Newcastle United went down to a 2-1 defeat in their opening match of the US tour, Club Atlas taking a two goal lead before Moussa Sissoko pulled one back just before half-time.

Steve McClaren talked positively after the match and declared:

“It was a good advert, not just for Mexican football, but also for the Premier League.

“The crowd were tremendous and a good advert for both Mexican football and the Premier League.”

A bit disconcerting seeing people in the crowd wearing Liverpool and Manchester United shirts but there you go!

Watch the full match and the goal from Moussa Sissoko below – judge for yourself United’s performance.

The first hour of the video is players warming up and crowd shots, so go to 1.02.55 for kick-off.

If you want to go straight to Moussa Sissoko’s goal then go to 1.48.50.

The two Mexican goals were scored in minutes 11 and 17 of the match.


  • fireflyuk

    Oh dear! Williamson, embarrassing even in a friendly. For his own sake he needs to drop down to the Championship.

  • Porciestreet

    Nothings changed for me yet.Still dithering around at the back and passing to a man already under pressure. Having said that, they were very good at pressing when we had the ball, but overall, we need to be much, much better.

  • PhilipWhitehead

    We are plying from the back through 2 of our weakest players Williamson and Anita..we will ship more goals than last season if they play like that in the premier league

  • RaySte

    You can tell we’re trying to play the ball, problem is there are only about 4/5 footballers in the squad! Anita/Wilo/Gouff need to go but I’ll guess we’ll be stuck with them as no one will match their wages. Lascelles grew into the game, can’t blame him for looking shaky at the start, I think Maldini would look shaky if Willo stood next to him. Team needs to be faster, in terms of pace and the pass. Hopefully that’ll come in the pre-season.

    We played prettty poorly, but you can see we’re playing differently and hopefully the fans will give McClaren a decent chance to stamp his philosophy on the team.

  • amacdee

    Porciestreet Agreed Porciestreet. I read that Cathro was instrumental in the development of the young Scot, Ryan Gauld, who headed off to play for Sporting. Apparently Cathro taught the young lad to look for the best player available for a pass and to anticipate the next pass after that.
    Some of our lot just looked like they wanted to get rid of the ball by passing anywhere ! Its gonna be a long hard climb.