Interviewed after signing for Newcastle United on Tuesday morning, Aleksandar Mitrovic has revealed that it WASN’T him who was holding the transfer up.

The information that was flowing through the media, all pointed to Mitrovic holding off in the hope of other clubs coming in to buy him, particularly those in other countries who could offer Champions League football and/or a warmer climate.

AS Roma, Porto and Benfica were just three of the clubs that it was claimed the striker hoped would intervene at a late stage and give him an alternative to Newcastle.

However, speaking in his first interview (watch the relevant clips below), Mitrovic says that he was desperate to sign and was left to wait for days until Anderlecht and Newcastle United could sort out ‘some small difference’.

No doubt there will be some people who will say ‘well he would say that’ but certainly watching this interview, I was impressed with teh way he spoke and if he wasn’t being genuine then he’s a very good actor.

I have to say that I’m a lot more heartened now that Newcastle was a club which he really wanted to play for and now we just have to see if his ability matches up to his attitude in the Premier League.

Aleksandar Mitrovic speaking to NUFC TV:

“It was a few long days for me because every day I wait to see what happens between the two clubs.

“They have some problem between the clubs, some small difference, but they finish and I am now here.

“I’m very happy, proud & excited and can’t wait to start training with the team.”

  • AndyMac1

    Whoah is that a flying pig Jim ?
    Whatever the story is, he’s here now. Let’s hope he stays injury free and lights up SJP.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Now we can see that what Macca said about the exciting plans and finances available was true. The Geordies are back! As understandable as it was for people not to believe Ashley, Macca always struck me as totally genuine, which is why I never doubted he would come up trumps. Defenders will be next and nobody from the club has yet suggested Austin is off the menu yet, although given the choice, I’m happy with the one we’ve got. (Both would be a real bonus like). You can’t fix several years of under investment over one window, but you have to start somewhere and this is it. I know there’ll still be doom and gloomers, because they’re beyond help. Their hatred for Ashley has turned them into Toon haters, but I for one can’t wait for the season to begin. Quality coaching + quality players = exciting football. Bring it on! Isn’t this all we asked for? Can anybody really not be looking forward to the new season – apart from the mugs down the road? Howay The Toon!!!!!!!!

  • Lesr

    No it’s somebody who is talking a lot of common sense, unlike some of the comments published in the past.

  • maddib

    Blackandwhiteblood  If pointing out the obvious makes me a doom and gloomer then so be it, but my issue is the fact that we are still a long, long way off from having a competitive squad – the centre half situation needs addressing next, followed by a new left back (do not want to see Colback and Janmaat being played out of position ever again).  Two (albeit by the looks of things) very good players through the door, but the work is far from over.

    I don’t see how the above means I am beyond help or a toon hater – like everyone else, I want to see the team actually making a good go of things next season.

  • 1957

    The encouraging thing about the two signings is they both give the impression they mean it when they say they are pleased to be at the club. Actions on the pitch will be more important than interviews but at the moment I’m more comfortable with Mitrovic’s motivation for being here

  • kuromori

    I’m just glad Aston Vile didn’t swoop for him with a suitcase full of  cash to replace Benteke. Not after QPR hijacked our deal for Remy.

  • ArtyH

    I for one am over the moon with the two signings so far! I never expected Mitrivic to sign to be honest, but he looks a great prospect. I find its strange though when our local lads coming through the ranks are regarded as youngsters up to about 23>25 but we paid £13m for this youngster. Anyway glad he’s here. Now we need his mate at C.B, that would be a great start. If we signed Austin that would be the icing on the cake for this window. Then we could see how things go, then maybe do some adjustments in January, well they said new signings over three windows, didn’t they? Who could not believe them now??? ;)

  • amacdee

    maddib He’s on his evangelkical crusade maddib, wouldnt waste your time. You’re right we’re still a long way off a quailty squad

  • amacdee

    ArtyH Nobody’s denying these two signings are what we need however we also need another four quality players (not Riviere cross your fingers and hope signings) who are comfortable on the ball. One thing this pass and move strategy has shown us is there are players out there who are anything but comfortable on the ball.

