Chris Ramsey has laid out exactly what both Charlie Austin and Queens Park Rangers are looking for, if a club wants to sign the Championship side’s star player.

Going into a surprising amount of detail, Ramsey claims that the striker will stay at Loftus Road if nobody satisfies both player and club demands, though he accepts it is unlikely he won’t be sold in this transfer window.

The QPR boss insists:

One club (Leicester) have offered £12m which QPR rejected.

QPR are looking for over £15m.

Austin wants a team in the top half of the table.

Charlie Austin has turned down a number of offers already

The Striker could well be still at QPR when the season starts (but the transfer window is still open) in two weeks time.

Taking Chris Ramsey’s words at face value, it would appear to rule out Newcastle United, unless the reference to a ‘top half of the table’ team could be construed as a club which could/should be there with credible investment in the squad.

As for an insistence on over £15m, there have been numerous claims from journalists close to Newcastle United claiming their top offer would be some way short of even £15m, never mind over that figure.

I still can’t imagine Mike Ashley being willing to pay what it takes and pay the kind of wages a player already with a track record in the Premier League would demand, rather than the likes of Wijnalduma and Mitrovic who have come from the lower waged Dutch and Belgian leagues.

I also tend to think that Mitrovic and Austin are two quite similar players, so unless the thinking is to have a partnership like Shearer and Ferdinand (that’s something to live up to…) had at St James Park, I don’t see how they are an ideal fit in this modern era of only one up front etc etc.

Chris Ramsey talking to Talksport

“With a player of Charlie’s ability, there will always be speculation and we have had offers that we’ve rejected.

“We’ve been offered £12million and turned it down, so we’re looking in excess of £15million. Goalscoring is not something you can coach, it is just a habit that some people have.”

Top half of the table team:

“We have to be realistic and it is unlikely he will stay, we want to keep him but it is unlikely. The club’s in a financial position that it needs to recoup some money and I think for his ambitions he wants to keep playing in the Premier League to go to the Euros.

“He’s aiming to go to a team that’s in the top half of the table, if he doesn’t then he could stay. We have had offers that Charlie himself has not been happy to take on.”

Still at QPR for the start of the season:

“At the moment, he’s a QPR player and he’s working hard in training. I’m having the idea that he will be here into the season.

“If he is here during the season then he is going to be someone that we want to use.”

  • Toonbadger

    QPR demented Austin demented. If he wants to be in the Enlgand set up next season he needs to move, one problem though, No one will pay the price

  • philrenner09

    like him but why buy an austin when you can get a jag or mercs for the same price ?

  • Nutisbak2

    Toonbadger  It’s not Austin’s fault no-one will pay that price, it’s QPR’s fault for being basically greedy. They could agree to a move for a lot less.

    He’s got 1 year left to run on his contract and at the end of the day either he goes now, or in January for a lot less yet again or on a bosman in the summer window of 2016 and QPR shoot themselves in the foot on all but one count.

    Personally I think they will soften their stance towards the end of this transfer window once they realise no one is interested at that money and then there will possibly be a mad scramble for his services, or they will just quietly accept an offer put to them and left on the table so to speak.

    On the other hand they could keep him and his pretty much guaranteed goals in the championship would likely send them straight back up to the premier league, that may well be why they are only willing to sell him above 15 million because the risk of not having someone who will get goals for them in the championship is too great otherwise.

  • mactoon

    I think it is Chris Ramsey who is dictating the terms, you will probably find that Austin KNOWS he needs to be with a Premiership club for his England chances and Ramsey is pricing him out of a move. Pretty poor management by Ramsey if you ask me.

  • stepaylor

    A lot of comments on here are surprising in my opinion, how can someone who scored that many goals in the premier league for the leagues worst team not be worth 15 million at just 25 years of age? Has anyone seen him play, he is very good and just what is needed in my opinion.

    If Ross Mccormack went to Fulham for 12 million (who is slower than my nana) Charlie Austin has to be worth 15 million every day of the week. Get him signed along with Virgil Van Dijk, sell Cisse, Williams and Goufrann for a combined 8 million. Which will see us have a net spend this window of just over 50 million and see the club run at break even for the last 2 years considering the profit form last year.

    We can all get excited about having a strong squad, get behind the team and be a million miles better than last year.

    Lets just do it Charnley……..

