I’ve just been reading the great piece by Dean Wilkins, detailing how one of Newcastle United’s ‘preferred media partners’ appears to have been duped by the club.

Hilarious that Simon Bird of The Mirror wrote about Steve McClaren telling him that early signings were vital and the club sources informing him that Charlie Austin was a done deal and would be signed mid-June.

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It looks as though Mike Ashley’s other preferred media partner has also been led down the garden path.

I follow Pete Graves on Twitter and he seems a canny bloke, a Sky Sports presenter and Newcastle fan, just in case you ddn’t know.

Pete has also been making public what Newcastle United have told him is/was going to happen, the following messages put out by him:

Wednesday 24 June

“Progress being made (on signings at NUFC).”

Wednesday 24 June

“Understand fans frustration. Officials at Nufc will be frustrated too. But progress made in last few days .”

Friday 26 June

“highly rated targets means they’re competing with others. hence delays. breakthrough’S (plural) next week #nufc.”

Friday 26 June

“(In reply to a fan accusing Pete Graves of putting out propaganda for the club) No mate. Just reporting what I’ve been told. If it’s wrong I’ll be as disappointed as you.”

Progress, progress, highly rated targets, breakthroughs….as disappointed as us.

When this rubbish is fed out through Sky Sports, I bet even they will start to resent the way that Mike Ashley and Newcastle United are taking the mick out of them.

They say a week is a long time in politics, they should try supporting Newcastle United.

  • mactoon

    You couldn’t make it up… oh hang on, they are!

    And they will expect Sky Sports to pay for this priviledge sometime soon?

  • Fozzyworld

    I don’t think even those muppets would deliberately mislead their own press. They are just incontinent…Sorry incompetent!

  • Munich Mag

    ….and the “preferred media partners” are probably paying for this too ! :-)
    There again maybe the poor lad in question isn’t in the first team squad at Sky ?

  • Munich Mag

    a box full of complimentary black and white fluffy donkeys ears are heading south as we speak… .-)

  • GToon

    My daughter has just asked me for an ice cream cos it’s so hot. Obviously I didn’t get her one straight away but said I’d wait until all of my bills had gone out of my account. I’d then meet with her mother to discuss the options open to us. I’d then hold another meeting to discuss the best course of action and if the ice cream would have a sell on value. Finally I wil offer the ice cream man half of the price he wants. If he wishes to turn me down then I’m sure my daughter will understand. Perhaps I could give her some water instead. Tap water, obviously. Meanwhile all the other kids in the street are really enjoying their ice creams. Still that one pound in the bank is probably the equivalent of a couple of million when you’re a multi billionaire so I know how good it feels too Mr Ashley. I will also continue to invest in her upbringing.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Don’t listen to what they say , watch what they do !

  • Peter Moustachley

    Haha, bravo GToon!

  • john oneil


  • ashley the human cancer

    Munich Mag They ARE paying for this. A pretty penny, as well. Who’s bigger? SKY or NUFC? I’d be minded to sue if I were the former.

  • Paul Patterson

    “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” – Winston Churchill, 1937.

    “I cannot forecast to you the action of Mike Ashley. He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, coated in s***e. But perhaps there is a key. That key is Mike Ashley’s interest – S****s D****t.” – Me, 2015.

  • mactoon

    They aren’t paying for it at the moment. A similar deal was struck with the Sun last season. Ashley gives sky access to information as a taster then offers them a deal to pay for the permanent media rights down the line. When that happened the Sun said no. As will Sky Sports when they realise they have been fed misinformation #charlieaustinisadonedeal

  • WilliamCarney

    GToon I would just get her the ice cream, she’d only blag my head until then lol, but for Mike Ashley, Id pull his fat head off if I could get within touching distance of him, he would definitly be bleeding for somewhere, even if I could get within 20 feet of him lol.

  • Porciestreet

    Great analogy.  (think thats how ya spell it)

  • Porciestreet

    Fozzyworld Absolutely the opposite of incontinent,  constipated more like…..Full of S**T.

  • amacdee

    Jeez every single comment on this thread is cynical to the core ;-)

    Have we had enough of Fattie then ?

  • WilliamCarney

    amacdee I can’t speak for everyone but I am certainly fed-up to the eyeballs with the leach.

  • GToon

    Will, the reality is the greedy little so and so actually has a cup she keeps with coins in it and when the ice cream man turns up she grabs the cup and just legs it past me and gets herself one anyway! Perhaps SM should use his own money to buy players too!