A Newcastle board meeting will take place today to talk about the transfer window.

Hopefully they won’t run out of time before they get to the agenda item marked ‘Signing Players’….

Lee Charnley will meet with the other three Newcastle board members Steve McClaren, Graham Carr and Bobby Moncur at Wednesday’s meeting, according to the Shields Gazette.

Despite Newcastle being linked with 82 players (at the last count) and countless claims by club friendly press that offers have been made, there has still not been a single signing, despite 16 Premier League clubs having completed around 40 different deals, including Bournemouth and Liverpool with six each.

It is now 20 days ago on the 11 June when the only newspaper (The Mirror) given access to Steve McClaren on the day of his unveiling, announced that they’d been told that Charlie Austin was a ‘Done Deal’ and would sign ‘in the next week’.

Pre season training begins today and the squad fly off to America in a week and a half time, after the first pre season friendly of the season takes place at Gateshead in 9 days time.

To say that the natives of Tyneside are getting a little bit restless would be understatement of the year/season.

Let’s hope Lee Charnley and his associates will be springing into action as of today….

  • philrenner09

    Lee Charnley is a joke only Ashley seems to get !  No idea how to speak to agents or do transfer deals

  • Hez

    Do we even have any coaches yet? or is just FA cup doubles at preseason training today?

  • maddib

    And if no one is through the door by the time the club jets out to America it would be safe to say that no one will be coming while they are out there (Shearer back in 1996 is probably the exception, but then those were the days when transfer business was done properly – Ginola/Ferdinand/Barton all signed up moreorless at the same time and then unveiled together). 

    And to think, there are still some supporters out there, telling everyone to be patient and things will happen – the season finished about a month and half ago, and Newcastle were the one club that had the most work to do.  Yet what happens? an already threadbare squad reduced by 5 (forget Ferrerya), that surely means we need 5 players through the door just to get the squad back to threadbare status, followed by another 4 or 5 just to bulk up the squad to a proper working number (there will be suspensions and injuries next season). 

    How long before 100% of the fanbase actually cottons on to the fact, that Charnley was Russell Cushings teaboy and has no clue on how to in effect run the club by himself (given Ashley is no longer on the board). At this rate, its a race between us, Leicester and Bournemouth on who will finish bottom.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Whilst I’m no fan of the board and how it operates I think people need to untie their knickers on this one. Why wouldn’t they get together to discuss activity or lack thereof.

    Don’t get me wrong – Charnley is no more an MD than I’m a premier league footballer but this needs to be viewed with a little perspective.

  • maddib

    They can have as many meetings as they want, they might then justify their roles at the club (McClaren aside).  My problem is the fact that around a month and a half after the season finished, there has been no sign of players being signed up, we realistically need 10 through the door (never going to happen which leaves the squad as threadbare as the last few years if not worse).  They can say that the window didn’t officially open until this week, but still hasn’t stopped Bournemouth, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham and others get signings to agree on contracts ready to be officially signed up.  What have Newcastle done? absolutely nowt, they’ll also say that Dosts fee has gone up (should have had him signed up straightaway) and Austin doesn’t want to come but who else have they been looking at?

  • DownUnderMag

    Dubaiexpat I agree that things tend to be blown a bit out of proportion, but I think the issue isn’t that they are having a meeting, it’s that it’s taken this long to have it!
    Surely after the end to the season the FIRST thing on their agenda was to sit down and assess the season, what went wrong, what needed doing to put things right and assess potential targets that Carr had brought to their attention.  They’ve already stated that McClaren (or whoever got the job) was going to be a head-coach role, so there was no excuse not to start acting on putting things right.
    The only logical explanation is that they didn’t want to sign anyone too early, maybe penny pinching has once again put us behind other clubs and given us a disadvantage before a ball has even been kicked.I think fans are just frustrated that such a shambles that we saw last season doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and we’ve yet to see any indication of things moving up and on…

  • DZA187

    come on penfold, just sign some players starting with Austin, it’s not rocket science.

  • CMRowley

    DownUnderMag Dubaiexpat You don’t know this didn’t happen.  I’m not saying it did, only that nobody knows what has, is, will happen.  It’s all speculation then we all get frustrated and put our own spin on it.

