Siem de Jong says that with only four weeks until the start of the season, Newcastle’s players have to quickly adapt from what they did under Alan Pardew to Steve McClaren’s keep-ball style.

The Dutch  midfielder says that he is also getting there on the personal front.

Having worked specifically on the leg muscles after his thigh operation last season, de Jong feels he is now at the point where he simply needs to add sharpness/explosiveness to his game.

The player believing this will naturally come from extra training and matches.

Siem de Jong was a big miss last season as he was expected to provide much of the creativity and goals to replace Yohan Cabaye.

Fingers crossed he can stay fit and show he is capable of adapting to the Premier League, transferring his profile & success from the weaker Dutch league – alongside exciting new signing Georginio Wijnaldum.

Speaking to the club’s TV channel, Siem de Jong:

“I’m glad to have played again, it’s different from training – it was a hard week and this 45 minutes (v Gateshead) was tough for me after a hard season, but I’m pleased to be playing normal pre season.

“It wasn’t the best game in the world but glad that we won and hopefully we can build on that in America.”

siem de jong


“I need to get more games in, as it has been a tough year. I spoke to the manager and the trainers, that I just need a little bit more extra from training and matches, then with that I will keep on getting stronger. I feel strong and I did a lot of gym work, especially on the muscles on my legs. I just need to get that little bit of explosiveness in, that sharpness.”

“He (Steve McClaren) had a great run with (FC) Twente when I was at Ajax, so I know a little bit about him from there. I think he is a good manager, he wants to keep the ball and really knows what he wants – what he wants to improve in training.

Interviewer: ‘Is this style of keeping the ball under Steve McClaren suited to you?’

“As I said, I need to improve my own game but it is a different kind of play to last season. We need to get used to it, as individuals and as a team.

  • Toonbadger

    A contradiction to McClarens attacking style
    Thats us knackered cos we cant keep the ball and when we dont have it the oppo score cos of our defence and the fact we stand off

  • RaySte

    Toonbadger How on earth is that a contradiction. Keeping the ball is the most fundamental thing in football. I, for one, welcome the change in style.

  • EastStander

    Doesnt keeping the ball mean we have it so we can attack. Its the long ball crap weve had to endure season after season when we run out of ideas thats been the problem. I welcome any change and new ideas.

  • Jarra MIck

    That means fannying on on at the back, with our lot of hoofers! Christ on a bike. I think Siem should keep his hole shut about all things football until he’s played a few games himself. How long before he’s injured again? Will he get through pre season? Will his spleen give out or a kidney? Walking sick note. Loved to be proved wrong.

  • roscorich

    So many neggers. Ffs, I for one am the happiest I have been in 8 years

  • wor monga

    Jarra MIck       Feel better for getting that off your chest do you?…takes
    some of the pressure off your lass and the dog!!

  • wor monga

    Just about every PL team that comes here shows us the
    benefits of keeping the ball, and moving as a unit…not the big 5 or6 outfits
    either…I mean the Swansea’s, Southampton’s even West Ham, West Brom and even Hull
    moved the ball and played possession better than we did…

    …We were anchored into a
    style favoured in the ‘90’s, 2000’s when we had faster wingmen and Centre Forwards
    who could make it count, but the game has moved on since then…and we have the
    coaches, and players to make the transition…lets do it now!!

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    The long ball came about due to the lack of movement in midfield. Nobody wanted the responsibility of taking the ball off the defence, so the option of the big boot was all that was left. If pass and move is the way Macca wants it, then we should embrace that, not look for negatives where there are none. Good coaches can bring the best out of players and, let’s be honest, if a player can’t pass, he shouldn’t be there. Wijnaldum is the key to playing it through the midfield quickly. The others can adapt or move on, but we have midfielders capable of adapting to the change so I’m quietly confident. We should reserve judgement until we see how we play against Borrusia Munch-bunch, because by then Macca’s philosophy should be shining through. Plus, we all know we need four more quality signings, but so does Macca and he’s working on it. Give him the time he asks for.

  • JohnGraham1

    So because he was injure he doesn’t understand the game he’s paid to play? Did you read the article !!he said he’s working on him self so he will be fit, have sharpness and explosiveness… The check book was prised open so know you need something else to moan about

  • 1957

    This is a huge positive, keeping possession of the ball was an alien concept to the previous incumbents and one of the reasons we could never hold a lead. It is refeshing to see the club coaching staff setting out a positive method of play, quite how Tiote, Williamson and Sissoko might fit into this I don’t know, but I’m begining to have a little optimism we are moving in the right direction

  • lupamac

    Albert where are you now…not the best defender in the world but he,d be in my best X1  you seen a better one  and for graft Pedro and David Mcreery Batty   fvk me im getting sentmental

  • jimblag

    Jarra MIck out of order to a pro