Over the weekend claims emerged that Newcastle were trying to knock down Charlie Asutin’s asking price due to his injury record.

The QPR striker has had problems with his shoulder and when he was at Burnley, it was reported a move to Hull City broke down due to a failed medical.

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There was also an incident in the 2013/14 Rangers promotion season that happened during a match against Bolton on one January night.

Austin’s teammate Karl Henry taking up the story:

“His shoulder popped out, he dislocated it and they put it back in again. A lot of players would have just walked off.

“It is a testament to him as he wants to play and is a good character. I am sure he will be all right for Saturday. He will be patched up and put out again.

“He reminds me of the nanny from the kids’ cartoon Count Duckula. That’s what Charlie is like every week, there’s tape here, there and everywhere.

“At £4m he is definitely a bargain. Anyone that scores the goals he has is worth their weight in gold.”

Charlie Austin was indeed worth his weight in gold, or at least the £4m QPR had paid to Burnley. The striker scoring 19 goals in only 31 Championship starts (plus 3 as a sub), the main factor in their promotion two seasons ago.

In that Bolton match, Austin did indeed have his shoulder ‘popped’ back in during the match and not only stayed on the pitch, but went on to score one of the two goals that won the match that night.

However, Karl Henry was wrong about one thing, Austin wasn’t able to be patched up for that next match and instead missed over two months of the season.

With Mike Ashley’s record of transfer dealings then it would be little surprise to see him trying to force a reduction because of perceived injury problems.

Players such as Sylvain Marveaux, Hatem Ben Arfa and Dan Gosling, amongst others, were all signed whilst coming back from serious injuries.

As for Siem de Jong, considering the number of injuries/ailments that affected him in his later stages at Ajax, Mike Ashley probably got the Dutch club to pay him to take the midfielder away!

In Charlie Austin’s case though, these are the number of club matches (all competitions) he has played in over the course of the last four seasons:

45 in 2011/12

40 in 2012/13

37 in 2013/14

36 in 2014/15

Averaging 40 matches a season once he became a first team regular doesn’t suggest to me that there are substantial grounds for concern.

In fact with his all action centre-forward role of putting himself about, you have to be impressed at how many he has played.

Obviously he has been described as a bit of a modern day Alan Shearer and the Newcastle legend has even used his Twitter account to encourage Austin to come to Newcastle.

charlie austin

Karl Henry’s description of the QPR striker tells me even more that he is exactly the type of player Newcastle should be doing everything they can to sign.

That Bolton match description makes me think of the times that Alan Shearer put his body on the line, including that famous image of him Terry Butcher-like with a bloodied bandage around his head.

Newcastle are desperate for character as well as talent, Charlie Austin looks like he can supply both of those as well as goals.

If United miss out on him because of trying to barter with a price that others are willing to pay, then it could be an own goal of epic proportions.

  • jack1x

    Just pay the money for Christ’s sake , show some intention. , and ambition

  • BartonoftheBrow

    Would it suprise anyone if Tubbs and Penfold would use that as an excuse for not getting him ower the mystical line…

  • Phildene

    Ambition? They don’t even know how to spell the word!

  • Geordie Zebra

    He’s worth whatever somebody else is willing to pay. If we want him honestly, £££.

  • zemtex

    “Over the weekend claims emerged that Newcastle were trying to knock down Charlie Asutin’s asking price due to his injury record.”

    It’s the Daily Mail claiming this for those wondering.

  • Jimmywayhay

    I will say it again ,we sold Andy Carrol in 2011 for 35 million ,what about his injury record .They don’t want to pay QPR asking price because of his injury record ,why not put so much down and then pay in instalments to cover the rest ,on a matches played basis .This is how we lost Demba Ba ,but let’s be honest are they really trying that hard for Charlie Austin ,whilst they dally someone else will step in and make him feel wanted!

  • zemtex


    Mate, there’s zero point in speculating, especially when this injury story is  a product of the Daily Mail. Anything could be holding the deal up. Maybe it’s wages, maybe it’s his signing on fee, maybe it’s his agent’s fee, maybe it’s QPR wanting a sell-on clause in the contract, maybe Austin wants a buy out clause in there, maybe it’s a disagreement over bonuses, maybe occurrences in his personal life are holding up the deal, maybe QPR are stalling in the hope of getting more money for him at the twilight of the transfer window, maybe he wants to wait and see if a club playing in Europe come in for him, maybe he has family living near another club in for him, maybe QPR want more money if he plays a certain amount of games, maybe his agent is coercing us to take another player on his books as a sweetener.