  • ArtyH

    IMHO Austin has had one good season, yes it was good but the future cannot be g/tee’d, he may have been ” found out ” like a lot of one season wonders are, so I can see Ashleys reluctance to but a player for that price with only 1 year on his contract! Why not help QPR out and let Wiilamson and Goofran/Riviare go as make weights and offer them £10m cash-ley? It would benefit  QPR in the Championship and us in the P.L and Austin for his England chances. Simples.

  • alreet

    Sick of this whole saga tbh. Its gone on since the last 4 games of last season. 15 mill is a bit much for a guy in the last year of his contact. With one good season under his belt. If he goes to a pool a spurs or an everton he will just be a bench warmer. Get the idea kid u need to do it well for a few years to be in a euro team all the time. Be would be ace at toon but for around 10 -12 mill not 15. Is he worth more than mitrovic who has been pretty good at the top of the belgian league for 2 seasons and for a good few games in the champs league.
    Does austin have any euro credentials???? 15 mill come on QPR


    I think every forgets thats he has only ever played in the prem for one season and he done well everyone he plays for he done well i mean how can you say one season in the prem isnt good enough when thats all hes had everyone has to start somewhere and he has earned it, if mitrovic bangs in 18 goals im sure we would wnt more then 15m he is worth getting and if we dont i hope he comes to the prem and has another good season so people  can see his potential

  • v0ices

    BONESNUFC Its comical how people rave about players who have never played in the premiership but are happy to dismiss a player who has done well in it. Only time will tell but some people are dreamers and will fool themselves out of hope.


    philrenner09 because mancity have a ferrari,chelsea have an aston martin,arsenal have a lamborghini,man u have a bentley and liverpool have just put a deposit on a bugatti lets face it a jag would never catch them lol

  • desree

    if benteke went for 32.5 surely austin is a snip at 15m, so why didn’t liverpool buy him, why have villa not replaced benteke with austin. 30 m seems the going rate for a 15-20 goals a season player. Even at 15m he should be snapped up. Failed medical at hull for 5m, hull weren’t prepared to take the risk.
    with our record with injuries and experience with owen i can see why we are reluctant

  • MilitantGeordie

    Slightly overrated i would say. My own personal valuation would be in the region of 10 – 12m. If he moves to a Premiership club and bangs another 15- 20 goals then he would be worth more than 15m in my book. I would like to see him at the Toon though. Cisse, Mitrovic, Perez and Austin would probably be the best strikeforce we’ve had for a long time. Anyway i think our priority now should be buying a commanding no nonsense centerback because WIlliamson has shown he’s not reliable at this level and Colocinni is coming to the end of his career. It’s no good having all these attacking players if we’re leaking goals at the back. I hope Steve pushes for at least one centerback ( hopefully two) before the season kicks off.
    Two centerbacks
    no ‘ book balancing’ sales
    That would be a decent transfer window in my opinion.


    desree Benteke hadclause in his contract, dont forget that the chairman was planning on selling the club and im sure that Austin will end up going for around 15m wheather its to us,atston villa or whoever else wants him and ba failed a medical at stoke what a player he turned out  and as for owen he was still our top scorer 08-09 i think ,nd we got compen when he was in jured for england it wasnt so much his injurys it was his personality, i dont really like him among with alot of fans but he didnt like us either

  • desree

    Ba cost nowt and went for only 7m. A gamble worth taking.
    If Austin is worth 15m why did liverpool pay 17.5m more than Austin would cost. Everton paid 28m for lukaku. 15m for austin, clubs should be snapping QPR’s hand off.
    As for owen being top scorer 08/09 not sure how that would support an argument to invest 15m on a player who might hardly play because of injury issues.
    At 15m the risk vs reward scenario is heavily weighted against any club buying Austin, no resale value, still unproven in the prem (consistently, darren bent eg) and potentially out for extended periods with injuries.

  • 1957

    QPR may want that but it isn’t going to happen, with one year on his contract no one will stump up £15m on a player who has only one year in the PL, has never played at the highest club levels (champions cup/Europa League) or represented his country in a competitive international. Thats not to say he isn’t a decent player, but it’s the reality of how every football club views players, unless they are exceptional.
    Their best bet is to take a lower fee with add on clauses but I have some London based family who say the local rumour is he is considering a new contract at QPR which would see him loaned out for a set fee each season until QPR are promoted again.