  • Woodsy144

    Is it possible to drop all tha anti Ashley jibes and hatred, and get behind the team and management including Ashley . They all have made huge progress in bringing us top class players to our club, Let’s hope this is going to be a very enjoyable ride for all on board. Thank you Mike Ashley ,never expected this.

  • Jimmywayhay

    On paper what could be two decent signings ,but not let’s get carried away too soon ,another two or three would be cause for celebration and even the Ashley haters would have to admit ,he had been true to his word .But it’s only the beginning of ,hopefully a new era where survival and selling players on was the only mandate ,even Ahley might not want to sell on ,even at a profit ,if we did make the champions league or were knocking on the door of making that step up ,we can only live in hope !

  • ArtyH

    Woodsy144  It would be nice to forget the last 8 years of hell us supporters have been put through. However I am willing to soften my stance if the investment continues and the club is finally run correctly. Pleased with what has happened so far in the signings, but we still need more to complete the job to avoid problems next season. An analogy for you: A group of men are horse whipped every day for 8 years ( just an example ;) ) and one day the punishment stops, they are pleased, but on reflection they wish they had never been whipped in the first place. Just sayin……

  • kuromori

    Woodsy144 The fact that you “never expected this” – presumably meaning spending decent money on decent players – precisely explains why we have all the anti-Ashley jibes. If the fans hadn’t protested and voted with their feet, I doubt we’d be seeing the progress we now are. It wasn’t that long ago we had Charva in control and were headed for the trap door. Two signings and you’re grateful?

  • TonnekToon

    Two good signings up to now . hopefully we’ve turned a corner  ,with luck the deals almost done for Mbemba . then its wait and see for other deals .  Its a good start for now .

  • TonnekToon

    Blackandwhiteblood  I don’t think anyone on here is a Toon hater , It’s  simply a dislike of Ashley , not the Toon,  with good reason over the last eight years . as for doom and gloom , well we’ve all had good reason for long enough . It’ll be good to be optimistic again , hopefully here’s the start of a better chapter for all Toon fans .

  • amacdee

    kuromori Woodsy144  This is, of course, the issue. 8 years of underinvestment followed by two signings does not make a happy fan (unless you’re easily pleased ?) 

    If Fatman provides the finance to help develop the club into a Top 4 chasing, trophy winning, attractive playing team then surely that’s the time to wet yourself ?

  • Alsteads

    Come on!! We are going the right way people. It doesn’t make everything right with what’s went on but come on these signings have to be a way forward and I am bloody excited. Yes we may have been run down to this but maybe just maybe FCB has realised he has a golden goose. Yes I’m desperate to get back to supporting the toon like I have for years but at same time I’ll cut a certain someone some slack if this carries on. New set up, couple of quality signings….come on FCB prove me wrong. Most of all save me from Saturday afternoon shopping!!!

  • stepaylor

    I know its unlikely but Loic Remy playing off this guy up top would be a dream

  • Alsteads

    stepaylor Remy was a  legend in his own mind. He had the chance be a genuine no 9 and a club legend but chose to chase the coin. He is nothing more than a quick expensive fix for clubs now. Thats fine for him and his advisors but you don’t build a relationship around a high class prostitute. FxxK him. Let him go to Turkey where the wash ups normally go

  • maddib

    Jimmywayhay  another 3 or 4 and I will be more than happy to say that at last he has been true to his word with regards to his sudden sky sports interview.  We still need the centre half, full back and winger positions to sort out.  Everyone knows, all they want is for the toon to be competitive and not have to go through a repeat of last season (and the seasons before).

    If he delivers the 3 or 4 (for a start) that are currently needed, he also has to understand that this is not a one off fix, and the squad will need refreshing transfer window, after transfer window.

  • maddib

    Alsteads  I don’t think a toon fan exists that wont cut Ashley any slack as long as he delivers players to the squad.  No one here is whinging, they are being realistic, 2 new players in is the start of going the right way, but we are a long, long way from where we want to be at.  All the people (me included) that others will say are whingers and moaners are pointing out is that the squad still needs more bodies than just the 2 that are through the door this week.  He still has a month and a bit to get it sorted, although it would’ve been nice to have the majority of players in now, so McClaren can get them embedded in to the current squad.