I remember Steve Black.

He commands an audience, he commands the ENTIRE room, and you end up without any choice but to listen.

I am a Sports coach; I am only sharing this because it is relevant. I coach a Paralympic game called Boccia, played by athletes who are disabled.

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County Durham Sport held a coaching conference at DCCC (riverside), in which there were many different things on offer, I won’t bore you with all of them, one caught my eye was a guy called Steve Black.

I knew who Steve Black was, the whole Falcons Johnny Wilkinson Training/Coaching, pointing the hands etc. so I thought this was one for me.

Getting back to the opening gambit, he commanded the room. Not just because he was talking and people were listening, there was none of the usual hum-drum round the edges you normally get, where a small minority are disinterested and chatting amongst themselves, you didn’t get that when Steve was speaking.

And it wasn’t because he was talking about aliens at a UFO convention, or a new engine at a car show, that is to say it wasn’t the subject that held the attention of the room, it was the man.

And, more so I cannot tell what it is about him that holds your attention, or makes you listen, or actually understand what he is talking about, you just do, he is a coaching shamen?

To relate that to our squad, we have had allegations and accusations about drive, commitment and players going missing etc. maybe Steve Black is the missing link, the motivator, the change that NUFC need. Let’s face it, the get up and go had got up and left long before last season was finished.

steve black

I really do rate Steve Black as a coach and mentor, I don’t know what the foreign players will make of him…he is unusual, and different, but maybe, just maybe, that is what this team needs, another person from left field!

Good luck to all of the coaching team this year, and may they provide fruitful results on and off the pitch.

I for one will once again be cheering them all on, Howay the Toon, Howay The TEAM!

  • Kazie23

    His someone that we needed through all the years and especially last season with the injuries to our key players-Rolando Aarons(Who could of benefit from Steve Black) Siem De Jong(Who probably needed him most) and Mehdi Abeid so yeah now that we have Steve Black as one of our coaches I think we sorted out for the season…best of luck to him and my team

  • 1957

    I have had the good fortune to have attended a seminar at which Black appeared. Everything said above about him is true, I’d been to a lot of motivational seminars before the one with him but from the first minute I was totally on board with what he was saying. The common consensus afterwards was everyone thought what he talked about related to them despite different backgrounds and needs from the day, everyone left feeling positive and lifted.
    He is a great addition to the coaching staff

  • degsy3686

    I first met Steve Black over 25 years ago when he worked at Ivy Court gym in Whitley Bay. I have followed his involvement in professional sport, particularly rugby since then. He’s a genuinely nice guy who recognizes that even top athletes can be destroyed by self doubt and his skill lies in his his ability to remove that self doubt using his Yoda-esque “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try” approach. I think this appointment is as important as KK’s appointment of Terry Mac and if we can get him close to Ashley we may see a changed Fat Bloke….here’s hoping