  • 1957

    The Ross McCormack deal was the most ridiculous in recent years, except for perhaps Darren Bent, and isn’t a rein to overpay for Austin. The reason he hasn’t been taken yet is his contract, with one year left he won’t command a top fee, he’s good but not exceptional.
    At he moment I’d rather see defenders coming in

  • v0ices

    desree He went for 7m because of a buyout clause as for asking why liverpool bought benteke and not Austin its because brendan rodgers has a eye for strikers and is well know for trying to save money when he buys them. To say a player is too big a gamble for NUFC after the amount of permacrocks we have purchased under ashley is truly hilarious the only reason Austin has not been sold is 1 year left on his contract and clubs are hoping for a bargin or a free next season.

  • desree

    so if rodgers is known to save money buying strikers why pay 32 for benteke when austin is less than half the price. a strike force of ings and austin for 23m vs benteke and ings for 40m?
    There has to be something not right about Austin, or he is sitting the next season out and going to chelsea for free. All i know is that he should be a 30m striker based on recent transfers. So even 15m is a steal.
    If demba ba’s sell on clause was 32 m no one would have bought him. If we could get austin at 7m I’d snap him up. Even at 10m he is worth it.
    Too much hype about the lad for one season in the prem, just look at Cisse.
    Unless we flog cisse I’d say we need more pace in the attack, someone like Remy is a better option.

  • v0ices

    desree mate i was being ironic about Rodgers sorry if it didnt come across. I agree with you about pace in the attack i have been saying we need to add a winger all summer.

  • desree


  • fireflyuk

    The bottom line is I don’t care about the fee, what difference does it make to the fans? Just as having money in the bank after selling a player for a lot of money, we don’t get the benefit of it. 

    The bloke is better than anything we have, Mitrovic has to prove himself (and if he scores as many goals as Austin did last season he’ll be doing well) so pay the money and get him in and who cares about the sell-on fee?

  • desree

    Fireflyuk have you ever been CEO of Leeds?

  • desree

    1957 I heard today that Austin wants 85k per week. I can see this one not happening for NUFC, Austin waiting until Jan and then signing for Chelsea or Man City, never getting a game and watching his career disappear before his eyes. Mind he could become a pub quiz legend with the question ‘which striker was the top english in his only ever season in the premier league’.

    Both QPR and Austin clearly over value themselves.

  • Artie Fufkin

    fireflyuk Someone used the line last week that NUFC fans can be like socialists at times, they want everything as long as it’s paid for by someone else. 

    We have to ensure we get a good deal, I think Austin is a good choice but it has to be at the right price. 2nd seasons for strikers are often more difficult and it’s not a guaranteed given that he will do as well for us. 

    That said, A couple ITK’s seem to think we’ll have him this week but I hope we’re getting value for money

  • Artie Fufkin

    desree 1957 THe talk today is that we’re close to a deal, in true Ashley style, the shortfall in salary is made up with bonuses, I like that, if Austin delivers, he earns £85k a week, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

  • v0ices

    Artie Fufkin fireflyuk unlike ashley who wants newcastle fans to pay to advertise sports direct why on earth do you keep changing ids.

  • Artie Fufkin

    v0ices I can’t tell you! The fact that you ask tells me you don’t see a reason for me to go through the bother of getting a new ID and that all my posts are fair and polite (if not necessarily in agreement with your own.) 

    So why would a fanzine that is “the independent voice” not want to encourage independent voices? 

    Look like I’ll need a new ID again!

  • Artie Fufkin

    MilitantGeordie I think we will see Austin here but given that we have Mbemba, you will not get two new centre halfs. Mbemba has joined with a view of expecting to play every game. I think his agility will help his potential playing partners in Collo or Saylor but my feel is Collo has decided to move on.

  • v0ices

    Artie Fufkin v0ices If you dont want people to know who you are dont say exactly the same things. If you have recieved threats or excessive abuse for your postings then you have my sympathy as you mostly conduct yourself in a reasonable matter even if we disagree on almost everything..

  • ArtyH

    Artie Fufkin fireflyuk  Cisse is a classic example of second season strikers not firing on all cylinders.

  • Artie Fufkin

    v0ices Artie Fufkin I’m not that bothered about threats or abuse, water off a duck’s back to me. 

    Simply that a certain independent voice was not so keen on allowing my opinion to be heard / read. I tend to think the more opinions the better, I’d hate to think everyone thinks the same.