Moussa Sissoko has said that despite the 2-1 defeat there were a lot of positives to take from last night’s match against Club Atlas.

After going two down and surviving a shot that hit the woodwork, Moussa Sissoko then reduced the Mexican club’s advantage to one on the stroke of half-time.

However, the French international says goals are immaterial and it is all about the team and their build-up to the Southampton match in 25 days time.

Sissoko also says that Steve McClaren is a good person but it too early to talk about the changes he is making at St James Park.

Moussa Sissoko talking to NUFC TV:

“It was a good game against a good team. We started well and had some chances but didn’t score, after that they scored with a penalty and then a second goal.

“After that it was a little bit better and the second half we played much higher and pressed together. It’s ok because we are just working towards that first game (Southampton) of the season.”

Seeing good things:

“It is not easy to play this game because this team (Club Atlas) is already prepared for the season, so we have to keep on going and try to be better for the next game.

“It is always nice to score but the most important thing is the team, when the team play well I am happy and we saw some good things today.”

New tactics:

“Steve McClaren has brought new tactics and I think he is a good manager and we have to work hard with him.

“But it is too early to say something about him but he is a good person, so I hope we can do a good season together.”

Watch Moussa Sissoko’s goal and full match highlights HERE.

  • Polarboy

    People need to chill out a bit if they are worrying too much about these pre-season games. It’s going to take a while for the lads to pick up what McClaren’s trying to do with possession football. You have to take into consideration how different his methods, as in professional one’s, are in comparison to what had been going on with Pardew, Carver et al.

  • Phildene

    The team are playing proper football in a professional way now under McClaren and given time it will show. Under the last lot of crap coaching the players didn’t even know the basics as had been coached out of them, as was their confidence too.
    We can’t read anything into these friendlies as th team are practising their new ways and working together with it.
    Got all fiaith in Steve McClaren and his backroom staff

  • wor monga

    From the full video you could see how much better conditioned
    and match fit the Atlas lads were compared to us…quick off the blocks, and at a
    very decent standard with it… it would probably have been a better fixture if
    it was the third game over there not the first…

    …Williamson looked very shaky every time the ball was played
    to him, and that didn’t do a lot to help Lascelles ease in. The second goal
    should have counted, as their keeper was clearly some inches behind the line
    when the ball bounced into his chest, and he did what keepers do…pushed it
    back, and smothered it….

    … Score didn’t matter though, but let’s get some signings
    in ASAP.

  • Brown Bottle

    Too early to talk about the bloke who’s gonna be responsible for getting you picked for the French squad? I wish this airhead would just pzz off now. Sick to death of his contrary nature and his picking the games he decides to turn up for.
    Believes he’s CL material but, no CL regular wants him. Bellend squared.

  • Happyharrys2011

    Sorry m8 but been dying to tell you this since I started coming on here. You talk pure shite. It just seems that shite just rolls off your finger tips with no sense or logic to what you put on here.
    Can I ask seriously (I’m not nessacer illy talking about just this comment). But are you just on here for a wind up or is your craic genuine? The first thing I’ve seen you write that seems real is “let’s get some signings in”,

  • DownUnderMag

    At this stage it’s all about making some measured improvement from game to game, showing they have progressed when they play next and continue that development through pre-season.  There was some positives, but still far too many negatives for most fans.  Most of the negative revolve around the same old culprits as well, who we already know aren’t good enough and yet who still get a game and who don’t have any reason to worry or work harder because there are no new faces in to replace them.
    The score doesn’t matter in pre-season games.  It’s about trying new things, adapting game play and getting fitness levels up to par.  But having silly mistakes cost us again is worrying and if we don’t address the lack of a goal scorer and defensive frailties then we are in trouble.  But more over for me is the lack of a midfield general who can delivery good quality balls in, until the service in to the forwards is improved and build up play shown to be on the up, it won’t matter who we get in to lead the line.

  • DownUnderMag

    Polarboy exactly!  If any pre-season was needed to be spent at home it was this one where a new coach needed time to work with his players.  And yet stupidly Ashley finally gets us travelling overseas when it doesn’t suit…just insane.  I will watch the progress being made in the next few games, but will save my overall verdict until I see the lads performance against Munchengladback on the 1st of August.  If we still look woeful then i’ll be worried for the opener against Southampton, otherwise give it time to gel (and hopefully get some more new faces through the door too).