John Carver was.

Let’s hope he doesn’t continue with many more similar comments and dig a hole as deep as Carver’s ended up being, Pardew’s former assistant now seen as a joke by most supporters – rather than remembered for the role he played alongside Sir Bobby Robson.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Steve Watson:

“I’m not one of these people who buys into the doom and gloom.  The owner (Mike Ashley) came out and said what he said and you have to trust that.

“He has accepted he has made mistakes and he has accepted that this is the way of moving Newcastle forward.

Giz a job:

“I have been trying to get into management and I applied for the Gateshead job but it was given to Malcolm Crosby.

“I have publicly stated I would like to be part of the staff (at Newcastle) but whatever staff Steve McClaren decides, I don’t see any reason why we can’t start going in the right direction again.”

  • Sean Kelly


  • dannymc21

    I’m sure these people Moncur, Watson etc feel they have to ingratiate themselves with Ashley to get their snouts in the trough, but it’s a shame they care so little for the fans.
    Once Ashley has said he wants to “continue” to invest and win something. How many times have his actions been the complete opposite?
    Ashley has proved, even in a court of law, that he cannot be trusted, so these sycophants need to shut up and stop telling fans that they need to trust/believe in someone who hasn’t earned or deserved any trust.

  • TonnekToon

    They can’t help themselves can they ? For me Carver tops the list , he was the most embarrassing, although Uncle Joe ran him close many a time . It is sad to see the likes of former playing greats, Beardo, Watto Bob Moncur behave like that . they’ve no shame in their support of this odious Regime .

  • Geordie Zebra

    Watson a Geordie boy through and through. Top lad who has Newcastle at heart. I sat next to him at a dinner back in April and he absolutely didn’t endorse FCB at the time. He blamed the players poor attitude and inability to motivate themselves – and by default the regime for buying them.
    He’s after a job, living in Manchester, wants to come home so had made a throw away comment which’ll prove to be untrue when the window closes.
    Is he anymore culpable than those who have bought season tickets or bought club gear? Pinch of salt time and let’s remember him fondly.

  • leecharlie30

    steve come on how can you say trust ashley according to his 5 year plan 8 YEARS AGO we would be in the champions league by now the fact he has not spent over 10 million on any 1 player proves how far newcastle are now behind teams like southampton palace everton spurs you might want a job at newcastle but keep your comments about ashley to yourself until he actually starts doing the things he has promised us fans no wonder season tickets are not being sold last seasons team performance was a disgrace would in there right mind would pay all there hard earned money to watch that

  • AndrewBeckett

    Speaking to peter beardsley on tuesday at kings cross, reckons 100m to spend, said pardew was arrogant and not interested, said carver was a good coach but terrible manager and the players despised him. Also said he feels sorry for ashley and he has got the clubs best interests at heart! Also said SM is an excellent appointment and we are all gonna be suprised come january!!

  • Ruvio

    It’s really funny, because about a year ago I saw Steve in a bar called the Nursery Tavern in Sheffield after some sort of ex-staff vs ex-players Sheff Weds charity event. I asked him what he thought of Mike Ashley and what he was doing to the club he loved. He said he was so disgusted by it, he couldn’t even think of words to express it.

    What a difference a loss of a job makes eh?

  • v0ices

    leecharlie30 he has not even spent any money on players.

  • LeazesEnder

    AndrewBeckett Ashley has the what?…   I always thought the little genius had his brains in his feet….

  • mrkgw

    Fair play to Steve. His comments are post MA interview and we have to see what happens with signings before upping any possible ‘out’ campaign. If MA is good to his word then fair enough. Otherwise, we all have cause to vent. Admittedly, early signs arent good.

  • AndrewBeckett

    Im only relaying what beardo said, do i believe him? I dont know, the saying never bite the hand that feeds u comes to mind, but he did genuinely seem upbeat

  • John Watson

    Poor lad is bankrupt…. His house is on the market and he needs a job….

  • Scot Land

    Begging bowl is out I see.

  • foggy

    Watto must be Blotto