Newcastle United have announced details of tickets for the friendly at Sheffield United on Sunday 26 July.

Despite all Newcastle supporters being able to buy tickets for the friendly at Gateshead, for this game in Sheffield the club have once again reverted back to only allowing fans who have a season ticket or membership to buy tickets for the match at Bramall Lane.

However, in an even more bizarre move, the club have announced that they will charge their members £5 more than season ticket holders to buy a ticket.

This is part of what appeared on the official Newcastle United website this morning:

The fixture is a testimonial for Sheffield United coach and former defender Chris Morgan, and prices are just £10 for adult season ticket holders and £5 for concessions – over-60s, full-time students aged 18-21, and under-18s.

Tickets will go on sale to Members on Monday, 13th July, and prices for non-season ticket holding adults will be £15.

Tickets will only be sold to 2015/16 season ticket holders and valid club members.

Bear in mind that members pay £35 to the club per season just for the chance to buy tickets, it is pretty shocking how they are being treat as second class citizens.

Without any explanation from the club, it certainly appears that this is a brazen attempt by Mike Ashley to try and force more fans to take up season tickets, to reinforce the idea that if you don’t have a season ticket you will be getting ever reducing access to tickets home & away and/or paying more for them.

Last season saw Ashley choose to leave thousands of tickets empty for the visits of Arsenal and Manchester United as he refused to allow unsold tickets to go on sale to the ordinary fans. Instead, trying to force fans to pay £35 to buy a membership in order to buy a ticket.

Recent revelations that around 30% of season tickets appear to be unsold, looks to have led to a major offensive launched by Mike Ashley, using carrot and stick in an attempt to try and get fans to purchase the thousands of season tickets that are going spare.

  • Wallsendstu

    Just don’t go. I feel sorry for the lad whose testimonial it is as these players know that NUFC supporters travel in their thousands to watch the team. Does the extra £5 go to the guy? I doubt it, so the greedy sods milk off money where ever they can and it makes me sick to my stomach. The fatman and Penfold are just the type to steal from donation boxes as long as they get their grubby paws on another penny, scum.

  • Porciestreet

    Didn’t you just know the fat 845tard was going to pull strokes like this.  Now’s definately the right time to tell him to shove his tickets right into the dark place only his mother would visit.

  • Porciestreet

    Wallsendstu Despicable fat gits…………!

  • Seventy2

    I wonder how long it will take for the Membership price to rise?

  • Peter Lamb


  • foggy

    Just don’t F in go, don’t buy the shirts, don’t buy or renew the season tickets.
    Once again its just another slap in the face for the fans from the lying w#nkers who own / run the club, all the while aided and abetted by moncur.

  • G Dubz

    Dont go- the football is 5hite, the players arent committed, the chairmen is milking us… its not our NUFC anymore and wont be again until he leaves
    He will only go if we undermine his brand- the TV money more than offsets the season ticket fall and attendance drop- making Sports Direct look bad is where it hurts him- do that by not going.

  • JohnyH

    He can stick his [email protected]&£&@g tickets right up his f&@£!?g fat a&£e

  • maddib

    Wallsendstu  If the extra fiver per ticket isn’t going to Morgan, then surely Ashley is guilty of theft.  It’s his testimonial, surely all monies goes to him so he can sort out stewarding/policing costs from the final testimonial amount and then take him/give to charity what is left.

  • philrenner09

    This is exactly what Sheff Utd are doing £15 for non season ticket holders and £10 if you are — they have set the prices, phone Bramall lane and get your facts right. This is a regular thing for Sheff Utd to do for pre season matches

  • wrinklynufcfan

    Mike_Ashley_Out really great idea – make it even more difficult to support the club – brilliant !

  • knocky

    Isn’t this another way of saying a £5 discount for season ticket holders – seems fair to me. I’ve committed to pay for a season ticket and as such get  an opportunity to get some tickets cheaper. 
    And The Mag should check the facts first before wading in with another anti-newcastle united article

  • Aodhan Bretwalda


  • amacdee

    knocky Dont get knocky with the Mag. Its people like you, who keep buying ST’s, who tell the Fatman he’s doing everything OK ! FGS man you’ll get a ticket for every home game this season without signing on the dotted line.

  • Grrrbby

    There are some absolute morons on here like. This is a non article with yet another dramatic headline that doesn’t tell you all the facts. Sheffield set the prices not Newcastle. And even if they did, i’d look at this as a good thing for season ticket holders rather than the other way round. Next …

  • wor monga

    I Love it, Jackie…I really do!…if you think Ashley will sit
    back and let those who won’t go…don’t go…and never have gone take a lend of him
    via the internet (the Mag) then it’s about time you got the message…he won’t.

