Away from the excitement/torture of Newcastle United’s current transfer window frenzy, there is news from France regarding last summer’s big signing, Remy Cabella.

Speculation has been rife that Newcastle were trying to offload the winger and potentially use him as part of a swap deal to bring in other French player(s) into the club.

There was then whispers of Remy Cabella being injured but no explanation from the club, apart from the following in an article on the club website explaining the absence of six of those who didn’t travel to America:

‘Rob Elliot, Paul Dummett, Remy Cabella, Cheick Tiote, Mehdi Abeid, Sylvain Marveaux are not on the tour as they all work their way back to fitness on Tyneside following injuries.’

Today though L’equipe report that they understand that Cabella has torn his quadriceps (group of muscles located in the front of the thigh) and will be out at least until September, with a recovery time of roughly between six and eight weeks.

However, they also say that they are led to believe that Newcastle are happy to see the French winger/midfielder go elsewhere and ironically this new injury looks to have ended any chance of another club taking him on in this transfer window.

With potentially more creative options opening up with Georginio Wijnaldum, Siem de Jong and Rolando Aarons also looking for a place in the team, it was always going to be interesting to see what would happen with Remy Cabella this coming season.

Whilst he didn’t do himself any favours at times with his histrionics and over-elaboration (‘fannying about’ in old school language) when dribbling.

It is hard not to accept that Cabella was just the latest in a long line of what looked promising signings from abroad, who has been instantly thrown in and expected to perform immediately.

Unlike decent clubs with proper squads who look after new players, especially if they are creative AND coming from a weaker league abroad.

It would also be ironic if the winger/midfielder ends up getting another chance only because through injury he can’t be pushed out of the door in this window.

  • Nic Mayer

    We can’t really judge him on his performance last season, we an entire team playing crap with carver in charge… Give the lad a chance with a proper squad this season and let’s see how he performs

  • Hughie

    Get shot– lightweight

  • ArtyH

    Time for some positive thinking, unusual from me but I am trying to look on the good side! 
    I can give Cabella the benefit of the doubt for his first season, other players suffer this adaption process so its nothing new. Under a different coach ( and Mc was not my first choice either ) who knows what he can do, far better to let him try as get shot quickly for a loss and later regret, who knows what MYM would had done under the new regimen, we may not have had to look to hard for a new C.B, who knows. How am I doing so far for being positive? 
    Again talks of Mitrovic and his cohort being brought in. IF the unlikely happens ( oops sorry, regressed there a bit ) and they sign, it will look very promising and make the club look better to other players, Austin perhaps??? It would show the club have at last shown a bit of intention to better the team and try for a cup maybe??? O.K I’m getting a bit carried away so I will stop there……….

  • IainElrick

    Sell him now he’s another Ben Arfa all flair no football

  • ArtyH

    IainElrick  If he could put on weight like Benny he may still be of use, ha ha. As he is injured we may not be able to sell him, but he may ( I hope ) come good with some decent coaching.

  • wor monga

    It’s always a risk bringing in a light weight, ball playing
    forward from France where they are given more time to look around and create

    …sounds as though Remy might be trying a bit too hard to develop
    his body strength enough to be able to stand up to the rigours of the PL season.

    …Good luck to the lad, and hope he recovers quickly…and makes
    it with us.

  • 1957

    Cabella was hyped up in the press and was a signing welcomed by the majority of supporters last summer. He was/is though ill prepared for the EPL, not physically strong and wanting time on the ball, but in fairness in the second half of the season he improved slightly. He had a major disadvantage of playing for poor quality coaching staff, who had no idea where to play him and in a tactical system that relied on the long ball too much.
    Cabella may never make it in England, but our new man in charge is intending to play a system much more suited to Cabella, so if injury does prevent him moving on let’s see how he performs under McClaren, you just never know.

  • Holy Catflaps Batman! 
    Seems like a busy weekend ahead at NUFC. 
    Mitrovic en route
    Austin deal close
    Mbemba deal close

  • TheBoneYard

    the EPL and the system and coaching at toon all worked against him last season. Injury could be a blessing in that we end up keeping him at least til Jan window, I reckon he is a decent player and hope he gets to prove it within the new set up.

  • ArtyH

    TheBoneYard  Exactly, my thoughts too.

  • IainElrick

    ArtyH IainElrick spares or repairs 3mil

  • Nutisbak2

    Cabella is a player and if we let him go we will end up paying for it in the end. He should be rehabilitated and bought back into the squad, maybe being loaned out this season to a championship side so he can guage the game elsewhere before the following season.

    Quads are the largest and strongest muscle in the body so an injury to that is fairly serious however it’s probably not going to be a career threatening one.

    He will be back and it could be good news because if he strengthens his hamstrings and glutes the opposing muscles he should be less injury prone.

    The important thing will be to help him get ready to play in the league, given he will miss pre season it’s going to be hard to get him up to speed for the premiership this season, so a loan once fit even a short one, might end up being the best option to begin with.

    In time I think he will be golden.

  • Nutisbak2

    Looks like we may well have Mitrovic finally, wouldn’t surprise me if we bag Austin to boot as he will be someone who can play support and alongside him. Cisse might struggle to be the support striker, Riviere on the other hand might also be idealy suited.

  • Nutisbak2

    Mitrovic now a Newcastle player looks like he’s confirmed it on his Facebook page….

  • wor monga

    TheBoneYard            The aromatic flavour of the ‘Boneyard’ wafting over the
    breakfast table…spending 3 nights a week in the Go-Go, and playing football at
    Heaton…that’s what growing up in the ‘60’s was all about for me…and supporting the
    Toon of course!!

  • delashio

    Loads of clubs expect players to perform straightaway. Its just bulls*it from your mouth making on its just us.

  • delashio

    6-8 weeks is hardly serious mate. A cruciate is 6-8 month. Get a grip on reality.

  • RichMilburn

    Nutisbak2 Austin and Mitrovic are both target men. If  by some miracle Charlie does sign, I see Mitrovic being a sub to Austin and Cisse departing this summer.

  • Malcolm Colledge

    Won’t be missed.