Yesterday we brought you the top 9 most memorable Newcastle United moments as picked by Sky Sports.

Today it is a turn to the dark side as we bring you the 11 biggest Premier League nightmares for Newcastle fans.

They are amongst a 160 strong video archive, featuring the most memorable Premier League moments from all the clubs who have featured over the last 23 years.

You can view that entire 160 video archive here and vote for your favourite – the most popular announced on August 21 from votes cast.

However, we have saved you the job if you just wanted to know the Newcastle moments they have chosen to include

The cast of villainy includes Matt le Tissier, Manchester United, Luis Suarez, Sunderland, Stan Collymore, Wayne Rooney, Liverpool, Michael Owen, Dennis Bergkamp, Paolo di Canio….

1993/94 Matthew Le Tissier double – Southampton 2 Newcastle 1

1995/96 Stan Collymore scores winner – Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3

sky sports

1996/97 Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3 (Again)

1998/99 Michael Owen hat-trick – Newcastle 1 Liverpool 4

2001/02 Dennis Bergkamp goal – Newcastle 0 Arsenal 2

2004/05 Wayne Rooney volley – Man Utd 2 Newcastle United 1

2008/09 Kieran Richardson free-kick – Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

2012/13 Luis Suarez scores goal of the season – Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1

2012/13 Paolo di Canio knee slide – Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3

sky sports

2014/15 Jermain Defoe goal – Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

Which moment stands out for you, which would you most dread living through again?

Or have they missed an even more shocking NUFC moment in the Premier League?

Comments and suggestions welcome below.

***Check out the 9 BEST moments here.

  • GlazedGaming

    I’d discount both Liverpool 4-3 games because although we ultimately lost both, those games will always be legendary and nobody could fault the performances. The more recent ones on the other hand, take your pick they are all shambolic.

  • DavidJames2211

    I can’t believe they have missed out 2003’s 6-2 home loss to Man United…

  • PeterThompson1

    Most of these aren’t shambolic. They’re just moments of quality by players who happened to be playing Newcastle. Obviously sky sports are only listing moments remembered by everyone. I’m thinking about 6-0 home to Liverpool, 5-1 home to Liverpool, consecutive thumpings at Southampton in last two seasons, Dyer/Bowyer fight, relegation at Villa, 1-0 to Sheff United at home after refusing to change to a Sunday match after Thursday uefa cup tie, souness’ last game 3 0 at Man City, 5-2 at Fulham, 3-0 at Leicester last season, 4-0 at Stoke, Derby’s only win in 07/08, 6-0 at Man United (wasn’t it six second-half goals?), 3 0 down at home to pompey after 20 mins, I can go on….

  • wor monga

    Who’s interested in remembering the so called ‘nightmares’…this
    is football not military service…your team gets hammered you don’t go back home…and
    top yersell, do you?…you go out, relive it with your mates, and get hammered
    again…then look forward to the next match…ad infinitum!!

  • Ashingtonmag23

    Without a doubt the worst moment for me had to be the collymore goal. Absolutley gutting moment! The end of the 95 96 season is one i will never fully get over! The other moments in the list were pretty nasty too.

  • wormongaisafilthymackem

    wor monga
    yup, military service is all about remembering nightmares. And supporting a football team is about binge drinking?

    I’m not sure what point you think you were making; please clarify, in English.

  • Toonbadger

    Season 2014/15


    The 4-3 liverpool i have seen and i think it was a great game although i knew the outcome so wasnt really  to bad for me personally cos i was a bit young and the manchester arsenal and liverpool well thats just a normal scoreline wouldnt expect anything off those games. so my personal biggest upset are gettting beat off the scum 1-0 just cos of the fact tim krul patted defore on the back and it still pisses me off now and than of course the 3-0 defeat with that horrible ginger little ugly [email protected] mocking us than getting the respect within a season off most of yous

  • Paul Patterson

    If it’s purely based on how low I’ve felt after a match then there are too many to mention.
    In random order-
    Sunderland (h) 1-2 1999.
    Aston Villa (h) 2005- 0-3 Dyer/Bowyer fight.
    Portsmouth (h) 2007-1-4- 3-0 down in 10 minutes.
    Liverpool (h) 2008 1-5- Shay Givens breaking point.
    Sunderland (h) 2013 0-3.
    Sunderland (h) 2014 0-3.
    Liverpool (h) 2013 0-6.
    Southampton (a) 2014 0-4.
    Southampton (a) 2014 0-4.
    Leicester City (a) 2015 0-3.

  • GToon

    That half hit shot by Cantona that changed the course of history as it undeservedly nestled in the corner of the Gallowgate goal.

  • Albert27

    Cantona in 95. I was devastated. That moment changed our destiny.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Losing to Blackburn 2-1 with fentons late goals.even after the cantona goal this was the game that the realisation set in that the league was gone.still hate that Fenton and he did nothing else after either