    The point is there are probably about 3 or 4 people who know exactly what is going on here and they’ll be saying nothing. Anything else is pure 100% speculation.

  • Simon Sharp

    Newcastle United F.C. trying to do something on the cheap? Surely not?

  • jack1x

    This is Newcastle we are talking about. Maybe its just plain and simple we are trying to get him on the cheap , like every player we try to sign , it’s no use making a list of the complications you can have in the transfer of a player , everyone has the same complications but don’t have problems signing players , only Newcastle does , because everything is cheap and nasty with them. How many targets have we missed out on in 8 years with this regime ? Because they penny pinch

  • Kazie23


  • QPR4Me

    NUFC have a choice, pay up or shut up. They will not get Charlie on the cheap. Ashley thinks he can mug QPR over, just they way he has mugged others over in building up his portfolio of cheap and shoddy goods retaliers/suppliers.
    This time, it will not work.

  • mactoon

    Jimmywayhay  Great idea. This mitigates any risk and shows the intent and ambition we are waiting to see

  • 1957

    If there is a publication that rivals the Chronicle for indulging in baseless speculation it’s the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday. Given that their columnists often run the club down and one who often appears on Sky’s Sunday Supplement has described our supporters as not having realistic expectations I’ll give their exclusives a miss.

  • potski

    Eh? We signed Demba Ba! We were the only club prepared to take the risk on his knee at the time. We lost him later because Chelsea came calling, offering him the opportunity to play Champions League and go for the Premiership, once he had proved his fitness playing for us for 18 months. And we couldn’t prevent it because of the release clause he had in his contract.
    And when we sold Carrol he had been playing regularly, but Liverpool failed to do their homework and look at his record before that, and the way he didn’t look after himself. Given the money they lost on that deal, then this is just about the worst example you could have quoted.
    Austin and/or QPR are playing a waiting game hoping he will get a big money transfer to Chelsea. They will do exactly what they did to us over Remy, stringing us along to the point of telling everyone they will be happy to keep him to get them promoted.

  • wor monga

    This has no basis in fact…either that the player has any
    ongoing problem or that the Toon are trying to reduce the fee because they
    believe there is any such problem…a shoulder under normal sporting conditions
    can be broken…dislocated, or arthritic (due to either of those previous causes),
    and this can be easily disclosed under medical examination.

    …Neither effects showing up would limit any further activity
    for the lad in the game…as they can be surgically  corrected or indeed, managed, so saying it
    would have any bearing on Austin’s transfer value is ridiculous!!…

    …more likely
    Charnley is waiting to see if any of Charlie’s preferred destinations (ie Chelsea)
    come up with the amount that QPR might find acceptable.

  • wor monga

    I’m very interested though why you would put in that attack on Siem De Jong though…coming from a self-professed Toon supporter, like yourself…the
    lad is a real quality player and sportsman, who has had bad injuries that limited
    his playing time for us, but why make out that was something that Ajax had used
    to their advantage when they sold him after he had played in 28 of their games
    and scored 9 goals that season…I just hope (as a real Toon supporter) he has
    the best of luck this coming season, because he certainly deserves it, and so
    do all of us who really support the Toon!!…

  • macandmarge

    Phildene i have heard Bournemouth are going to outbid us…if so i give up !!!

  • Demented_Man

    QPR4Me Well said, but the Ashley apologists on here will just regard it as ‘financial prudence’.

    He saved us from doing a Portsmouth, you know.

  • QPR4Me


    I’ll give you that. However, NUFC must realise that they have to pay the asking price. Charlie’s “shoulder injury”, over mentioned and over hyped in the article, has been fixed. His mysterious Knee injury that Hull used as an excuse to bottle out of signing him, was something that, apparently was related to his youth, and has had no effect on his time at Burnley, before Hull, or QPR since!

  • KevinBrown11

    Bloody typical of the regime, penny pinching a*se holes!! We need a proven goalscorer get him signed, because if you don’t I can’t see many more renewing their ST,

  • Jimmywayhay

    POTSKI…. the point about Demba is ,we signed him with a question mark against his knee , in my opinion he proved a decent signing and left when a better deal came along , fair comment.
    As for Carrol we sold an injury prone player with other question marks against him and snapped up,the 35 million , no problem with that deal going through in my opinion either ,but the point is we took 35 million in 2011 but have not kept pace with what we are prepared to pay for players and are probably wasting more money that what we might do ,if we bought players of proven premier league standard ,the market has moved on rapidly ,with respect to the value of players ,we are being unrealistic in what we are prepared to pay for good players!