Aleksandar Mitrovic has been given 48 hours by Newcastle United to decide whether or not he wants to move to Tyneside, according to La Derniere Heure in Belgium.

The Brussels based newspaper says that they understand Newcastle have decided enough is enough and need to move on if Mitrovic doesn’t want to come, if he wants to continue to hold out for a Champions League team.

They also state that their information is that Mitrovic will take no part in Anderlecht friendlies on Wednesday and Sunday as he decides his future, presumably to guard against picking up any deal-threatening injury.

This afternoon sees Anderlecht carrying out their official photo shoot and club spokesman David Steegen has stated to the press:

 “All core players will be present on Tuesday and will be photographed, we do not take into account all the (transfer) rumours.”

The expectation is that team group shots will be taken with and without both Aleksandar Mitrovic and defender Chancel Mbemba, the defender also linked with an imminent move – Newcastle and numerous other clubs credited with an interest in him, the player said to be hoping for a move to Atletico Madrid.

La Derniere Heure suggesting that the shots including Mitrovic and Mbemba will shortly become collectors items.

It is not only Newcastle who will be pressing for a quick conclusion, as Anderlecht kick off their league season in only 12 days time (26 July) and will be looking to use some of the money from the seemingly imminent sales, to buy new players themselves.

Whilst for Newcastle, Mitrovic certainly appears to be the striker who has become Plan A and with now less than four weeks until United kick off their season, the idea of not having a striker signed up in time to be involved against Southampton isn’t something that I want to think about.

  • philrenner09

    Good either sign or bug off !

  • Toon Darren

    Glad nufc have gave him an anultimatum. If He’s holding out for Porto then this is not going to happen. Anderlecht want 12mill and Porto don’t have it .  Time to concentrate on Austin and CD

  • TimBoddy

    Odd behaviour from a guy who claims to be a Toon fan, whose hero is Alan Shearer.

  • ArtyH

    Sanity at last, we do not want to be in the situation we have been in with other target, fans sending them stupid messages and they sign for another club. Great, 48hrs to make your mind up or sling your hook, we are the club and its bigger than the player. Agree with the management on this one, as a club we would  have looked bad again being dictated to by a player or his agent. Well done to whoever made this decision.

  • Alan Richardson

    48 hours what a laugh. Has he not been given enough time. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to come so move on and look elsewhere for a striker.

  • IainT0842

    To be fair his attitude is surely something we should be looking to avoid. If he doesn’t want to be here, then move on. He’s exactly the sort of player that would arrive here thinking he’s better than NUFC and we’re just a stepping stone.

  • Atech

    NUFC don’t need this guy. Belgian league is not all that to be honest… 

    I would be happy not investing in someone who is holding out for “better things”. And rather use that money to buy someone like Charlie A

  • Hughie

    Still no forward or central defenders–a month to go. Cisse again making the wrong headlines–a nightmare. It is obvious that Mitrovic doesn’t want to sign, and he is playing in a poor league and also has a shocking disciplinary record. Is he really good enough for this club or this league? As usual they have made a complete mess of signings this summer with every story forensically reported–Wijnaldum was all over the press weeks before the deal. I repeat that Charnley and Carr are simply not fit for purpose. The jury is out on McLaren and the new coaches

  • alreet

    This is what we needed to do. No more messing. Either say yes or no in the next 2 days or we will say no and move on and u can either stay in a lower league or wait for ur romantic roma or porto trip.
    We do have other targets but this has been going on too long already. If we dont nail him by thursday then we need to put the right bid down for dost or even lacazette. Not sure if CA is wanting to be here either.

  • Simon Sharp

    What’s the strategy when he says no? Is Charnley already preparing a statement for Schteeve to read out in which he says he’s happy with our striking options?

  • Hughie exactly how did they make a mess of the Wijnaldum signing?

  • Hughie

    Virsino Hughie –too much of it made public too soon. Seems to be a particular failing with this regime.

  • StevenClarke

    Forget him, if he is haggling we don’t want him.

  • Duke Fame

    Hughie Virsino I don’t think NUFC make anything public, the information will nearly always come from the selling club or player’s agent. 

    i think it’s one of the things the club are very good at, very little gets out until we’re nearly done.

  • TimBoddy

    No mystery, though. He has said a number of times he wants Champions League football. That’s his prerogative. And Charlie Austin has clearly said he doesn’t want to move his family up north. Again, that’s his choice. These two are over, in my opinion.  Let’s just move on to other targets.

  • wor monga

    He’s just waiting to see what other interest he can drum up
    as clubs find out if their own primary targets are willing to join them…he
    wants to be seen in the CL, and nothing wrong with that…he’s playing at the very top, and getting
    a reputation…

    …it’s called being ambitious, and chasing the best return for his
    services…(isn’t that what most of the bloggers on here are always saying is
    lacking at the club?)

    …Porto are very unlikely to reach Anderlecht’s
    valuation, and Roma are hoping to get their primary target Dzeko, for much the
    same price…the 48 hr cut off will speed up his decision…one way or the other

  • NUFCIndia

    If we don’t get hold of Mitrovic, what is our plan B? Are there anymore good catch left while the transfer window is still open?

  • v0ices

    wor monga tbh the belguim league is hardly playing at the top of the game.

  • stepaylor

    v0ices wor monga they played champions league last year which is the pinnacle of the game, he would obviously prefer to be in the champions league but he is just outside of that level right now in terms of a top league champions league team. Best thing he could do is sign for us. Would get exposure in the premier league and if he can do well will get his dream move to one of the top 4 quite quickly im sure knowing Ashleys school of thought.

  • v0ices

    stepaylor v0ices wor monga yeah but thats 6 games or so compared to however many in the league.