Newcastle legend Rob Lee has given his verdict on the signing of Aleksandar Mitrovic.

The former United midfielder saying that the striker has to keep his feet on the ground as people talk of him as the new Alan Shearer.

Writing on Kicca, Rob Lee says that he would love to see Mitrovic knock in 20 goals next season but would then dread Mike Ashley cashing in on an ‘asset’ that could very quickly increase in value, if he shows he can do it in the Premier League.

Rob Lee:

“Everyone is saying that Newcastle United have signed the Serbian Shearer….well that’s some name to live up to.

“I hope this lad does go on to do great things at the club but you can’t expect him to fill Alan’s boots at just 20 years of age. I haven’t seen a lot of Mitrovic but he seems to have the physical attributes needed – he certainly looks big and strong.”

A level or two above:

“But the Premier League is definitely a level or two above the Belgian league so he’s going to find it tough going to start off with.

“For his sake I just hope he doesn’t get carried away with the Shearer comparisons just yet.”

Just as the fans get excited…:

“My biggest worry though, as always, is that this lad will knock in 20 goals a season and just as the fans get excited he will then be sold off.

“That is certainly the Newcastle way (under Mike Ashley) which is why they keep buying these young lads from overseas. They are more investments than players for the future.”

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  • Hughie

    Jackie–Rob Lee was not a legend. Good to average midfielder who lacked pace , loved turning 360 degrees and passing the ball sideways. He clearly has an axe to grind against Ashley judging by his stream of continuous negative comments recently. Please put him back in his box and stop quoting him.

  • TelBoyTelboy

    Wrong mate he was a legend played for the badge not like most players at Newcastle now, You are talking rubbish. 
    There are some fans with short memories.

  • NottsToon

    Hughie Unbelievable comment, did you ever see him play? Rob Lee tells it how it is, but that’s not positive enough for some now we have made two signings is it?

  • Hughie

    TelBoyTelboy you obviously don’t understand the meaning of the word. Try Milburn, Shearer , Gazza, Beardsley. Gallagher…and several of the 1951,1952 and 1955 teams. Scratching about to include Lee mate.

  • Oldgit

    You my son are talking through your arse. Rob lee is and always will be a legend. He speaks the truth and I totally agree with him. We all know what Ashley is about and you know on past history if this player comes good he will be away to the highest bidder ie. Chelsea who will hover around this kid like a leech. We are just building him up like a cattle market for resale.

  • Toonarden

    Hughie Are you talking about the same Rob Lee mate? The one I watched worked his socks off for 90 minutes in midfield, drove forward like a tank constantly to help his forward line, could tackle hard when it was needed and knew the way to goal too (eg. 3 against Antwerp away?).
    Played for England as well. Either you’re memories poor or you’re no judge of players.

  • maddib

    Hughie TelBoyTelboy  so you are classing Gazza as a legend, and a player who played probably 3 times as many games as him and lasted as a first teamer for almost a decade as not a legend in your eyes?

  • maddib

    Toonarden Hughie  the poster is obviously on a wind up, you’ll struggle to find many supporters who don’t think he’s a legend

  • radgiegadgie

    Hughie being a legend is a somewhat subjective term.  No doubt he was a very good player, an excellent servant to the club and a consummate professional.
    He does really hate Ashley, that is pretty clear and like many who do, probably finds it hard to be balanced when exercising his jaws.

    If Mitrovic does set the PL on fire, of course he will be sold but that has and most likely will always be the case with Newcastle and indeed many other clubs.  Unless you are Real Madrid or Barcelona, there is always a more attractive club for your top performers.
    Players come and go, what Ashley needs to be assessed on now is how he invests in the playing staff from an on-going perspective. 

    I don’t personally have an issue with any of the sales made under the Ashley era, the issue has been the delay in/absence of replacements of appropriate quality.  Of course there has been a lot of other mis-management but we are talking transfer policy specifically here.

  • fireflyuk

    Hughie When the useless defender Jon anderson gets called a legend its all gone to pot, totally overused expression, true legends are few and far between in my view. Rob Lee however was a great player for the Toon and classy with it but he wasn’t a legend. 

    Totally agree with his sentiments btw but I don’t believe anyone is really comparing him to Shearer (who is a legend in my view).

  • v0ices

    radgiegadgie Hughie even the sales of Mbiwa and santon when the team was desperatly short on numbers? Not nitpicking just curious as to your opinion as I agree with most of what you said.

  • v0ices

    maddib Toonarden Hughie does depend on your definition of legend huge fan of rob lee but to me hes not quite a legend like shearer or supermac, of course I have no argument with others regarding him as one its a personal judgement.

  • Consett Mag

    Rob Lee is a legend in my book. Loyal, committed, talented, trustworthy.

  • radgiegadgie

    v0ices radgiegadgie Hughie Well yeah, if Santon and Mbwia were replaced last summer with quality defenders I don’t think it would have been an issue.

    I liked both those guys but Santon was always injured and there was at a minimum a question mark over whether Mbwia was suited to the PL.

    Trying to see out the season without those 2 (of course having the village idiot as coach did not help) was very bad judgement along with other deficiencies in the pitch.

