Newcastle United have put in an offer of 16m Euros (£11.5m) for Georginio Wijnaldum according to PSV reporter Rik Elfrink, writing in the Dutch press on Wednesday afternoon.

The journalist who covers PSV Eindhoven, says that he thinks that agreement could be reached as early as today, though PSV are holding out for ‘a few million (Euros) more’.

Elfrink says that both Wijnaldum and Memphis Depay, who recently joined Manchester United, had an agreement that they would stay one more year and try to win the Dutch title before then the club not standing in the way of their moves elsewhere.

After fulfilling their side of the bargain and being the main players as they won the title by a massive 17 points, it looks as though both players will now be playing elsewhere.

PSV leave for their pre season training camp in Switzerland on Thursday so it could well suit them as well to get this deal completed sooner rather than later.

Rik Elfrik’s article which appeared on AD.NL

PSV captain Georginio Wijnaldum is on the threshold of a move to Newcastle United.

The club from the Premier League has a bid of 16 million euros deposited with PSV.

The champions seem to be willing to sell their captain for a few million more . The expectation is that on Wednesday it is possible both clubs can reach an agreement .

Wijnaldum sees himself leaving for Newcastle. In Steve McClaren , the club has a manager who is familiar with Dutch football . Moreover, the international would be with compatriots Tim Krul , Daryl Janmaat , Siem de Jong and Vurnon Anita.

PSV and Newcastle are in negotiations about the transfer fee. Wijnaldum (24) last year extended his contract with PSV. He wanted to be like Memphis Depay and have a league title goodbye to Dutch football. PSV promised to be flexible in order to keep the duo.’

  • Milo79

    This will be a really weird bit of transfer business if it comes off. Almost the one area of the pitch where we are reasonably well-stocked. Maybe they have a buyer lined up for Sissoko, which i suppose would count as forward planning. That in itself would be amazing from this club. But with this defence and this attack, we’re as good as down this season anyway.

  • Belfast Toon

    Can’t understand the rush to sign this midfielder, there is a gaping hole in both defence and attack. I reckon Milo79 is on to something in that this is to fill an upcoming gap.

  • Polarboy

    Milo79 Getting any player in at this stage is the important thing. The order of importance to the team at which players come in isn’t that important. Getting a top player like Wijnaldum in can only help convince others to join.

  • Dave Melia

    I suspect this will be rejected as not enough

  • Kazie23

    He can play as a winger which is something we need to improve…and will probably be used as a CM when needed…like if De Jong get’s injured again or Sissoko

  • DownUnderMag

    He is a good player and would certainly strengthen our midfield if we get him.  If he is a pre-sale replacement for Sissoko then thats fine by me, and for the second time (Janmaat for Debuchy) would show some forward planning by the club.  This is a huge outlay and one that hopefully finally signals the start of something new by the club.  Time will tell.  Perhaps this player in would also be the catalyst to get Austin to sign as well and Krul to stay put.  Not getting too excited yet but at least something is happening….finally. The biggest concern is the “waiting for a few million Euros more” which is usually where our deals go pear shaped…

  • Jezza_NUFC

    QUOTE: “seem to be willing to sell their captain for a few million more”

    This is the crucial factor here. Every summer NUFC seem to put in bids for players, that while sizeable, are also always 2 or 3 million below the minimum asking price. It seems to me that these are bids that are deliberately intended to be rejected and they are usually followed by a rival club with more ambition to coming in and meeting the valuation for the player. I’ve just got a gut feeling that within the next couple of days I’ll be checking the football headlines on telextet and reading something along the lines of:

    Everton agree £15 million Wijnaldum fee.

  • Geordie Zebra

    What rush? You’re right on other priorities but that doesn’t detract from the fact out team and squad is threadbare and we need quality across the board.

  • Steve Cross

    If Charnley gets this deal sorted I’ll eat my hat! U0001f3a9

  • Graham Halliday

    Sauce with you hat Mr cross?

  • Steve Cross

    Think I’m safe Graham Halliday Sadly for us Penfold is no Daniel Levy is he. ;-)

  • GToon

    What’s the betting our offer is short of what of what they want. Enter Everton, stage left with the required amount, exit player and Everton stage right, curtain comes down, distant sound of money being put back into sports direct carrier bag. Let’s see….

  • Polarboy

    An Italian journo is claiming that Mitrovic is due in Newcastle tomorrow for talks with a fee having been agreed. Seen some other lad claim that Roma have given him a timeline of midnight and if something isn’t agreed he’ll come to us for talks.

  • GToon

    A bit like the dilemma Cinderella faced?

  • Polarboy

    GToon Well as funny as it sounds we may actually offer him better wages given the lack of money in Italian football. And of course the premier league is much more high profile.

  • GToon

    Yep. I’m just a bitter cynic really. I hope we do sign him. But it will be the money that gets him here and no doubt some kind of opt out clause after a couple of years.

  • 1957

    Buying a footballer seems to be just like buying a house. You know what it’s asking price is, you offer less just in case you can save a few bob and then hope for a compromise somewhere in between. If you really want the house you have to be prepared to pay the full amount.
    I’m surprised Charnley isn’t homeless

  • Polarboy

    GToon Well I have no idea how reliable this Italian journo is or mate or how close or far away Roma are from an agreement, so again it’s purgatory as has been the case for us all summer.

  • GToon

    It could be a report to force Austins deal or just all made up really.

  • Polarboy

    GToon Seems fairly elaborate for them to get an Italian journo to leak it. I don’t really know what to think if it’s a case of Mitrovic over Austin. Austin is a known quantity, but then again he wouldn’t be the first striker to have a great season in the premier league and then dip at least somewhat. Mitrovic gets great reports but will he cut it in the premier league.

  • alreet

    Could say that about any player that hasnt been in the prem b4. Riveiere so far is the biggest flop since guivarch’h or however u spell it.
    Cisse has been a pretty big hit and same with demba ba. Just need to make sure they are scoring in the leagues they play in and that the league isnt the japanese J league.

  • Polarboy

    alreet Well that’s exactly my point, that is the risk you take unless you are paying top, top wack.

  • alreet

    Looks a good player. World cup pedigree and all. Would slot in nicely in a wijnaldum left cabella right de jong centre. Sissoko and colback behind with mitrovic up top ?