Rolando Aarons has been picked as one of five ‘Premier League Wonderkids’ to follow.

Along with the likes of Liverpool’s exciting youngster Jordon Ibe, the Newcastle winger has been picked by the Sky Sports Fantasy Football scout as a potential star this coming season.

This is what they had to say about him:

Rolando Aarons

Newcastle fans have been made to wait to see their brightest prospect make the breakthrough, with injuries all but wiping out his 2014/15 campaign.

But having sacrificed his summer holiday to crank up fitness work, the 19-year-old winger has enjoyed an impressive pre-season.

With Jonas Gutierrez gone after securing the Magpies’ safety last season, Aarons can now make his mark off the left flank.

Judging from his impressive double against the Portland Timbers, when he also provided an assist, the future looks brighter for Newcastle, who have added a targetman in Aleksandar Mitrovic (7.3m) and a playmaker in Georginio Wijnaldum (£7m) to their ranks this summer.

The prices quoted are for Sky’s Fantasy Football and Rolando Aaron is £5m with the other four chosen:

Jordon Ibe £5.8m

James Wilson £6.4m

Jack Butland £4.9m

Patrick Bamford £6.7m

rolando aarons

As the Sky write-up says, Rolando Aarons is quite clearly, easily the most exciting young Newcastle player and those two excellent goals against Portland were in stark contrast to most of what we’ve seen so far from his teammates in pre season.

The first goal saw Aarons chop the ball up with his right foot and then use his left in an overhead kick to put it in the back of the net, go HERE to see it if you haven’t already.

The one big worry is that he still hasn’t committed himself long-term to the club, with only one year left on his current deal.

It would be a massive blow if Rolando Aarons goes into this season with no new contract signed. If he does agree a new deal then potentially it could prove just as important as any big name signing that arrives this summer at St James Park.

  • Kazie23

    I hope we(The Board) offers him a new long term deal on a 15k deal

  • DownUnderMag

    Aarons is clearly a hot prospect, but I just hope the fans don’t put too much pressure on the lad to be star and drag us up the league.  I think coming off his injuries last season he needs a gentle introduction the first half of the next season and a new contract offered if he performs well and then start to make him a bigger fixture on the teamsheet.  I think we are so lacking in quality right now though that he will be one of the first names on the sheet.  With two or three more players in we are looking to have a good first XI on paper with a few impact players off the bench, i’m still questioning our depth but i’m actually happy with parts of the first team now given we are a little luckier with injuries this campaign.

  • Andgeo

    He should have been tied down last season when he was injured. We need to move quickly to tie arrons down to a new deal because with a good run in the team by Christmas the likes of Citeh, Manure and Arsenal will be all over him.

  • Andgeo

    I think we a just a couple of defenders away from a strong first team. The rest of the squad is a big issue and I think Gutierez, Colocinni and Cisse should have been kept on for another season just to maintain some continuity whilst the new signings settle in. It sounds like a total makeover, when McClaren talks about rebuilding over 3 windows. Thus us 100% what was needed, but I feel the first players brought in should be those we desperately need, I.e. Centre half and striker. But the first players out should be those we really don’t need I.e. The liabilities, gouffran and Williamson. Given their age and squad restrictions, ferguson, vuckic, marveux, obertan, Elliot, bigi can also be shipped out, sold or loaned.

  • ArtyH

    IMHO under McC the youngsters will stand a much better chance than they would have over the last 5 years. There needs to be a clearout also, and that might mean just letting players go, the ones who dont get a game anyway, it would free up squad places. We are yet to see any more real moves for the players who will surprise the fans, is this another elaborate con by the ” board ” ? I doubt there would be many complaints if Austin was not bought for £15m, due to his circumstances and length of contract. However on the other hand all things being equal, is he a £15m player, if he is then he should be bought, and I for one think his value will increase ( contradictory I know, I’m just looking at all angles ). Its a tough call to make, but its up to those with the money.

  • RossYogiGraver

    I’m sick of hearing about Austin, how many strikers do you want? We have mitrovic, cisse, Perez, Armstrong and that French one. This artical was about Rolando so give the Austin patter a rest.

  • ArtyH

    RossYogiGraver  You clearly have a limited understanding of the English language, I would explain further but have run out of crayons. Also this site if for fans to express opinions not to berate others, learn some manners before posting rebuttals.

  • DownUnderMag

    Andgeo yeah I am worried on too many new faces too quickly too.  There needs to be some transition, some sense of improving without a completely new team starting.  Unless there was so much despair and bad attitudes in the dressing room that the new coach decided enough was enough and as many new faces as possible was the better option than let old faces bring the new ones down to their level.

  • RossYogiGraver

    Looks like I touched a nerve there haha

  • ArtyH

    RossYogiGraver  No mate I got out of the bed on the wrong side, and I’m a grumpy  old git first thing in the morning. Now I’ve had my coffee am a bit better. :)

  • RossYogiGraver

    Imo Austin is a good player, but from what I’ve seen he is similar to mitrovic. If the slug sold that French one we have or cisse then I would like to see Austin at Newcastle. I read somewhere a while ago that when we were first linked with him that he did not want to move this far north. It could be crap, who knows, but I’m more concerned about defenders.

  • PhilYare

    RossYogiGraver riviere? think most of us have forgotten about him, easily done

  • PhilYare

    unless we’ve signed ‘ibe’ its not worth mentioning. Aarons is absolute quality (unlike 90% of our players) unfortunately a contract doesn’t seem to be on the table and you could quite easily imagine him in a liverpool, chelsea or man city shirt in the near future