Steve McClaren confirmed on Sunday night that Remy Cabella had picked up an injury.

This followed L’Equipe reporting on Saturday that the French international had a torn quadriceps (group of muscles located in the front of the thigh) and that he would definitely miss the start of the season, with a recovery time of up to eight weeks.

The Newcastle Head Coach admitting last night that Cabella has a thigh injury and that is why he was left behind in England, though wouldn’t put a timeframe on his return.

Now the player himself has posted via Twitter a photo of himself in hospital with the message ‘Stay Strong’:

remy cabella

Remy Cabella is yet to get any match action this pre season, having not featured in the Gateshead game before the rest of the squad flew off to America.

With news that Fabricio Coloccini has an Achilles problem that has ruled him out so far, as well as Riviere needing an operation, it doesn’t look as though the new NUFC fitness regime is paying many dividends as yet…

Steve McClaren talking to the Chronicle:

“He (Riviere) has been sent back home – he had a scan and it’s a knee problem.

“I think it’s a meniscus and needed a small operation, so he has gone back.”

On Remy Cabella:

 “We don’t know how long it (Cabella will be out) is exactly but just before we came away he felt something in his thigh.

“We won’t take risks with players and we’ll just have to see how long that will be.”

  • wor monga

    Good on them both…it hasn’t been an easy first season over
    here for them, but they can get through this and make it…

    …as the one and only immortals ‘the Stones’ used to say “Time
    is on their side”…and, ”Yes it is”…given time they can both come good for us.

  • Philippines

    It still amazes me that the likes of Best, Charlton and Law could play week in and week out for years without the injuries that players seem to pick up these days.

  • v0ices

    Philippines Football is much faster now and modern equipment has often been designed to favour ultimate performance rather than offer the correct support to the player we also seem to suffer far more than our share of these injurys which suggests some issue with coaching hopefully a issue McClaren can address.

  • Mal44

    Philippines  They all had proper boots and shin pads.

  • wor monga

    Philippines      It’s exactly right what the 2 comments  have said on
    the subject of injuries…but players would carry some of type of injury, and
    play through the pain barrier after treatment then…

    …nowadays with the pace
    of the game, and the lasting damage that playing on can do long term to what is
    basically regarded as a club’s investment, insurers would not allow that to

  • wormongaisafilthymackem

    Cabella is the new Viana -cost a pretty penny, plenty of talent and potential but not suited to this league, albeit for different reasons.

    And you shouldn’t paraphrase a song lyric then quote it as something a band who covered that song once said, that’s just absurd.

    e.g. As Lionel Richie once said ‘Once, Twice, Three times a moron’.

  • wormongaisafilthymackem

    wor monga Philippines
    yup, insurers concerns should definitely be what we’re considering here. That’s what i love about football. That and the fiscal responsibility.

    Do you have any opinions you don’t trot out repeatedly as fact?

  • GToon

    And smoked at half time and played drunk. Different era, different game me thinks.

  • GToon

    Is that a hospital he’s in? Doesn’t look very high tech to me!

  • Duke Fame

    wormongaisafilthymackem wor monga Philippines Hmmmm, if you spoke with players that have played through the pain barrier in the past, i think you would have thought a little more about that post. 

    Ask Supermac if it was responsible for him to be patched up and play on. There are many who are crippled from a quick injection here and there. 

    Some of your heroes at Sunderland would be doing a lot better if their had been some responsibility from your club & managers.

  • Duke Fame

    GToon Why has he gone to Montellier or did the room just happen to have a spare shirt to hang up?

  • Duke Fame

    wormongaisafilthymackem Cabella is a decent enough player, just needs a bit of  decent coaching to adapt. Riviere’s confidence is a bit shot, I still think there is a player in there. 

    As Buster Bloodvessel said, Lip up

  • GToon

    Room looks that bare he needs the shirt to make it look better! Wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.