Leicester City have had a £12m offer for Charlie Austin turned down.

Sky Sports report that QPR have knocked back the offer as they are holding out for at least £15m.

Newcastle fans stand by bewildered as the local press claim that NUFC are still interested in the striker as their main target and yet United are still to make an offer…

With Newcastle already having now had three days of pre season training, zero signings is a worry for all supporters, no matter what emails are sent out in Steve McClaren’s name to try and justify the inaction.

The squad fly out to America in only a week’s time and when they return there will be just over two weeks to prepare for the Premier League season kick-off against Southampton.

There are growing fears that Mike Ashley will continue to refuse to allow investment on the credible players who are needed desperately by Newcastle.

Recent days have seen West Ham invest £12m in Dimitri Payet who Newcastle were also claimed to be after, Stoke are reported by the BBC to have agreed a £12m deal with Inter Milan’s Xherdan Shaqiri, whilst Swansea of course paid that same figure for Wilfried Bony before more than doubling their money in January.

Newcastle’s first opponents of the season, Southampton, spent £10m or more on five different players last summer and this is what United are up against in this modern era.

Cut price buys on a hope and a prayer for the likes of Emmanuel Riviere will only take us one way. Whilst journalists close to Newcastle United have claimed £12m was spent on Remy Cabella, the reports from France have consistently said it was mroe like £8m.

In the last year we have been told a number of times by the club that we can’t compete with the likes of Swansea, Southampton and West Ham.

Can we now add the names of Stoke and Leicester?

The the next question being just who is beneath Newcastle in the transfer market now?

  • amacdee

    “The next question being just who is beneath Newcastle in the transfer
    market now?”
    Hatrlepool ?

  • Jimmywayhay

    It’s never going to happen , your going to spend weeks writing about something that will never happen ,for a number of reasons .Charlies not coming ,end of and can you blame him !

  • Will Richardson

    12Mil FFS. how much did we pay for Cabella? More!

  • KevinBrown11

    Well that blows us out of the water, we’ll not top that because chumply likes the bargain basement players, we’ll end up with several second rate french player’s as usual, cheap skates the lot of them,

  • JohnBatchelor

    Certainly no one in the premier league is below us in terms of the transfer market. Literally every other team is trying to constantly improve themselves through every means at their disposal. Ashley obviously has no interest in this. I can’t imagine anyone credible coming to us in this window. Bargain players from other leagues notwithstanding I doubt we’ll buy anybody at all.

  • Demented_Man

    amacdee Barnstoneworth Utd.

  • StSaud

    Notre village team has signed more grand noms in June than NUFC.
    GK:                            C de Gaulle
    Back Four:     A Camus, J-P Sartre, A Dumas, J Cocteau
    MF:             J-J Rousseau, N Bonaparte, V Hugo, M de Sade
    Forw.                    A Renoir         P Robespierre
    Subs.           J Racine, H Balzac, D Artagnan, Les Twins Thompson, M Chevalier (Testimonial Season)

    All have reported in for le training after a couple of mois on the Vin Rouge and can all remember qu’est que c’est un football. Should make 8th in the league cette saison. Pas mal in a league of 9.  
    Take note Monsieur Ashley, you may soon need to bring players back from the dead.

  • Demented_Man

    StSaud Promising looking team but Camus should be in goal – he played there for Algiers.

  • DZA187

    JohnBatchelor I can’t believe we lost out on Tom Ince to Derby as we was not willing to pay 6 million. It shows how far this club has dropped in the pecking order if we are now losing out to players who either stay in the championship.

  • NottsToon

    Apparently Derby are also now a more favourable option than Newcastle.

  • StSaud

    Yes, but lacks the height of De Gaulle. Camus would plague any oppostion forwards.

  • mrkgw

    This is certainly becoming worrying now. A reported target in Tom Ince is said to have snubbed us in favour of a move to Derby. How much lower can the club sink (no offence intended to Derby of course)?

  • Alsteads

    If FCB doesn’t bring any players in then Relegation by Christmas ! It’s embarrassing really is. We should of went down last season

  • kuromori

    StSaud Ou est C Aznavour, J Cousteau et A Rimbaud?

  • v0ices

    the 12million quoted for cabella probably included wages the actual transfer fee was reportedly much smaller.

  • v0ices

    mrkgw we already have a head coach rejected by derby.

  • Jimmywayhay

    I am 100% convinced ,this time next week ,we will have Charlie Austin signed up Johnny Evans ,Yohan Cabye,Andros Townsend ,Ashley Young and that left back that’s been released by Liverpool!
    What times the next bus to Gaga land ,more likely Krull ,sissoko and Cisse ect will be demanding to leave !

  • Jezza_NUFC

    JohnBatchelor  I agree entirely. The problem is that while every other club in the land use the transfer window for its intended purpose of vital squad strengthening, Ashley sees it as an opportunity to generate cash from selling players.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    v0ices  Yes, that seems to be the case. Cabella’s fee was originally quoted as £12 million by Ashley’s “preferred media partners” but within a few days most credible sources were reporting it as being £7 million.

  • scotty63

    If we offer too many beans for Charlie Austin then what’s Penfold going to have left to count. No we’ll keep the beans thanks. Beans are good.

  • Duke Fame

    DZA187 JohnBatchelor  alternatively, we face someone better lined up. nice would be ok but not one to excite, ok at Derby but not cracked it elsewhere

  • Duke Fame

    in an auction, the final bid wins, we really should stop fretting. professionally , Austin is supposed to be quite keen on nufc, family wise, everything is based in Wiltshire through the Thames Valley. it will not be down to a lack of money in this case, if lost, it will be Mrs Austin.

  • GToon

    Are any of the other clubs sending out emails telling their fans not to panic or are they too busy buying players and improving their squads?

  • GToon

    No doubt we will have offered him and his club less than Derby and then expected him to jump at the chance.

  • GToon

    I’d rather watch them than NUFC. At least they got some new players in when they needed them and didn’t ignore experienced players!

  • ArtyH

    Something just occurred to me due to the lack of transfer movememt, remember MA stipulating he would not sell until at least 2016, if he keeps all the TV money this year and next, it will be close to £200m, about the price he paid for the club. So kept for 8 to 9 years then sold and gets money back for 2 years TV money and the sale price of the club plus whatever he made over the years through very little investment. Quite a healthy profit and the team in the championship, job done for him I’d say, ultimate payback on the stupid geordies who tried to force him out when he first took over the club. Its just a theory.

  • StSaud

    Didn’t get eux past la ligne…ils sont allez au Pays du Mackem.

  • StSaud

    PS. Cousteau only plays in the wet…

  • DownUnderMag

    ArtyH I’ve always had this sneaky suspicion that the money is being hoarded away and he will eventually sell up on the cheap once he’s milked what he can and we are firmly entrenched in the Championship…no doubt selling any last asset just before heading off with a bundle of cash in his pocket.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Duke Fame  What are you on about? In an auction the HIGHEST bid wins not the final bid. If you really believe that Ashley will be prepared to pay more than £12 million for Austin (or any other player/players) then you have lost all touch with reality.