Yesterday, notorious ‘super’ agent Pini Zahavi declared that Aleksandar Mitrovic would be a Newcastle player before we all went to bed last night.

However, the Serbian striker is still at Anderlecht’s pre-season training camp this Saturday morning, with Belgian media posting photos of Mitrovic with his teammates in Tegelen (Holland), without the Tyne bridge in sight.

Zahavi had told Sudinfo in Belgium on Friday:

“The transfer will be completed ​​in the coming hours.

“Aleksandar Mitrovic will sign a contract for five seasons for the former club of Philippe Albert.”

However, Saturday morning has seen further information with Aleksandar Mitrovic’ father telling Het Laatse Nieuws (HTN) in Belgium, that whilst Newcastle is still ‘an option’ they are waiting for another club.

That club is FC Porto according to HTN, with the player and his father having engaged Pini Zahavi to try and find him a club that can offer Champions League football.

The HTN report this morning also claims that Mitrovic was a ‘Huge Newcastle fan’ when Alan Shearer was playing for the club.

Super agent Zahavi is notorious and has been involved in many controversial deals, not only for player transfers but also changes in club ownership. As well as being a key player in the shambles of Portsmouth’s ownership as the club fell apart, Zahavi was also involved in the Abramovich takeover at Chelsea, then going on to make millions from player deals involving the London club.

Pini Zahavi states…:

“I just bring people together and I get paid my commission if a deal is struck.”

Whether Newcastle get the player or not in the end, it leave sa bad taste in the mouth seeing all this played out in public.

Het Laatse Nieuws

‘Newcastle United have offer 16.5m Euros (Approx £12m) but the player’s father awaits an offer from FC Porto. The Portuguese club can offer Champions League football and potentially could include Imoh Ezekiel as part of a swap deal for Mitrovic.

Ivica Mitrovic (the player’s father)

“Yes Newcastle is an option but we are still waiting for another club.”

Aleksandar Mitrovic (When asked about which club he is joining, speaking from Anderlecht’s training camp in Tegelen in Holland)

“What do you want me to say, I’m still here.”

The Anderlecht coach Besnick Hasi says he is not aware of any negotiations taking place but that if the club get a good offer for the striker, they will have to let him go.

Mitrovic was a huge Newcastle fan when Alan Shearer played at St James Park but the striker wants to play at a club with European football. That is why Ivica Mitrovic (the player’s father) hired top agent Pini Zahavi – they eyed a move to Portugal and weren’t keen on a move to Newcastle.

Newcastle are now ‘seducing’ the player’s entourage by offering a long-term contract.

The Magpies remain confident that a deal will be completed for Mitrovic, his transfer might not be over the weekend but they are close on a deal with the striker.’

  • ShaunWatson

    Imoh Ezekiel plays for Al-Arabi, so that can’t be the case!

  • NottsToon

    This guy clearly does not really want to come here, a little like a certain Michael Owen a few years back.
    There are many more decent strikers in this price bracket available, let’s move on please.
    Perhaps an actual £15m bid for Austin and an offer of a £60k per week 5 year contract would swing it.

  • 1957

    Thats right. If its the same player he is presently on loan at Standard, this HTN must be the Belgium version of the Chronicle.
    We are being used to force the issue with other clubs to get them to up their transfer and wages offer to the level of NUFC’s. If he doesn’t want to be here move on there are other players you could get for that fee.

  • amacdee

    NottsToon Agreed NT. The lure of Roma or Porto with European football plus the legacy of Fatman’s stupidity makes it more likely the boy will go elsewhere. Personally I’d rather we had players who want to be here than wannabe wantaways.

  • Wallsendstu

    Time to move on, if a player wants to be somewhere else so be it. The only thought might be that his father is the one saying this and it might not be the player. Agree with other comments regarding other forwards and would add that we cannot delay especially if the Cisse story is right.

  • Greg1000

    This guy is not what we want move on find someone else. Get somebody that wants to play for us.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Like others below have said, if he doesn’t want to be here don’t sign him. He is unproven at premier league level and is unlikely to set the league alight if his heart is elsewhere. Come on Ashley, give us a real statement of intent and get Charlie Austin signed up. A player who can average a goal every other game in an appalling QPR side could really terrorise  defences with decent players around him.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    the son gonna be a gobshiite like the father?

  • keeganRescueUs

    Does Charlie Austin want to come here? Don’t think so

  • KevinBrown11

    Bloody cheek, sounds like another mercenary, time to look elsewhere,

  • stepaylor

    would prefer Charlie Austin

  • armoadam

    stepaylor Sorry, Mitrovic is 6 years younger, does not have the injury concerns, has Champions League experience, and fatboys favorite is cheaper!

  • mrkgw

    If true then we dont want him at our club. We need players who will fight for the cause. Not mercenaries.

  • snodgrass2

    Please stop calling them mercenaries because if one is then they all are. They are following a career path and it’s not wrong just because it doesn’t please you. Do you know any plumbers – electricians – plasterers – joiners? Any solicitors – lawyers – doctors -dentists – the list goes on and on. All ask the best rate they can get for the job they are doing. Do you call them mercenaries?  Where is the difference. Players don’t have to like let alone love our teams. It’s a job. Remember David Batty? He didn’t even like football and I’m sure he wasn’t alone, but he played well for NUFC and fought for our cause and that is all you can ask.

  • armoadam

    Can’t blame someone who got a taste of Champions League football last year wanting more! He is someone we want here. Maybe he can come and help us return to the Champions League for the first time in a LONG time!

  • LeazesEnder

    mrkgw like Ginola and Gascoigne and Waddle and Beardsley and Ferdinand