Last November, Aleksandar Mitrovic was first linked with a move to Newcastle United and that has continued throughout the final stages of last season and into the summer.

The 20 year Serbian international has scored 36 goals in 65 league games over the course of his two seasons in Belgium and now looks guaranteed to leave this summer.

At the weekend the player himself was quoted saying he was definitely going to be on the move and that there was an offer in from AS Roma, though he claims he hasn’t made his mind up as there is plenty interest from elsewhere.

Mitrovic naming Benfica, Porto and Tottenham as just three of the clubs who are also interested in buying him.

Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“I had a good time at Anderlecht but it’s time to go elsewhere.”

“I have received an offer from Roma, I still don’t know if I will accept it as I will have to discuss with my agent the best solution for my career. Soon you will know my destination, apart from Roma there is also strong interest from Benfica and Porto.

“There is also Tottenham – first of all it will be important for me to feel good in the Italy for sure the sun always shines. In Belgium it was fine but it’s time to go elsewhere and have new experiences. Roma? A strong team, very good –Rudi Garcia I know well, a great coach.”

However, over in Belgium this morning there are media claims that Roma’s offer is well short of the 18m euros (approx £13m) that Anderlecht want for their biggest asset.

The reports going on to say that only one club has so far matched that asking price and that club is claimed to be Newcastle United, even though NUFC were one club the striker did not mention at the weekend when talking of possible destinations.

Obviously this time of the year is rife with clubs and agents trying to drive up prices with claimed interest/bids from elsewhere and we can safely assume that if Mitrovic did rock up at Newcastle it wouldn’t be for the sunshine.

However, the bottom line is that money talks and indeed if, which is a big if, Mike Ashley is prepared to pay a higher transfer fee and wages then Newcastle could at last land a striker with what looks a credible pedigree.

However, we could say that about a number of supposed players Newcastle are said to be interested in, but what is now crystal clear with the fees and wages other Premier League clubs are paying for players this summer – doing things on the cheap is surely doomed to failure and Ashley has to change his way of operating.

  • Lawrence Cant

    So he’s not worth the asking price and we’re desperate?

  • Geordie Zebra

    This story can’t be true as we don’t pay the going rate. However, who apart from you has an issue if we do pay the asking price or above due to ‘desperation’?
    We need players, we need strikers, we need a minimum of 3 or 4 players to improve the first 11 – essentially we need to compete! If we pay £15m for Austin when he’s worth £12m, so what? Same with this kid.

  • A lex

    The bottom line is that the squad has been deliberately driven down in both quantity and quality for the last 3 seasons. To recover this situation needs a humungous level of actual new investment – much more than has ever been seen under Ashley.

    Will this happen? I doubt very much. We could very well see a return to a ‘trophy signing’ where he spends big to get an Austin or a Mitrovic, and then the rest will be average to make up the numbers.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s a good player, but I have my worries.

    He doesn’t mention Newcastle in these quotes and why are we the only club prepared to meet his value? Plus, he mentions the weather, something which can be a sharp shock to some overseas players come January.

    I’d rather just bid £15m for Charlie Austin.

  • LeazesEnder
  • v0ices

    know it cannot be true as we are always looking for a bargin not paying full price.

  • zemtex

    v0ices Whenever an article says we won’t pay the price for a player: 

    ‘I knew it! We’ll never pay the  money! Greedy Ashley etc.’ <insert over-the-line joke here>

    Whenever an article says we will pay the price:

    ‘This must be lies/propaganda!’ <insert over-the-line joke here>

  • NottsToon

    Almost as if 8 years of evidence tells people that this is exactly the case.

  • zemtex

    NottsToon So you can’t see the contradiction between believing everything the shitrag newspapers say when they support what you believe, but dismissing them when they contradict you? You can’t have it both ways. Anything the papers print deserve a hefty dose of scepticism – not just the stuff that disagrees with what you think.

  • NottsToon

    And you will note that I referenced empirical evidence for this stance, rather than referencing the press.

  • zemtex

    NottsToon £7m for Anita. £6m for Rivierre. £8-12m for Cabella. 

    So no the empirical evidence doesn’t suggest we never pay over the odds for a player.

  • v0ices

    zemtex NottsToon but people keep telling us what great players they are and that they just need time.

  • NottsToon

    Where did I (or you) say anything about paying over the odds? Are you as familiar with the straw man argument as you appear to be?

  • 1957

    Have to say that if he doesn’t really want to come here what we offer is pointless, move on. What we don’t want is to spend heavily on a player who at the end of the season is talking up a move somewhere else, we need to build long term not a single season fix.
    The problem with NUFC is we appear pay over the odds for players who don’t fit with the tactics of the manager of the time. Cabella for example was never a Pardew type of player. There was an obvious difference in thinking between Pardew and Carr.
    Based on last season most of the players we paid a fee for were overvalued.