After a summer so far which has been largely free of headline making ‘Newcastle player to join…..’ talk, a story emerged at the weekend of a Moussa Sissoko joining Liverpool tale.

It appears to have started with L’Equipe reporting that their sources suggested that the Merseyside club were interested in the player and he wasn’t averse to the move either.

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I thought the most interesting part of this transfer window episode, is that it was hard to tell who was less animated, the Newcastle fans thinking they might lose Moussa Sissoko or the Liverpool supporters believing he might be heading their way.

Little despair or joy greeting the speculation.

From the Newcastle end of things it appears quite a strange reaction if you are a neutral. After all, Moussa Sissoko is United’s most talented and high profile, plus the last remaining international player who regularly turns out for one of the major football nations (Krul and Janmaat squad players for Holland).

Yet all I feel is indifference from the fans.

From the other end of things, should we be surprised at the scousers’ lack of excitement at the thought of Moussa Sissoko signing up?

If they google his stats they would find that since arriving at Newcastle he has achieved the following:

2012/13 scored 4 and 3 assists (12 Premier League matches)

2013/14 scored 3 and 8 assists (35 PL matches)

2014/15 scored 4 and 2 assists (34 PL matches)

The overview if this past season makes Sissoko look like a player whose talents are fading and/or somebody who is not putting it all in.

In fact if you delve a bit deeper, then even in his first full season it was a tale of two halves. Apart from a starring performance and two goals at Hull in that 4-1 win (Pardew headbutt game), the second half of that 2013/14 season, the Frenchman was pretty anonymous and contributed little.

Yes Yohan Cabaye departed but that should have been the spur for Sissoko to step it up and take more responsibility, not hide away as the season fell apart.

  • mactoon

    Not a bad assessment to be honest. He is awesome when he applies himself

  • 1957

    A good player on his day but there have been too few over his time here. He has continually agitated for a move and linked himself with all sorts of clubs over the last two years with his desire for champions league football. Unless I’m mistaken Liverpool aren’t in the champions league and despite their signings I doubt they will make it this coming season given the teams above them will be improving too. A move for money, surely not!

  • Phildene

    Indeed he id and think he’s playing went off the boil quotes bit was due to the rubbish coaching here, which now has improved so might change Sissokos mind about moving.

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    AVERAGE !!!

  • Hughie

    Sissoko’s defensive play was a major problem last season -he does not appear to want to put the yards in, frequently marking space and reluctant to compete in tackles or for headers. His attacking play is often of the headless chicken variety.I would lose no sleep if he went.

  • wor monga

    The rumour is totally groundless…speculation regarding any
    Sissoko transfer would have to be strictly on Ashley’s terms due to his length
    of contract, and with his known ability in the PL… that won’t come at those piss
    farting amounts we’ve seen bandied about (£9m), by the amateur rumour mongers
    we’ve read so far…which makes this pretty much a non-story.

  • deleted_83245167_deleted_83245167_deleted_83245167

    Not confident we would replace him so would rather not sell him. I appreciate he can be inconsistent but he is the best midfielder we have.

  • stepaylor

    Sissoko is regularly in our top 3 performers pretty much every week. Arguably the best player we have so would not want him to leave. Also, it would make no sense since he has time on his contract and playing alongside better players this year (hopefully) he will shine and grow his value for a sale in a year or so. He is 25 and has plenty of time to be sold in line with the clubs policy.

    Keep him, playing alongside Wijnaldum and De Jong would be quite a line up as a 3 in midfield. De Jong slightly further up the field and Sissoko and Wijnaldum in behind. Very exciting 3.

  • stepaylor

    Hughie i think your right and he could do more. However, if you look at the stats he covers more ground than almost everyone else (apart from Colback and Jaanmat) and is consistently in our top 3 performers. True i think his heart wasnt 100% in it last year but i tyhink with some solid signing this year he will be recharged and up for it again. On his day one of the best players in the premier league

  • Jezza_NUFC

    stepaylor  QUOTE: “De Jong slightly further up the field and Sissoko and Wijnaldum in behind. Very exciting 3.”

    I can’t see any of those three playing for Newcastle next season. Sissoko and Wijnaldum will be with other clubs and De Jong will be out injured.

  • Steve1221

    Janmaat, Tiote and Cisse, all regulars with major footballing nations, stop sensationalising.

  • Big Al 1967

    mactoon Unfortunately does not apply himself  anywhere near enough. As a midfielder watch him closely when we either lose the ball or don’t have possession. Rarely gets behind the ball and more often than not will not track runners. The worry is that despite this he is one of our better players. No wonder we are in the clarts

  • TeamGB

    If we were resigned to signing say two (2) players only in this window, which two positions would you strengthen? (Let’s assume no further players are released / sold).

  • snodgrass2

    stepaylor Hughie “On his day one of the best players in the premier league” Yea but can we wait another 5 years for that day to come round?

  • stepaylor

    TeamGB 1 goalscorer, 1 central defender

  • DownUnderMag

    If the price is right then it wouldn’t be a loss.  As long as we actually used it to buy other players rather than buy Ashley stock in Rangers or something.  Sissoko is one of those players that on his day is a match-winner.  But those days seem very few and far between.  Personally I would like to see what he would be capable of in a decent team or with a decent manager…he has all the pace and power to be a real success in the Premiership, but he is not without his flaws so Pardew playing him without playing to his strengths was a major issue.  Hopefully if he is still here then McClaren can get him performing more consistently (ok…so that would mean we would definitely lose him, but that is just the way of things).

  • Mal44

    I agree that he has suffered from playing in a team devoid of any decent coaching. Carver and Stone were simply not up to it. He always plays well for France and, like you, I’m interested to see what a difference the new coaching set up will make to his performances, providing he’s still here of course. Hope he is.

  • AndrewCowley1

    Quality player at his best but for whatever reason so rarely produces his best.big loss if he goes because who will replace him?why would he join Liverpool though?