This holiday video footage of Alan Shearer has been made public by his son.

Will Shearer used his Twitter account to put the video up and added:

‘The old man still got the technique’

I wouldn’t argue with that – enjoy!

I’ve also seen that celebration the odd time over the years…

  • TelBoyTelboy


  • Toonbadger

    Getting a bit podgy round the middle but still class and with a penny floater as well

  • Kev82

    PMSL when he runs off 1 arm in the air!

  • TonnekToon

    Haha , Shearaaaaaar !

  • 14rtennyson

    Should be Newcastle’s striker coach

  • The Adelphi

    The state we’re in he’d probably  still get a game

  • Duke Fame

    Rather than lost it, he seems to have gained a fair bit.

  • mrkgw

    Pure, pure legend. Class to the core.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The best Centre forward ive ever seen

  • RichardProud

    Imagine that, God on holiday x

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s actually quite sad that I get amused by this more than the prospect of the coming seasons efforts . .