Newcastle United have now received their first concrete offer of the summer for Moussa Sissoko, according to reports in France.

Foot Mercato claim that their information is that it is Tottenham who have made the first bid for the Newcastle midfielder, though the player’s agent refused to confirm on the claims when approached by the French media organisation.

They claim that Manchester United had expressed an interest but after their transfer window activity so far, particularly the capture of Morgan Schneiderlin, they are no longer interested.

However, with Moussa Sissoko having previously declared his preference to stay in England, the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal are still interested according to Foot Mercato’s sources.

Their information is that Newcastle are willing to sell, if somebody comes up with a bid of around 23m euros (approx £16m), no figure was put on the alleged Spurs offer.

The arrivals of Wijnaldum and Mitrovic, then Mbemba expected to be completed hopefully today, have been met with relief and excitement that at last Mike Ashley has realised the quality needed to at least aim for something better than survival.

However, the fear always is that he may cash in on at least one of Newcastle’s better players to claw cash back in.

Despite an indifferent season last time out, Moussa Sissoko is easily Newcastle’s most saleable asset and repeatedly in interviews he has stated that he wants to play for a ‘big’ club in the future that can offer Champions League football.

Whether that future is now and Tottenham are the club that could sell the idea of Champions League happening for them in the near future…?

With 39 days until the transfer window closes, Newcastle fans are hoping for more credible signings and to keep the decent players that are already at St James Park.

  • Andgeo

    Selling sissoko now would be a big mistake and show a complete lack of foresight. The club need to demonstrate a change in attitude to get supporters back on side, and selling sissoko will leave us back where we started.
    Well we are not even there yet. Mbemba for m’biwa, wijnaldum for Guitierez, mitrovic is a striker desperately needed and rivière and de Jong should never have been signed.
    So in my mind, Ben arfa, Ryan Taylor and Davide santon need replacing before Fatty starts selling anyone.

  • Andgeo

    Selling your best player to Spurs I’d not a good move.

  • murvar

    If Sissoko is our best player, then we are in deep do-do. On average he turns up for about 10 minutes per game, and in too many games he doesn’t turn up at all. He has power and pace but we rarely see it. He was often played in the wrong position (on the wing), and he had the heart of a dormouse. You can’t build a team around a player like him. His only chance is that McLaren can find a system into which he fits.

  • ArtyH

    So total spending to date this window is £35m, thats the Andy Carrol money spent, eventually. What has happened to the rest of it over the years? Has the interest been used to buy others? HA HA just joking, about the interest anyway. IMHO Sissoko wants away and if he is sold for £20m+ I woauld be happy with that as long as the money was used to buy a replacement or a couple of replacements who actually want to play for the club. Thats what has been lacking in the past few years, players wanting to play for the club!

  • andewalsh

    Replacement for Sissoko has already been bought… As has most of the fans…

  • maddib

    Andgeo  Janmaats off to Spurs?

  • Corkyjohn

    Sissoko is a mercenary….sell him if we can get good money for him & replace with a better player

  • ArtyH

    andewalsh  If I was a cynical bastrich I would say at least he has bought before he sold in this case…..if you are correct. However I am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt until the day after deadline day. Whichever way it is or goes Sissoko wants away and if the money is used to buy other decent players so much the better. Yes he is a good player but I think he became disillusioned under P45dew and lost his way/drive for the club, but to be fair who could blame him. If he stays I hope McC can re enthuse him and get him playing to his true potential.

  • kev1664

    Sissoko is dog crap in the middle, he can’t pass a ball or tackle being the main two problems.
    His best position is on the right where he can use his assets (pace and power) the best.

  • kev1664

    I would consider selling sissoko, but only above £20 million and only to either a champions league club, or club abroad. We don’t want to be selling him to a team in the group we’re aiming to challenge next year (6-12).
    However if we do sell him we would need to buy in another player to offset his departure. We already need a winger so a winger and a creative midfielder please.