    It could be they are assessing things as they have been knocked back by players / agents, it could be the first time they have met.  We don’t know.  Ignore the article, it’s bollox

  • chaser_kang

    NUFCTheMag hopeless..

  • DownUnderMag

    CMRowley DownUnderMag Dubaiexpat I agree, but you’ve highlighted the real issue, lack of communication and/or credibility by the board and owner.

  • maddib

    DownUnderMag Dubaiexpat  Tbh, we shouldn’t really be that shocked its taken them this long to sort out a meeting to discuss transfers – they still haven’t got round to holding the supporters meeting that they promised before the end of last season.

  • prestondave

    Should be a very quick meeting.

    Charnley- “Right who have we signed”.?

    Moncur, Carr and McClaren look at each other shuffling-“Err, no one boss we were waiting for you to give the nod”.

    Charnley-” But lads, Im just a book  keeper what do I know about football”? Thats what youre meant to do, find new players”

    3 Stooges- “But boss , weve identified 86 players and weve told you about them but you dont reply to our e mails”

    Penfold-” Christ lads, have you not sussed it yet that Im not into communication of any kind. Right, Shteve, Im putting this on your toes. You need to find me one player who will come in at about 2 mill. He needs to be about 21 years old and be in the same mould as Messi or that Ronaldo bloke. Im looking to sell him on for about 40 mill in 2 years time so tell his agent to keep the fee down and Ill sort him when the mugs, I mean fans renew the season tickets once we tell them weve found the new Pele. Failing that we will just tell the peeps that we tried but couldnt find the right calibre of player for this great club which is your( fans) club. Right, need to go lads as I need to get to Macro for some new till roll.”

  • Paul Patterson

    This lot really take some believing . . .

  • desree

    they were having a ‘team’ exercise day where they had to figure out how to bolt the horse to the cart. Ha ha, I don’t think I can ever let then one go from mike ashley. Clearly the behaviour of a bare faced liar, put on the spot and coming out with a bizarre statement to try and deflect from his lies.

  • desree

    when there is no intention to sign any decent players, why does it matter when the board meets. It reminds me of the monaco sumit on ashleys yacht to sanction signings. We loic remy on loan!
    Charnley’s idea of an executive decision is hob nobs or bourbons to go with the tea. I can’t see us making any of the signings we’ve been credited with. every article in the local press is about injured players training hard, mclaren getting the best out of gouffran and being priced out of deals.
    it all leads to another transfer window of discontent. I don’t think anything annoys me more than people taking the piss and getting away with it.

  • TonnekToon

    They couldn’t get laid in a brothel . Absolutely  useless , the lot of  ’em >

  • magpie9

    TonnekToonTrue in a brothel you are expected to PAY money not steal it

  • magpie9

    The meeting was to give brollyman Pardews excuse book & a list of dummy sport reporters who will believe & print them when he spouts them

  • toonterrier

    I’ve heard that Carrse and Chumpley are booked to go on Bargain Hunt at the end of July with Moncur and McLaren leading the teams. A limited budget and with orders to make sure any purchases will make a profit when they go back on the market. Feel a bit sorry for McLaren and if he doesn’t get what he wants then hope he walks away with his head high.

  • MilitantGeordie

    A Newcastle board meeting will today talk about the transfer window
    Charnley ” ok lads let’s have a little chat about the transfer window, do you want to go first Bob?”
    Moncur ” err.. hang on i’ve errr.. i think i’ve lost the script Mike gave me and”
    Charnley ” no no Bob it’s ok there’s no script needed for this meeting.. that just applies when you’re talking to the press. how about you Mr Carr? anything to say?”
    Carr ” I’ve recommended a few players but there doesn’t seem to be any activity?”
    Charnley ” well we’re waiting to see if we can sell Cisse Tiote and Krul to add some cash to Steve’s transfer pot ”
    Mcclaren ” I was meaning to ask about that”
    Charnley ” yes Steve? what is it?”
    Mcclaren ” exactly how much money will i have to spend in total?”
    Charnley ” It depends on how much we get for players going out”
    Mcclaren ” and that will be added to the transfer kitty? all of it?”
    Charnley ” No that IS the transfer kitty hence no attempts to sign anyone yet ”
    Carr ” Lee. Didn’t we just sell Mbiwa, Santon and Pardew and released Ben Arfa, Taylor and Gutierrez? what about those funds?”
    Charnley ” that was business concluded in last years financial year, we’re here to talk about this transfer window”
    Moncur ” ooo i’ve got something!”
    Charnley ” Yes bob what is it?”
    Moncur ” haven’t Liverpool done well signing that firmino lad! ”
    Mcclaren ” yes and apparently Man united are looking at Ramos for 28 million”
    Carr ” Good player. Chelsea are starting to make moves aswell ”
    Charnley ” right then that’s our transfer window meeting over, i’m off to watch some cricket. Catch you later lads and Bob… Remember to ask the secretary for a new script on your way out”

