What is your ideal Newcastle team to kick off the new season in three weeks time?

It might be a wild guess but my betting is that in your ideal world that starting 11 against Southampton would feature five or more new signings, not just Georginio Wijnaldum.

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However, what about of United don’t sign anybody else…

Here is my Newcastle team to face Southampton, from the current squad:

Goalkeeper: Krul

Defence: Janmaat

Midfield: Sissoko, Colback, de Jong, Abeid, Cabella

Attack: Aarons, Cisse, Perez, Wijnaldum

The sharper ones amongst you might have noticed that the side is a ‘little’ front loaded.

Well no wonder when you look at the other options, especially at the back.

I think we are kidding ourselves if we think that any of our defenders are remotely close in ability to Daryl Janmaat – basically none of them are Premier League standard.

The same three centre-backs who played in the 2009/10 promotion season are still here, with all three worse than they were then, which isn’t very encouraging seen as two of them (Taylor and Williamson) were woeful even back then. Coloccini is shot through now and as we know, doesn’t want to be here either.

Dummett and Haidara have a bit of ability each, though not as in Premier League ability at full-back.

The bottom line is why on earth would you buy a player like Wijnaldum and pay £14.5m for the privilege, if you then play him with players such as Williamson and Taylor?

To make up the rest of the eleven, even to make a slightly unorthodox formation, was a tricky affair.

It involves relying on players such as Aarons, Abeid and de Jong staying fit and proving themselves in the Premier League, plus Steve McClaren sorting Remy Cabella out rather than loaning/selling him as has being rumoured.

Bottom line of course is that Newcastle desperately need to buy more decent players.

For starters they always say that great teams are built starting with a great defence.

In Newcastle’s case (only QPR conceded more last season), having a defence of any sort would be a major leap forward.

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  • Jimmywayhay

    Please don’t let that headline be true , it would mean we had been lied to and more importantly we would be shite for the next season ,no matter what happens in the Jan transfer window.Palace after Remi ,Boro are after Bamford and we still haven’t made an offer for our number 1 striker Austin .aif this ends up being reality come the new season ,there are going to be some seriously pissed off Geordies .

  • RaySte

    Time exists so that not everything happens at once!

  • daleiamonaghan

    Why is Wijnaldum under “attack” yet Cabella and De Jong are just “midfield”
    It’s articles like this which make make me consider moving back to geordies.net despite it’s impossible advertising…

  • NathanPrunty

    Janmatt/ Good/Lascelles/Haidara
                                De Jong
                       Perez                            Bench- Darlow,S.Taylor,Dummet,Tiote,Arrons,Cabella,Cisse 

    Perez is a much better option up forward in my opinion and adds way more to the team than cisse who if i’m being honest, should probably move on if we can ever get a replacement in. Aarons is still developing but seems to be a class act so i’d hang on to him and let him develop, sub him later on the match, he links up very well with Haidara from what i’ve seen in pre season. Abeid is also a young talent and if i had to i’d take him over tiote, he did great last season before his injury. Two new CB’s are needed and nothing could be worse than Williamsion.

  • Andgeo

    I would go with your team john. Totally agree!

  • Andgeo

    10 year season ticket deal???

  • Andgeo

    I’m still pissed off after being lied to on a weekly basis for the past 8 years.

  • v0ices

    The problem is players are not brought in based on the teams needs they are purchased if they are a bargin or are thought to be able to demand a much increased sell on price after a good season or two. Wijnaldum is a typical example not purchased to improve a problem position (although i think he is a improvement on what we have) but bought because  a good season and the club could be selling him on for 30million a tasty profit for Ashley.

  • ArtyH

    If you look at a near relegation sides who are selling players ( Austin excluded ) they tend to go for less than they would had the club been mid or upper table, states effectiveness and desirability. On this premise the

  • ArtyH

    On this premise the toon team are of relatively low value because they were nearly relegated. If the squad is beefed up with better players it should increase the value of the likes of Williamson/Goofy and Magamind etc. We have all been fooled too many times to believe all the paper talk and media hype.

  • Timptoon

    It looks like we’re building a squad that can play the 1-10 formation with a goalkeeper and 10 attacking midfielders. Don’t forget that Perez, Cabella and Sissoko all played the position for their former clubs, along with Wijni and De Jong, and we still have Vuckic and Marveaux, both naturally attacking midfield. It shouldn’t take much to push Colback and Aarons forward and centre and young Dummet is adaptable rather than rely on Obertan, Tiote or Anita who could do the job but shouldn’t be allowed on the pitch.