  • Aarini

    I will not cry over Sissoko leaving. He has been wanting to leave. Been ranting about leaving for a big club all the time even when his form wasn’t good, sending negative vibes to the other players. By the way everyone wants to play for a big club but it’s the way you say it (not that he’s saying now that he wants to leave). When you’re in a club you have to understand the feelings of the fans. In Chelsea the bench will be waiting for him. I don’t think he’ll go to Spurs.

  • Aarini

    Sissoko rarely turns up for the team. He is better in the wing but the
    problem is he is not a typical winger and he’s also not a typical
    central midfielder. His vision is so short sighted. Crossing is poor. No
    through balls created by him. Better let him go. How good will he be
    playing the free role is the question!! Maybe free role is his position.

  • Hughie

    Sissoko should be retained until the new coaching team can assess him in the PL. Looks spectacular bombing forward but offers little else. He is a big unit but doesn’t use it enough. Seems reluctant to put his foot in or head the ball, and leaves barn door gaps in central midfield when he should be covering. I suspect that this may have something to with our last inept coaching team rather than a player who clearly should be doing better physically  than he has been. France clearly rate him , so it is about proper coaching and finding a role to suit his game I suspect, which McLaren may find. On the other hand will he get into a fit midfield of Colback, Wijnaldum, De Jong, possibly Perez, Aarons, Tiote, and dare I say an on form Obertan or Cabella etc? Again the latter two may flourish under a new coaching team.

  • alreet

    If its a real bid then maybe hold out for closer to 20 but we will need to reinvest the 20 and nip in for grenier again and another right winger. If we are wanting to win something we need cover in all areas.

  • 1957

    If next season we are seriously going to become a short passing team who look to retain possession Sissoko isn’t the right fit. He strength is getting the ball and surging forward, exciting when he is on his game but that happens too rarely and for such a big physique he gets bullied in defensive situations (second goal against Portland).
    If the offer is good, £18m to £20m would seem the going rate in this window I wouldn’t be upset to see him go. If it’s to Tottenham what’s the situation with Townsend. I know he follows in the Anderton tradition at Tottenham of having a physio bed all to himself but if he can stay fit he would fill the wide right berth in our team

  • Artie Fufkin

    1957 Personally, i think Townsend is a bit Obertan without the skill

  • brent_dog

    Hughie I don’t see him fitting in the ‘double six’ formation to be fair. He’s not defensive minded  or committed enough for one of the holding midfield positions, nor is he enough of a schemer / creator for the No.10 position just behind the striker.

    I suppose you could make a case for him playing wide right, but it’s not really his natural position. £16m is definitely low-balling him in today’s market, but if we get £20m+ I think we should take it and re-invest in an out and out right winger, someone tricky and with an end product to complement Aarons on the left.

  • kev1664 He  can’t cross either. His best attribute is running at defences with the ball…I kinda get stuck in my head what he does then, kinda like he does :)

  • Polarboy

    Sell him and reinvest and I’ll be happy, he wants away and I don’t see where he fits in this new team if we buy another winger, not that he is one of course. Of course he’s a good player to have around but I don’t see him happy with that.

  • Barnesay

    Have we really not brought in another player since Carroll left. What was that 3 1/2 years ago?

  • Barnesay

    Sissoko is first choice for France playing on the right of a midfield 3. Oddly enough, that’s a formation Macca is looking to play and is also where he played in Toon debut when he blew away Ashley Cole, widely regarded as the best left back in the world. So, just maybe, the evidence would suggest if he sticks around we could get the best out of him in the new formation this season.

  • amacdee

    Artie Fufkin 1957 Skill at what ? Running ? If he’s Obertan without the skill he must be a

  • Polarboy

    Barnesay Since when does he start for France? I thought their midfield three was Pogba, Cabaye and Matuidi.

  • v0ices

    Barnesay been a few years since cole was regarded as the best left back in the prem nevermind the world.