    …One way or another those who haven’t renewed (for whatever
    reason) will get the message that he will use any trick in the book to fill the
    ground on matchdays…one way or another…by any cheap day deals he can think of,
    and if he can, hopefully, penalise some who are hoping to coming back, in the

    …That’s how you make billions of £’s from nothing…and you don’t
    get that by backing down to any signs of opposition when the ‘natives get

  • Fozzyworld

    Mike_Ashley_Out. Brilliant move, double whammy. .. Force Season Ticket Holders to renew and reduce the away support in one go. Genious!

  • knocky

    amacdee knocky 7 together? My whole family go, parents, kids and grandkids. We enjoy the day – pub etc, sometimes even the football. I live in hope that we provide our fans with effort and entertainment (as a a bare minimum) and to a some stage get back to competing with the top end of the table (won’t hold my breath). But I have mates who are Leeds, York, Plymouth, Rangers fans There’s no guarantees in football – we can’t all support Man City/Chelsea

  • WilliamCarney

    Fozzyworld Mike_Ashley_Out You should suck is D#ck for that then.

  • mrkgw


  • Mark Brooker

    I’ll just wait until next season we’ll probably be playing them in the championship.

  • MikeatToonArmyPhila

    Stateside, that would almost ensure empty stands. Ashley really doesn’t understand the damage he has done to the brand.

  • stevennufc

    amacdee knocky exactly!….well said!

  • David Telford

    It’s good to give a discount to season ticket holders

  • Duke Fame

    knocky amacdee But, you’d already have saved £35 for 7 tickets at Sheff United. I think it’ great that ST holders get a discount

  • Duke Fame

    foggy I quite like going to the match, I support the lads and have some fantastic times. It’s what being a real fan is all about

  • WilliamCarney

    Duke Fame foggy What being a happy clapper and encouraging someone to use our club as a giant billboard that takes advantage of fans and players for his own benefit, let me ask you something ok, what are you exactly a fan of? the amazing football we play? or the destruction of our club? it’s nice of you to think your a real fan but seriously your not, your the second biggest problem to our club, wake up you dumb moron.

  • DavidDrape

    Duke Fame foggy yeah thats all well and good but the main principle of going to the match is the team on the pitch which is the most important issue. without a half decent team trying to win things we wouldn’t have a club. for the first time in this clubs history from 1882 we are not trying to win a cup – very disrespectful to everyone

  • DavidDrape

    G Dubz spot on – the only way

  • DavidDrape

    philrenner09 can we assume the extra £5 is going to charity as well or being milked off as admin/costs etc?

  • DavidDrape

    Duke Fame knocky amacdee its a ploy and an excuse to make a fiver out of you. its about fairness not everyone can afford a season ticket but may live close to sheffeild and want to go yet pay £5 more. why should they be charged a different price and be discriminated against. ITS AN EXCUSE to change club policy from now on and force everyone to join the club membership scheme regardless if you go to 1 or all of the games home and away. its disgraceful and its ashley saying we will make you buy the club membership which hilariously this money is posed to be ring fenced to be spent on the academy ha ha joke because we all know how that has struggled in many ways in the last few years. these games should be no more than £10 regardless of money going to a good cause. its sonly kick about for god sake with 20 subs in the 2nd half. its also ashley being spiteful again – well if he wants to play it that way who is going to win this war in the long term? me thinks its going to be the fans ASHLEY OUT

  • DavidDrape

    if this is future club policy surely we are not far away from toon fans going in hime ends which has been happening at places like Hull and a few others. this could therefore be a recipe for disaster as one day it will kick off big time with toon fans in the home end

  • philrenner09

    DavidDrape philrenner09 spoken to season ticket holders from Sheff Utd who say they are paying exactly same prices (£10 season tickets £15 if not ) and all money is going to the 3 charities C.Morgan has chosen. Sheff Utd set the pricing it is  not NUFC adding on extra apparently they have used this system lots of times in the past and are using same pricing on 2cd August at home against Hull. This is all visible on the sheff utd website. Hull city are charging same pricing system as Sheff Utd and NUFC for that match.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The Mans a Scumbag !

  • Duke Fame

    WilliamCarney Duke Fame foggy Well, the happy clapping is about the players on the pitch & there have been some great moments, even in the last season. 

    As for billboards, my club has had billboards from the day I first went, it makes no difference to me if it’s Tudor Crisps, Chronicle, Minories, Sports Direct, Cameron Developments or Stan Seymour Sports.

  • Duke Fame

    DavidDrape The pricing structure is the same in the Sheff United end, it’s their pricing structure.

  • Bladesman1889

    Erm…..It’s a friendly at OUR ground so WE (SUFC) set the prices. As already mentioned by couple other posters, the same applies for the game against Hull a week after yourselves and the same thing happened last pre-season when we played Fenerbahce. 

    Money raised will benefit 3 charities:-  Weston Park Hospital, Bluebell Wood Hospice and the Gary Speed Trust Fund.

  • philrenner09

    Bladesman1889 Thanks for clearing that up – have you got fans that luv nothing better than to call your club as well ?   Got our tickets anyway for match at the reduced price for season ticket holders !  Wheres best place for a drink before match