There are seven players Newcastle United are reported to be happy to sell, with a couple of them a little surprising.

United are actively trying to shift Sylvain Marveaux, Yoan Gouffran, Mehdi Abeid, Gabriel Obertan and Mike Williamson according to the Chronicle.

In addition, the newspaper’s information is that they will also welcome offers for Fabricio Coloccini and Papiss Cisse.

Maybe most surprising of all is that Newcastle have already had an offer for Mike Williamson but knocked it back! The Chronicle confirming recent speculation that Leeds were interested in the defender, though apparently whatever they offered wasn’t enough….

Whilst clearly Coloccini and especially Cisse have a decent value still, plus Mehdi Abeid worth a few quid, surely the club should be grateful if anybody will take Gouffran, Obertan, Marveaux or Williamson off their hands for nothing.

The last three only have one year left on their contracts anyway and obviously won’t be offered new ones.

In the case of Coloccini, I would far rather see them shifting Taylor and Williamson, then bringing in another central defender as well as the hopefully soon to be confirmed, Chancel Mbemba.

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With Papiss Cisse, it is great news that Alekdsandar Mitrovic but unless at least one other quality striker is lined up then it would be madness to sell the only forward United have with any kind of goals record in the Premier League.

It looks like we will have a fair number of twists and turns in the remaining five weeks of the transfer window, though if Newcastle are demanding and kind of significant money for the likes of Williamson and Gouffran, then it will be all but impossible to shift them.

  • Stephen Walton

    Can we afford to let anyone go? The sqaud is threadbare we’ve only replaced two (Raylor Jonas) on effect.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Love or hate Williamson we need a replacement in defence

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    A Traffic Cone will do fine

  • mentalman

    Every article I see like this I always think we are going to regret letting abeid leave

  • Aldridge Prior

    Michael Maximus Moose Jimmywayhay

    Mate you’re being unfair on the traffic cones, they do have their uses.
    Fail to see what kind of offer could be too little, just to get shot and off wages bill.

  • JohnGraham1

    I rather see colo go than Taylor ! Colo doesn’t give a crap his performances last year were not those fitting of a captain … Pardew has destroyed a number of players like goofy was a striker when he sign and transformed in to a make shift winger.. Anita was never a DM , yea great it work with Raylor when he filled in left back but come on ! Sissoko on the right wing ! He even deployed Demba Ba LM for about 10 games when Cisse joined, Abied was signed as a winger never got a chance when to Greece came back a decent centre mid, he hardly put a foot wrong last year to be fair ! Was better than tiote during the season !!! Marv is a winger deployed in the centre too it’s shocking that we had no wingers and the one we had was played through the middle…
    I think cash in on Tiote who was piss last season and If we get an £18 m bid for sissoko drop him to white hart lane with a ribbon on him ! 18m is an unjustified fee !! With 18m could replace him twice… I wouldn’t miss any the players mentioned apart from Abeid think he will develop …. I like goofies work rate he did pop up with a few important goals too ,

  • Andgeo

    How can you turn down an offer for mike Williamson????? It would be completely unethical to demand any transfer fee for him. It’s a bit like charging someone to wipe poo all over their face. If they want it that’s up to them, but your not going to charge them a fee for the privilege, come on!! Gouf is worth about £750,000, obertan is worth £800,000, marveux is worth £2m. There is no way we should be letting Abeid go, he still has bags of potential and needs to be given more of a chance.

  • amacdee

    Bliddy H that’s five first teamers from last season plus Mehdi and Marv ? Does that show how crap we were or just how dozy the blokes in charge had become ? At least with Pardwho and Squidward out it’ll begin to look a little like a proper football club.
    I agree Abeid is a decent squad player and has far more to offer than the others but if he’s freeing up space/wages for someone better then good luck Mehdi.
    How about a car boot sale at SJP at the Monchengladbach home friendly ? Buy one get one free ?

  • fireflyuk

    Aldridge Prior Michael Maximus Moose Jimmywayhay Apparently the offer was for  one million, but Leeds said they wanted more than that to take him off our hands.

  • RonHills

    The thing about selling these players is that the squad wasn’t big enough last season, and since then we have lost  Ameobi, R. Taylor and Guttierez. We will not sign enough quality players to strengthen the squad so will need backup. The size of the squad was one of the reasons why we were so weak last season. I would be inclined to keep Abeid, Cisse and Coloccini definately and try and offload the others. Selling Sissoko would be a big mistake as it would convince other players we are still without ambition and only buy good players to sell on later. The problem with trying to sell the deadwood is their wages and they would probably want to see their contracts out.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Abheid ?, ridiculous.

