Newcastle United have admitted that they use the club’s preferred media partners to ‘…control and re-enforce the positive messages the club wish to deliver’.

Mike Ashley’s policy of banning the press from normal access, was most recently seen when Steve McClaren was unveiled as the new Head Coach.

Instead of a proper press conference where journalists could ask Steve McClaren questions, only Sky Sports and The Mirror were invited to take part in staged interviews.

The end result is that rather than a frank and open examination of McClaren’s approach to the job, you get a sanitised version via the media partners so the club can put out the ‘positive messages’ they wish to deliver.

A bit like The Mirror then telling fans that Charlie Austin was a ‘done deal’ and would sign in mid-June, with Saido Berahino to follow!

NUFC Fans Forum member Steve Cole asking:

“Can the club expand on why only Sky Sports and the Daily Mirror spoke to Steve McClaren first?”

The club’s reply

‘Alongside Sky Sports and the Daily Mirror, SMc also gave interviews to the club’s media channels followed by local written media and BBC Newcastle. The club felt that this was the most appropriate way in which to announce SMc’s appointment to fans and best control and re-enforce the positive messages the club wished to deliver to them.’

  • mactoon

    It’s outragous censorship and spin

  • Scot Land

    Not surprised, considering the shite put on here sometimes.

  • magpie9

    Press puppet comes to mind, have these reporters no pride? They have the same morals as Ashley when they print what they are told to. If they had any backbone they would start their so called stories with “this is what Ashley told me to say”

  • Demented_Man

    Why don’t they just go the whole hog and have their own radio station broadcasting propaganda all day?
    Ding-dong.  “This is Chairman Penfold calling on Voice of Truth radio.  Comrades, this is to inform you that today, at 1 pm, the capitalist running dogs of QPR rejected a generous bid by the people’s club for the services of Charlie Austin.  The decadent southern rabble simply wanted to rob us, the chosen ones.  They can rest assured there will be no surrender on the transfer market until our glorious coffers literally burst with the weight of cash. Stand by for the next announcement.”  Ding-dong.

  • 1957

    Apart from the chosen media outlets paying for the privilege, how is it different to what any large organisation does, in putting the message out first through tame journalists and reporters. It’s standard PR practice

  • NufcToon

    Its all very Orwellian in it’s approach

  • GToon

    If we had a decent team none of this silliness would be necessary – the football and corresponding results would do the talking.

  • GToon

    Do you think it will extend to the half time announcer at home games? You can imagine it now – “Man U might be beating us everybody but at least we’ve balanced the budget this season!”

  • GToon

    What Ashley doesn’t get is the importance of the media. I’m not getting all political but basically it’s the media and who uses them more effectively will win the election in this country. I would think that underlines the importance of having them on your side. Does Ashley think the media will treat NUFC kindly and more to the point SMc when results go against us. They will positively delight in our downfall, even more than they normally do. And who can blame them.

  • magpie9

    Maybe the answer is for press to report nothing at all about toon, not even the fiction they invent. Wonder how fatty would like that, not even a mention. If the press that did turn up for invitation & announcement of McClaren refused to go along with the dictatoships rules it would have put fattys nose out of joint