Les Ferdinand says that Queens Park Rangers are looking at offering Charlie Austin a new contract.

The QPR Director Of Football says that he and everybody else at the club aren’t naive, and understand the striker is likely to leave, but want to protect their position if he doesn’t.

West London Sport say that they have been told by their club sources that no Newcastle offer has been made, despite the buzz yesterday as United fans were led to believe a deal could be close.

Rangers had to accept that Austin was not going to commit to signing another contract during last season, as relegation looked more and more on the cards.

However, with only one year to go on his current deal, QPR are considering offering the striker a new deal just so that he doesn’t potentially leave on the cheap in January or for nothing next summer.

charlie austin

Les Ferdinand:

“It (a new Charlie Austin contract) is something that we’re considering at the moment,” Ferdinand said.

“Then we would have put the ball back in Charlie’s court in terms of what he wants to do.”

Not naive:

“We all understand the situation, we are not naive.

“After what he did last season, whether you have a two, three or four year contract, if you score 18 goals in the Premier League then there are people looking for British-based players.”

Just how seriously Newcastle United are ‘trying’ to sign Charlie Austin must be open to question.

At best it looks as though they see him as some kind of fallback position if some other deal fails that Mike Ashley thinks offers better value.

However, you then always face the danger of finding out that your second choice has been snapped up by somebody else whilst you were courting a more attractive proposition.

With three weeks until the season kicks off, it must surely be time for United to take decisive action and bring Charlie Austin and/or another credible striker to Tyneside.

  • Durham_CK

    Just like Mitrovic who if he wanted to sign would be here. If Newcastle really wanted Austin they would have made a bid and one that reflects his value not a cheap “at least we tried” offer.

  • RaySte

    ‘At best it looks as though they see him as some kind of fallback position if some other deal fails that Mike Ashley thinks offers better value. ‘
    Do we really think Ashley is that involved in transfers?

  • Atech

    BUY THIS GUY MAN!!!! 18 goals last season playing for a side that got relegated… NUFC are leaving the door open for bigger teams to swoop in a have him as a bench warmer…

    Stuff that Mitrivic lol he’s only proven himself in some shoddy Belgian league.

  • wor monga

    They might be offering Austin a new contract…but that’s not
    to say he’d be stupid enough to sign it…think about it…as a free agent he would
    be able to pick the club of his choice, and name his price…in the same way that
    Ings did.

    …All the big clubs would be wading in, and obviously on a
    reduced fee or for nothing…he would be able to write his own contract and
    stipulate whatever wages he thinks he is worth…

    …This is only QPR trying to hustle enough money now to
    replace the pricey dross they had to let go, and it won’t work because the
    price they are hoping for is too high!!

  • The_Daily_Blind

    Don’t know what is going on with Austin but we need to move for him now or never never. Mitrovic is not coming so don’t even give that one head space. I’ve been surprised to see so much quibbling (not on this site but some of the others like Nufcblog) on the overvaluation of Austin, how we’d be better off with Mitrovic, etc; when a month ago it was “Sign him up now, it’ll be a real statement of intent by the club” and so on. As far as I’m concerned that still stands, we need to go all in for Austin now, he’s a proven PL goal scorer in a crummy side and would be a vast improvement on any of our options since Ba F.O’d. Let’s get this on sorted now – cos Mitrovic is making all of us look like bitches

  • Jimmywayhay

    I wonder if Gini Wijnaldums is having second thoughts about joining Newcastle ,now he’s part of the circus and sees how the clowns are performing with regards to brining in the lions we need ,to survive in the Jungle ,that next seasons premier league is going to be , survival of the fittest and bravest ,let’s hope he’s not been sold a lie !

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Durham_CK  Well they have certainly tried to sell season tickets on the empty promises of Charlie Austin coming to Newcastle. I just wish somebody like Stoke, Villa or West Ham would do a deal for Austin and end this ridiculous farce once and for all. It has dragged on far too long. NUFC were never going to sign this player so the sooner the whole sorry pantomime ends the better.

  • Chemical Dave

    “Done deal’ weeks ago according to nufc’s preferred media partners ?

  • magpie9

    Smoke & mirrors by fatty, Pardews excuse book is in McClarens back pocket for when season starts with only one signing

  • Alantheranger

    Would be mad to sign for Newcastle, you will be struggling again next season, delusions of grandeur you lot , hope he goes to the hammers if he has to go.

  • ArtyH

    To a point I can see the reluctance to sign a player with only 12 months left on his contract from a club which needs money, after all £15 for a one year contract player ( who could be available if not bought by ourselves or another club for less than half that in January ) . Its a gamble ( and fatty is a gambler ) but its his money. We need him, yes, and no doubt if he had 2-3 years more on his contract he would be worth it, or more.
    Everyone sees how many goals he scored last year, can he do it again? Does he want to come? Its a difficult one for fatty him being a gambler and wanting value for money, I bet he is thinking if I just wait until January……But we all know it will be too late, he will have signed for another club. 
    I think we should buy him, just looking at it from fatty’s point of view.

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    Alantheranger lol 
    I’m loft for words mate