  • alreet

    Dont think we will shift cisse coz of the price but then again i would prefer to keep him.
    The others are fair game. Some complete slackers and others who are just out of heart.
    This is wat clearing the decks is. More good news i hope through charnleys phone over the next few days. Bring 2 or 3 from beardos squad and things might be looking up.
    Another 2 defenders needed though if mbemba does get a picture taken with a shirt in the next day or 2. But we need to get a move on and get whoever we need in the next week before the start of the season.

  • MarkBacon

    fireflyuk Aldridge Prior Michael Maximus Moose Jimmywayhay not many comments make lol  but that did, I think we should go back and up the offer if we give them  1.5 million cash and obertan they might take him

  • Kazie23

    I hope we buy Van Dijk as the other defender to play alongside Mbemba….Then buy a good young winger…Probably Mahrez or Gray or Munir or Adama Traore from Barca B….
    But I suggest we keep Abeid and rather sell Tiote

  • Nufcphil

    Disgusting putting mehdi abeid up for sale, looked comfortable sitting in the middle last season for me, as for marveaux I would stick my neck out and say he deserves around around the first team as he can prove he’s not that bad while away on loan this season. I would gladly carry willo and gouffran to their next clubs but we shouldn’t be looking to sell cisse or colo without any major replacement. Yet again we’ll be left with a thread bare squad will no real quality to bring on off the bench, I thimk we’ll struggle to make top 10 as it is this season and this won’t help

  • Kazie23

    I notice we got some pretty young players

  • desree

    Our squad is massive, its just full of sub average players and the good ones are injured and or suspended. if we get offers. take the money but it has to be reinvested. abeid looked decent , collo could go to palace, all the others are too expensive for championship or french league so i doubt we could give them away.
    if we sell williamson to another pl team thats 6 points in the bag for us (although he’d probably be a rock and score the winner against us), we have so much dead wood to cut out, I can now understand why mclaren estimates 18 months to get the squad in shape.

  • stepaylor

    Woulld keep taylor colo mbemba and Lascelles. Sell just williamson from the cb list

  • amacdee

    Apparently 68% of Mirror readers (potential Palace fans) want Colocinni to play for them ???? I thought the bloke was desperate to go home to San Lorenzo ?

  • magpiefifer

    Should accept 2p for Williamson!!
    We’ve not seen the best of Colo for quite some time and I’d be happy to see him go – if we replace him!
    I still think Abeid is a worthy squad player but wouldn’t lose any sleep on the others going.
    What is required is a quality squad – something we haven’t had for a long,long time.
    We’ve made what appears to be some quality signings,but we’re still a long way short of a quality squad.As I’ve said before I’ll judge the success of this window when it closes!!!

  • Barnesay

    If we are waiting till the last minute for a game of ‘chicken’ on Austin we can wait on Cisse as well as likelihood he will go to Russia for a big pay day and the transfer window there doesn’t close till something like November. Chances are Tiote could go there too though I can also see him going to Middle East for big money as well. We don’t even need a replacement for Tiote. I’d prefer we keep Abeid, thought he did well when he came in and it was disgraceful Carver had a go after the Man U game for their late goal that was clearly Krul’s fault.

  • DownUnderMag

    I don’t think we are getting value for money with Colocini, so if he went and we got a younger defender who has something to prove then it will be better for the club long term anyway.  Likewise with Cisse – he’s after one last big payday which he won’t get here, so get rid, get a fee and use that to get another striker.
    Marveaux and Abeid i feel still have something to prove here, especially Abeid who has actually looked a decent player to have int he squad, not without his mistakes but he’s still learning his game and probably needs a run of games to feel more settled, his treatment from Carver was apalling, the coward looking for anyone to blame other than himself.
    I’d be happy to see Obertan, Gouffran and Williamson out the door as long as better options were brought in the other way.  I just hope this isn’t a budget balancing exercise after spending this window and we aren’t going to leave the squad thinner than it already is for the coming season!

