Sammy Ameobi is believed to have signed on once again at Newcastle, after being offered a new contract following his old one running out last Tuesday.

Wales Online report that following Ameobi supplying the signature on Tyneside, he headed straight off for the Welsh capital and is expected to be confirmed as a year long loan signing for the Welsh club, either today or Wednesday at the latest.

United would have given up any chance of compensation or a fee, if they hadn’t offered the new contract to Sammy Ameobi.

So instead it looks as though they have taken a calculated gamble that a year out on loan, with regular football, could spark into life a player who has clearly got some ability but rarely uses it.

Once the winger has completed the formalities and paperwork in Cardiff, he will then join up with manager Russell Slade and rest of the Cardiff squad who are currently based at their training camp in Leicestershire.

  • fireflyuk

    We are very good at getting them out of the door, not so good at getting them in.

  • toonterrier

    He’ll be back in town by the first week in August. Why offer him a new contract when he’s not good enough or is he a late developer like his brother. (we’re still waiting).

  • Andgeo

    This move pretty much sums up the situation at the toon. A player with no future at the club, offered a contract anyway only so he doesn’t leave on a free. Signs up then loaned out. Winter how much of Penfolds time and effort has been wasted on this deal over the past couple of weeks, when he should be out signing some proper [email protected] players. 2 centre Halfs and a striker NOW!!! TOTAL [email protected]!!!!!!