  • Barnesay

    Think you’ll find he was still first choice for Engalnd at the time and his reputation was still up there. Couldn’t stand him personally, but can’t ignore what other commentators thought about him as a player

  • v0ices

    Barnesay he was hanging onto the starting position for england ahead of leighton baines which is a hell of a different thing to being the worlds best left back. Totally agree about being unable to stand him as a person.

  • Wait and shteve

    Of course we have! Cabella to name just one!

  • Barnesay

    Well he started 3 of France’s 4 games in 2015 so I would suggest that makes him a starter wouldn’t you? Cabaye has become a bit part player since he moved to PSG for glory and at 29 he might struggle to get back in as Pogba has emerged since Cabaye was at Toon and starting regularly for club and country.

  • maxfiction

    Let him go. Him, Williamson and Cabella are up there with the most spineless players in the squad. He cares for nothing or nobody and after 6 months to a year at Chelsea or Arsenal he’d be offloaded to Palace or Everton. Or worse….. somewhere in Italy. Drive him to London. Pay for his flight. Get the money while we can.

  • DownUnderMag

    Always seemed to get asked to do a role that didn’t suit him or in a formation where he was out of position.  Pardew only ever got the best out him a few times and those were more by luck or necessity due to injuries.  It will be interesting to see if McClaren gets the best out of him and some consistency, but if he gets sold then so be it, as long as that money is a good price and is put straight back into the side to buy a new defender or a winger.  Personally, I hope we keep him as the last thing we need is to start selling our better players just as we seem to be getting some good quality in.

  • Andgeo

    It doesn’t really matter which way you look at it. We have been short changed for years, free advertising, now the TV money etc, this isn’t even an argument. The fact is even if ashley had a net spend of £100m this summer, if you spread this over the last 5 seasons it’s not even close to being enough.

  • Polarboy

    Barnesay He started those games because Cabaye wasn’t playing regular football, Cabaye when fit and playing would start over him, with Pogba playing in Sissoko’s position.

  • Barnesay

    Actually mate, Sissoko has started 8 of their last 10 games since they played in the World Cup SF. All friendlies of course as France do not play Euro qualifiers as they’re hosting it. Cabaye on the right of a midfield 3? Never happened on any pitch at international level on a regular basis. Pogba would always start in the middle Sissoko or another would start on right, likes of varanne or knodogbia. Cabaye, never. If you disagree, please provide some evidence to prove it.

  • Polarboy

    Barnesay Didn’t say that Cabaye would be playing on the right, he plays centrally with Pogba on the right as I’ve already said in the last comment. Now if you want to say that Sissoko would normally start in a tournament when Cabaye is fit and playing you need to have a look at the pecking order when France and Cabaye were playing competitive matches. The fact is that Sissoko would not get on ahead of Pogba, Cabaye and Matuidi.

  • Barnesay

    Sorry mate but that seems to be your opinion based on what you would do rather than what Deschamps has actually done. Pogba is a central midfielder, would cost something like £70m if sold, there’s no way he would be moved out of position to accommodate Cabaye. I’ve looked at the last 12 France formations which goes back to the WC QF. sissoko played in 9 of them. I’m not saying I’m SiSsokos biggest fan btw, I can find him as frustrating as the next man (well maybe not quite as much as you lol) but when he’s playing regularly for France with the choice of players they have available and likes of Mourinho and Spurs are interested there’s something thee that some of our fans aren’t seeing but reading posts on here they are clearly in a minority

  • Polarboy

    Barnesay In 27 matches since the 2012 world cup qualifying Sissoko has started about 6, there are a few line ups that are hard to get. He has made a lot of sub appearances but Pogba, Matuidi and Cabaye had clearly become the preferred midfield line up if you go through the starting 11’s since then. 
    If you weren’t aware that Pogba played to the right of Cabaye and Matuidi was on the left  of him in a midfield three, then you know less than I had given you credit for. Those three players playing, fit and in form are all ahead of Sissoko in the pecking order.

  • Polarboy

    Barnesay Just to add he started two out of the five world cup final games. A first choice player starts more than he’s on the bench for in a major tournament.