  • KevinBrown11

    That picture of penfold tells it all really, does he look like he knows what he’s doing? Answer on the back of a postage stamp, and still room for name and address!! He looks like he doesn’t know what day it is never mind running a football club, total nacker brain!

  • toon tony

    “Right lads. .I’ve just took this finger out of my @rse. .who would like it inserted into their @rse “…”errrrrr … me sir “…..

  • Alsteads

    All the comments would be funny below if things weren’t so bloody sad. I keep saying it to myself I just can’t believe what’s happened to us and what we’ve become. I may have to go and live on a small remote island somewhere from august as after last years car crash of a season this one is going to be spectacular and I don’t think I can take the ribbing from the football world as they all look on and tell us we got what we deserved!

  • KevinBrown11

    I know mate, we always get it from other teams fans saying we deserve it, we just have to rise above it, it’s like the saying better to laugh than cry, even when your down, hard to do but best for ones sanity,

  • Jezza_NUFC

    maddib  Great comment but Ferdinand, Barton and Ginola  were all unveiled separately. Barton and Ferdinand two days apart and Ginola some weeks later.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    MilitantGeordie  Brilliant comment. I would imagine that was pretty much the gist of the meeting.

  • DavidDrape

    should this not have been called a bored meeting

  • DavidDrape

    or a meeting for Ashleys puppets and even a bit like a ”Punch and Judy” show. Thats (not) the way to do it!

  • LeazesEnder

    MilitantGeordie Charrnley does like Cricket, he’s not a fan of soccer though.

  • Pedrothegreat

    I suppose they will be discussing who they can sign next year, since clearly they have no plans to sign anybody this year, always thinking ahead these lot, their real innovators. Or is that imitators?

  • Pedrothegreat

    LeazesEnder MilitantGeordie  Charnley don’t like cricket, he loves it!

  • maddib

    Jezza_NUFC maddib  true Jezza, but I’ll always remember that photo of them in a line, one above the other.  But then those were the days when the club did transfer business properly, unlike this bunch of charlatans.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    maddib Jezza_NUFC  Yes I remember that photo. I think it was taken at the pre season photo call along with the official team group. Things were a lot better 20 years ago. Ferdinand an Barton signed up in the first week of June and Ginola in by the time pre season training began.

  • maddib

    Jezza_NUFC maddib  first week of June you say? and here we are in the first week of July and not a peep from the club on who they have made an effort to sign.  At this rate, we’ll be lucky to get 2 or 3 signed up, never mind the 9 or 10 the club actually needs just to get the squad bumped up to a proper working number.  No doubt the club think with 40/41 professionals on the books, the squad is big enough – problem with that is a fair chunk of them are young ‘uns and its a well known fact that the academy has not been performing as it should be.

  • desree

    Apparently they came up with a list of players who are all entering the last year of their contracts. Stone the crows – how inept are these fools – another genius strategy that only the brains trust at NUFC will have thought of. This just gets more depressing by the day

  • desree

    If I was heading up QPR I would keep hold of Austin and let him run his contract down, he will score 20-30 goals in the championship, that could see QPR back up in a season and banking 60-80m TV money, or I could risk losing him for nothing the next season. Of course our morons don’t think that way, because they take whatever they can get for a player, regardless of the impact it has on a team.

    I am astounded as to how thick these so called business masterminds ie Mike Ashley, can be. This isn’t rocket science, it is simple business practice, forward planning and recognition that you need the best people if you want to compete. Football has nothing to do with making money, Ashley can’t seem to accept this fact.

  • ToonMag1892

    ToonMag1892 great piece