  • 1957

    It’s a balancing act until new players come in or through from the youth team, but i suppose an offer is an offer.
    Colo could go for me, he is a part of the previous management regime and if we are honest wouldn’t have been worth his place in the team last season but for the lack of defenders

  • peterharper

    I get continually fed up with people who don’t know a footballer when they see one.
    Marveaux is a good footballer, never had a chance even when he played well. Some of the aricles I read in The Mag….bet they never kicked a ball in their life.
    Dr Ed Harrison and Graham Porter.
    My advice is stick to Subutteo.

  • toony10

    Shame for abeid played well last season when needed and will be a hit somewhere as a regular starter. We got too many centre midfielders now though. Colo out, Ashley Williams or James chester in please

  • Oseni Oluwadamilare Ifeoluwa

    In those player i think obatan need to be get rid,syvian should be given time again while the likes of goufran,colosini should also let go an retain cisse an abeid.

  • Andgeo

    Any option is better than obertan, gouffran and Williamson. I could head down the local park this morning and find more competent players playing Sunday league, definitely at centre half Williamson is that bad.

  • Andgeo

    Williamson should be released right now. Fact is that nobody wants him! If he was released at best he would end up at a top half championship club which bears the question, why the Fcuk have we had to put up with him for the past 5 years???

  • Steve1221

    That goal was 100% Abeid’s fault, he was atrocious from the first minute to the last in that match.

  • Chemical Dave

    Marveux never had a chance ? Give owa man. Another player with decent technique but the heart of a pea. His most impressive ability was the one where he could literally become invisible for long periods on a football pitch.

  • Mal44

    I think they will listen to offers for more than the 7 listed. For example Elliott now looks surplus if Woodman is to be allowed to develop – hopefully we won’t sell him. I suspect Vuckic and Ferguson are others we would sell or loan out. Like a few other supporters I’d like to keep Abeid for another season to see how he develops.

  • Chemical Dave

    Agree, of all the fringe players who’ve been linked with being shipped out, Abied is the one who’s shown he can cope in the pl, albeit only in flashes.

  • Barnesay

    Absolute rubbish, midfielder tracks back from half way line in 87th minute to nick the ball and the keeper plays a blind kick across the box? He could have kicked out for a corner or throw or even picked it up to give away a free kick rather than blindly play across the box. I’ve been to training session for the keepers at the Academy, they were making excuses there for his kicking as well after crap kicks v Spurs and QPR led directly to goals. He needs to improve this season

  • Hughie

    Another loose article–have a look at the website–what about Vuckic? They have to clear out at least 3 to house Wijnaldum, Mitrovic and Mbemba within the squad–the more interesting current question is not about 7, but which 3 should go? Personally I would be getting shot of Vuckic (too slow), Gouffran (what is he–seems to have been Pardewed?), and Willo (not PL standard) as priorities if anyone will buy. The lack of interest is presumably caused by  lower league or foreign clubs incapability to pay anywhere near their current wages?

  • Artie Fufkin

    peterharper Marveaux is a lovely player but he suffered as one who didn’t appear to work hard which did not sit well with Pardew, he has also been the highest paid player at the club and that added to the animosity.

  • snodgrass2

    Andgeo What a childish analogy.

  • lukegte

    Elliot, Ferguson, Taylor, Williamson, Dummet, Vuckic, Sissoko, Gouffran, Obertan, and Cisse all out. A starting left back, centre back and winger all brought in. I’d like to see Robertson (Hull), Shawcross and Phillips (QPR) as well as a back up to Janmaat. Abeid, Riviere, Anita, Tiote and Marveaux all to be given their chance by new management. Coloccini offers a lot of experience to a young squad, I’d keep him. The first team then picks itself with enough competition (at least two players in every position) and space for up-and-comers to be given some time on the pitch. Woodman, Good, Mbabu, Satka, Bigirimana, Kemen and Armstrong all deserve their chance, if they’re not loaned out.

  • Artie Fufkin

    It looks like Collo is going [img][img]

  • NotFatFreddy


    Hard to believe we expect Mitrovic to score a hatful as I guess it will take him a season to get used to the Premiership.  I think he’ll get less than 10 goals in all completions and even single figures.  Austin would get 18- 20 in a decent side.

    As Bamford (Palace) is all the rage after his season at Boro, how come Jordan Rhodes scored more and is consistent for several seasons, yet not worth a risk.

    Another 5 years and the MLS league will be more popular than the Premiership with most big money signings from Europe heading there for mega bucks wages.  Maybe then we might win something though we will probs still have Collo, Williamson and Taylor!!