Ronald de Boer has said that Newcastle fans are getting too carried away with the signing of Georginio Wijnaldum and that he will struggle to meet their ‘lofty expectations’.

The brother of Ajax Manager Frank, de Boer says that whilst the new signing is ‘an excellent team player’, he still relies on getting a lot of chances to score.

His most extreme comment though is that he claims too much pressure is being put on the former PSV attacking midfielder, because Newcastle fans are carrying on as though he will single-handedly transform United into Premier League title challengers.

I have some friends who are capable of getting very drunk, but  I still haven’t heard even them claim anything close to this.

As ever, people on the outside easily fall into the trap of mistaking the enthusiasm of Newcastle fans for expectation of something happening.

ronald de boer

After no transfers at all in three of the last four transfer windows and then a very mixed bag from last summer’s activity, is it any wonder that Newcastle fans are jubilant when they sign a player of  Georginio Wijnaldum’s quality and profile. A player who it was assumed would end up at a club playing Champions League football next season.

Player of the year in Holland last season, the fact that Wijnaldum led his teammates to a season of absolutely smashing an Ajax team led by Ronald de Boer’s brother will no doubt have played a part in this petty reaction to the player’s move.

PSV wrapped up the Dutch title by April and eventually finished a massive 17 points ahead of Ajax.

Ronal de Boer speaking to (writing for) Voetbal International in Holland:

“In Newcastle, Wijnaldum is being hailed as a great saviour. Georginio is a great football player, but not the type that guides a mid-table English club to the championship, and that is the atmosphere which is being created in Newcastle.

“Wijnaldum is an excellent team player, but for example, he still needs a lot of chances to score.

“In England this is conveniently ignored. With the current hype in Newcastle it will be difficult for Wijnaldum to meet the lofty expectations.”

  • Danuneek

    De Boar is an ignorant idiot!

  • armoadam

    De Boar is just jealous, Gini kicked his ass last year! Also, he coaches in a league nobody cares about. Who watches the Dutch league besides the Dutch?

  • RaySte

    People in football love replying to things which no one has said. Harry Redknapp does the same.

  • CaptainCaveman

    And here was me thinking we were going to win the league…

  • Larry Adler

    Didn’t know RDB had been in toon asking fans what they thought of the signing? where do these stories come from, absolute crap.
    GW looks a good signing but will need time to settle, buying more quality players to play around him will help. 4 more added to what we have a CB + striker minimum

  • LeazesEnder

    Its not the fans who are getting carried away…. its the journalists who surround the club…… their over exuberance is repeated in the nationals and the result is Heroes and Villains….. and Messiahs…. they paint the result as part of the Geordie psych…. 

    …. it isn’t…

    Just look what Ryder did with a ten million pound player…. he turned him into a fifteen million pound super-hero with one dash of his pen!

    We will get to know the truth in time Ryder is bound to be right by the law of averages….


  • TonnekToon

    De Boar is talking B*****ks , who on earth thinks for one moment  wijnaldum is going to win us the league . Great signing YES but savior ? And they call us fans deluded !

  • toon tony

    Why shouldn’t we get carried away at “Georgie’s” signing. ..I see a lofty position of 15th. !!!

  • Aye Ronald – we expect Geordio Winegum to single-handedly win us the Prem, FA Cup and Champions League!
    Sorry a past player like yourself has to make silly statements like this to get themselves back in the media. Keep taking the tablets mate.

  • SteveSmith16

    Frank De Boer has a brother?
    I suppose when people don’t even know that you exist, plastering verbal diarrhoea across papers is one way of getting noticed.

  • Scott Thompson

    What a glip

  • pilchb

    I saw Check training with him yesterday. Check sent a shot up into the sky as normal and Gigi jumped, caught the ball with his wings and flapped the ball into the top corner. I suppose they’ll want a new rule to stop our new angel using the wings, but he can move at seventy miles an hour without his feet touching the ground. I’ve already applied for a reporting job with the Sun before you say it’s a must.

  • v0ices

    LeazesEnder i had a good laugh at the dekuded de boer suggesting we were mid tabke.

  • Andrew Johnson

    I dont think anyone is expecting to win the title Ronnie.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Bitterness from every angle. Nobody I know thinks for one second that we’ll get in the top six, let alone win the league – but hey, I only live here, what would I know ahead of somebody living abroud? With this sort of cheap reporting – totally baseless reporting – it’s no wonder we get wrongly accused of being deluded. Nobody needs to believe the hype when his record speaks volumes – a record based on FACTS. Plenty of goals and assists. Bronze medalist in the last WC. CL experience. Footballer of the year in Holland ahead of Depay. Quality player, but nobody believes one man can win the league. He’ll bring much needed star quality to a team in need of it. So unless De Boer thinks he’ll take us backwards, his opinion means zilch. He’ll improve the team and that’s all that matters.

  • Happyharrys2011

    B&wb for once I gree with you. I thought you were an E. You don’t think a top 6? Well blow me down with a feather lol.

  • fireflyuk

    If he helps us avoid relegation he will surpass my expectations.

  • DownUnderMag

    Pretty sure none of us are putting this expectation on his shoulders…if he plays well and scores a few goals to keep us in the Premiership then he will prove himself a worthy addition.  I also think most of us have been saying that while a good signing, isn’t cause to lapse on other signings that we desperately need.
    Gotta love when people comment on clubs they know nothing about.  I’m surprised he wasn’t quoted as saying we were deluded or pull out the old line of how the club isn’t as big as the fans think it is…

  • 1957

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see DeBoer appearing as a pundit in the Chronicle, he certainly fits the bill, his opinions are as far from reality as Lee Ryder’s.

  • 1957

    He is in good company with the Chronicle reporters and pundits. They seem to know nothing about the club and what supporters think, I mean Don Hutchinson, I may have missed it but when did he play for coach or manage NUFC.