  • 1957

    Rob was a good player playing for the majority of the time in good teams. He was a key player and consistent performer in Keegan’s teams and those of Sir Bob but I wouldn’t class him as a legend. There’s no definitive guide to what makes one so it’s entirely subjective, that’s fine I have my view others have theirs neither is right or wrong.
    I do get tired of reading his views, not because his views are generally negative but he merely states what we all already know. He’s got nothing original to say about the club, but I suppose that’s difficult when you’re London based and your primary interest rightly is West Ham and how your son is doing.

  • radgiegadgie

    fireflyuk Hughie Who was calling Jon Anderson a legend?  His Mam and Simon Pride?

  • Brian Standen

    Odd Bunch we are, the article was about our new centre forward, yet we end up arguing about the merits of the person who made the comments…….who if anyone is interested was a magnificent servant and footballer to Newcastle United!

  • radgiegadgie

    Brian Standen I reckon he will be decent but we will have to wait and see.  I do think his arrival means no Charlie Austin who did look a bit old and expensive for us.  Though they are seemingly shopping in the 10m mark these days, I still think they are looking for players with sell on.  This guy potentially does, Austin is likely only to depreciate.

    I think they will keep pushing for Thauvin, they seem obsessed with him and then maybe another defender.  That could be it for the big signings.

  • toon tony

    Rob Lee, in my opinion he’s a modern day legend. Loyal, skillful strong great in the air. But will be remembered by me for one of my personal favourite moments following the Toon. Wembley 2000 semi final v Chelsea. Shearer’s cross Rob Lee’s header. ..the last Wembley goal we’ve seen, could be a long wait for the next one. LEGEND.

  • radgiegadgie

    toon tony divvent worry Mitro will be scoring a couple at Wembley this season

  • LeazesEnder

    Hughie I don’t think her was a legend either, quite an average player…. maybe thats whats wrong with our club the supporters attach the word ‘legend’ to anything….

  • desree

    Rob Lee is right but i don’t hear any mention of Andy Cole being sold after 18 months in the prem, or les ferdinand after 2 seasons for no profit?
    Les didn’t want to go, where as these days players force owners into a corner, andy carroll the exception.
    Andy cole is the only example in my time 35 years supporting nufc where we sold our striker and bought a better replacement. As much as I dislike the way Ashley has been running the club, I can’t accept that he has exclusively sold our best players when the right bid comes in.
    I’ll probably get abuse off notts toon now for debating

  • Happyharrys2011

    NottsToon Hughie
    Love it notts toon! All this hype, schmarmy schteve talking a good game, we sign 2 players  and abracadabra here we go its all sorted no more negative comments please!!!! 
    Forget the results and the Shiite out on the feild.

  • Happyharrys2011

    Seeing as in this post no body is talking about the article. Does any body know when the Magpie brand shirt is out?

  • fireflyuk

    radgiegadgie toon tony Why is he going on loan to North Shields?

  • DownUnderMag

    Happyharrys2011 NottsToon Hughie i’ve actually been impressed with how McClaren has handled himself and yes the two signings are a great start but most of us realise it’s far from enough if we want to be competitive given the dross we watched at the end of last season.  
    I agree with Notts, Rob Lee actually cares about the club, he bled for the shirt and always gave his all and obviously he still does care about NUFC because all he is saying is what most fans think and that is the club won’t even TRY to hold on to a player if a profit can be made.  There are no heroes any more as we sell them just as they start to produce… and the worst part is it’s always done under the guise of a “greedy player” or wanting champions league…when if we just paid the going rate for that quality of player then we would hold on to them and probably end up playing Champions League ourselves!

  • Andgeo


  • NottsToon

    No abuse for debating, but I’m interested to know who and where it was claimed that Mike Ashley exclusively sells the best players off?
    I believe Rob Lee’s comments refer to the trend of recent years of this occurrence becoming the normality rather than the exception.
    Also I note a lot of people referencing Andy Carrol forcing his move, something he has always denied. To my knowledge the only account of him forcing the move comes from Derek Llambias (of “you don’t know how f**king horrible we can be” fame), interested to know why you accept this as the truth?

  • desree

    notts toon Rob lee is quoted as saying ‘that is the newcastle way (under Mike Ashley). Therefore suggesting selling our best players has only occured during the ashley years.
    I did state Andy Carroll was the exception to players forcing a move.
    Of course you are a better fan than I so my opinion doesn’t count even though you have misread the article and my comments.
    I’m just wondering though, does my opinion have greater importance than rob lees? With him being a west ham fan and all, or does the fact that he’s an ex player discount my opinion?
    It would be good to know, just so next time you dive in making your gob go without reading posts or comments – I don’t waste 5 minutes of my life having to correct your inaccurate arguments.

  • v0ices

    desree typical reaction no reply so make up your own story.

  • desree

    nottstoon is about as good at debating as mike williamson is at defending.

  • radgiegadgie

    desree You know, I seem to recall Pardew recounting the Carroll affair.  Of course you have to take what he says with a pinch of salt but, he seem to imply that Carroll wanted to go.  There was something about demanding a new contract (just after one had been just done) or he was off.

    My guess it was a bit of both.  I do think Carroll has an incentive to lie just like the club, he did not want to be thought of as asking for a move away from his boyhood club.

  • NottsToon

    I don’t doubt the move appealed to Andy financially, but forcing it? Taking the word of court proven liars to quell supporter unrest? I’m not the guillable.