Papiss Cisse’s personal life has made more headlines since the turn of the year, than his efforts on the pitch.

One newspaper seems to have made it their business to dig into the striker’s private life.

In June The Sun actually put on their front page the story that Papiss Cisse had got married in secret in France, supposedly leaving a number of other women heartbroken because they each thought they the only for him.

Now however, The Sun have dug up further revelations in their latest ‘Exclusive’, claiming that that June 2015 marriage was bigamous because Papiss Cisse was already married, having previously married in 2013 in Senegal. The newspaper stating that the law in Senegal means that when marrying for the first time, a man must choose between Monogamy and Polygymy.

The Sun stating that Cisse registered for a monogymous marriage and that he is still married now without a divorce, meaning that he has broken the law in both France and Senegal with the June 2015 wedding, with bigamy carrying a maximum 12 month prison sentence in both countries.

It gets worse though, with further claims that the woman who Papiss Cisse married in 2013 already has a son (now aged 13) to him, and that the son’s birthdate allegedly proves that the mother was only 13 when conceiving, with Cisse 16 (when his then girlfriend became pregnant) at the time.

However, it is reported to be too late for any charges to be brought in Senegal as there is a three year time limit after any alleged offence for cases of underage sex. The story further claiming that Cisse and his wife then lied on later documents to make it appear that she had been over the legal age of 16.

For the football club, the player’s private life is of course his own – unless it starts also infringing on the football side of things.

Obviously this kind of story is manna from heaven for the tabloids but the last thing Newcastle United need in their pre season.

Whether any legal action ends up being taken remains to be seen but to stand a chance of getting back on an even keel, Newcastle need as few negative distractions as possible.

I have little doubt that if Newcastle land a credible goalscorer then they will be happy to sell Papiss Cisse and these type of headlines must pretty much guarantee that United will now be trying that little bit harder.

  • stepaylor

    dates say it was 2013 when he first married but was only 16?

  • Happyharrys2011

    It doesn’t say 16 when he got married.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    stepaylor i get your point, the dates are confusing and don’t seem to fit with his current age. That needs clearing up. Another story about a footballer who can’t say no – not much new in that!

  • Phildene

    And if it’s from The Sun it’ll all be a load of crap

  • Mamad83

    Your job should not be consisting of digging into the lad’s life. This guy is cool and hard-working! Hadn’t it been him Toons would be in championship! He deserves better things than you are doing on him!

  • 1957

    Maybe part of the Sun’s anti NUFC agenda since they stopped being a’partner and were replaced by the Mirror group

  • Atech

    This guy is a joke…

  • alreet

    Its not a political race or a famous person on the front of the news of the world.
    More dirt just in case the club were looking at all better than 2 months ago

  • Jimmywayhay

    Won’t be going home for a while then ! People need to remember these players come from a totally different world to ours ,yes they need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner for were they now reside .Thats one of the big problems today ,we are trying to impose our way of life on the rest of the world ,we could learn a lot from a lot of foreign countries and religions ,for goodness sake ,we have speed bumps litter everywhere etc ……

  • Happyharrys2011

    I suppose we should just forget about Jimmy Saville then ?

  • Atech

    Jimmywayhay I come from Senegal, lived in France and now live in London and this type of “behavior” is not appropriate in any of these “worlds” to be honest with you. I would impose treat someone the way you would want to be treated.

  • Hez

    Mamad83  why would we be in the Championship? he did his job and scored a few goals last season but missed half the season due to injury, spitting at people or elbowing other players in the face. His childish and pathetic actions left us light up front most of the season and without a main striker which contributed to us getting into the trouble we were in, at the end of the day he is paid to score goals, we could pay someone else to his job, someone reliable and better, we owe very little to a striker with a goal every five games striker.

  • Hez

    of 24 in his last 100 games (don’t know what happened there!)

  • whickhamrobbie

    Jimmywayhay speedbumps ?????????????? what baccy are you smoking.
    these are not backward nations and our way of life as you put it is better tham marrying off girls of 13  and fgm and the like .

  • BillytheFish

    Jimmywayhay Learn what lessons? like having sex with 13 year old kids…….I think I’ll give that a miss……

  • Jimmywayhay

    Your casting aspersions about a story in the gutter press about a person we don’t know ,he wasnt exactly an OAP himself ,not sticking up for him if he’s broken the law he should face the music but until then ,he’s innocent until proven guilty and 13 years + have passed since the alleged indiscretion ,so until proven guilty he’s innocent wether you like it or not !

  • Happyharrys2011

    Anyone who thinks he should be left alone over this is a nonce!!!!!