Steve McClaren has insisted that despite the rumours he wants Fabricio Coloccini to stay at Newcastle and that the only reason for his absence from the team so far, is that he has a ‘niggle’ which the Head coach understands he gets each season.

McClaren goes on to say that after looking at his other options, Coloccini is one of his best players.

Steve McClaren:

“We want him playing but unfortunately he has got a little niggle, which apparently he has every season – that has got to be taken care of. He is working on his conditioning and in America he was out most of the time but because of the (artificial) surface he didn’t play in the last game, he has got a little niggle.

“He needs a good week this week and  needs to play Sunday, we need him in the team and if he can get that (a good week’s training), then I think he can be available for Southampton.”


“They  told me to assess the squad and I have been delighted with Colo’s attitude, in training and the way he is around the place – that is all great but we need him on the field.

“I hope he has (a future at Newcastle) and I have looked at the squad, I have looked at Coloccini he is one of our best players. I know things were difficult last season but I want him out on in a Newcastle shirt playing for the team and I am confident that he will be.”

Well having looked at the five games so far in pre season, it would be very hard not to identify centre-back as a crisis area.

So far, Williamson, Taylor, Lascelles, Satka, Good and Ferguson(!) have all played there and there isn’t a Premier League pairing between them.

Coloccini was invariably poor last year and McClaren acknowledges the Argentine defender had a ‘difficult last season’.

Hopefully the FA panel that meets on Thursday will back Chancel Mbemba’s work visa application but you can’t expect him to sort all of Newcastle’s defensive problems on his own, especially in the short-term.

Coloccini is desperately needed, even though being honest he has gone from being top notch to the best of a bad bunch, in a position that has really really suffered through chronic lack of investment ever since…Mike Ashley allowed Coloccini to be bought.


The centre-back has had a really easy ride from the supporters considering his lack of form over the last two or three years and especially the fact he tried to walk out on the club in the middle of a relegation battle in January 2013.

Obviously you are sympathetic to anybody’s personal circumstances but you can’t have it all ways – as Newcastle Captain and the club’s highest paid player, you have a professional responsibility that he attempted to pass up.

Arguably, Newcastle United’s need is even greater at this moment in time, as after yet another near relegation the club has to try and claw its way back after years of failing to invest properly in the squad.

The signings of Mitrovic and Wijnaldum (and hopefully Mbemba) are significant signs that the penny has finally dropped for Mike Ashley but Coloccini is desperately needed, to help this (fingers crossed) transition to being a normal football club and he needs to earn his money in this final year of his Newcastle contract.

As fans we don’t know what is really going on with the Newcastle Captain and it is hard not to suspect that there is more to it than Steve McClaren is putting in the public domain.

Maybe Coloccini thinks it unfair that he got stick on social media yesterday when this snap below of him in a Jesmond bar/restaurant was taken and put on Twitter whilst his teammates were struggling down at Sheffield United.

However, that comes with the territory when you play for Newcastle United and earn massive money, especially when you are club captain.

Would be great to think that Coloccini can respond in the best possible way and have a last stand out season playing alongside Chancel Mbemba and help turn  the defence into something that isn’t a disaster area, such as last season when only rock bottom QPR conceded more goals.

  • 1957

    In an ideal world you would keep him for the rest of the season to keep squad numbers up, if we recruit another CB on top of Mbemba he would probably for the first time since relegation not be guaranteed a place. Would he be up for the challenge, is his head elsewhere (again) and will the dreaded post Christmas injury strike again, all questions to consider along with his advancing years.

  • Roppa2

    Having been at the match yesterday it was of interest that i watched the way the team were set up to play, particularly the defence. When we had the ball, Anita was playing a very deep holding midfield player in between the two centre backs and was the player who McClaren clearly sees as the link pin for passing moves.
    Williamson was his usual self and did not even look capable against a third tier team. For some strange reason he thought he could do a crossfield pass of 30 yards which ultimately led to the Sheff U equaliser. The guy is a liability yet has had the most pre season time of any player.  
    Taylor was Taylor i.e. full of committment. 
    Lacelles at times was guilty of tracking attackers rather than holding the line, but looks like he has potential. 
    In summary any team with a bit of quality and pace could drive a bus through the centre of our defence with the players we have and I think it is asking a bit much for 20 year olds such as Lacelles  or Mbemba to sort it out. We need and have done for some time, a mature 28 ish commanding centre half who will allow youngsters to occasionally come in and learn from. The trouble is they do not have a resale value.
    Of the other players Wijnaldum was ok but nothing special on the day (despite some reports), and Aarons was pretty ordinary.

  • nufcmag777

    By what McClaren is saying about Cisse & Colo that Ashley has closed the cheque book and we will still see Williamson playing for us again which is sick.

  • Dubaiexpat

    nufcmag777 possibly – or could just be not so subtle messages for ongoing deals. 

    Honestly can’t see Williamson being more than a bit part player (if he’s not shipped off to Leeds).

    One things for sure we need another CB on top of Mbemba

  • keeganRescueUs

    Where on earth did you get that conclusion???

  • desree

    lets face it the bloke hasn’t put a shift since he wanted to bail in 2013. even if the rumours aren’t true, his character and respect from fans and players has dropped considerably just based on performances. Clearly he feels the club have kept him against his will, he is still here in body but he won’t be putting in a performance.
    here’s a question, Williamson is under pressure more than any other player, yet when is the bloke injured? ironic our sh!ttest player is hardly ever injured

  • 1957

    He has never been the same since the, I want to go back to Argentina fiasco. I was fully behind the club in not letting him go and wanting a fee for him but I always thought he should have been stripped of the captaincy at that time.
    His lack of leadership on the field was obvious and as I mentioned before his form didn’t deserve a place in the team. You’re right Williamson despite his shortcomings has always been available to play, except when he couldnt face playing for Carver anymore and got himself sent off, in fact over the last couple of years he has probably made more appearances than Colo

  • shadsdad

    Too many times last season he was just chugging into view as the ball hit the back of the net.

  • TonnekToon

    I think it’s now time for him to move on or at least lose the Cpt’ns Armband . his head (and his heart ) hasn’t been in it for long time now, he never was the most vocal of Captains  and now more than ever we need some one to get a grip at the back . Janmaat would probably make a better captain .