Aleksandar Mitrovic is currently undergoing his medical for Newcastle United.

Sky Sports’ north east man Keith Downie has also confirmed that they understand the signing is expected to be announced by Tuesday at the very latest.

The striker scored 26 goals (all competitions) last season for Anderlecht and flew into Newcastle Airport on Sunday afternoon.

The 20 year old striker is widely reported to be due to be joined at St James Park by teammate Chancel Mbemba very shortly.

In advance of Mitrovic flying into Tyneside, details of the deal struck between Newcastle United and Anderlecht & the striker, were reported in the Belgian media.

Het Nieuwsblad said that the following contract details had been offered by Newcastle United:

Anderlecht will receive 16.5m euros (£11.5m) plus bonuses if Mitrovic reaches certain landmarks.

Of that 16.5m euros, Partizan Belgrade will receive 2.3m euros (£1.6m), which is their 20% sell-on clause agreed when Anderlecht paid them 5m euros for the striker.

Anderlecht will also receive 5% of any subsequent sale of Mitrovic by Newcastle.


Mitrovic would receive 2.4m euros (£1.7m basic pay – £33,000 a week)

Elsewhere in the Belgian media, it is also reported that there will be big performance related bonuses to clinch the deal on top of his basic wage.

Mitrovic will be paid 23,500 euros (£16,000) for each Newcastle win and 11,700 euros (£8,000) for each draw.

Based on last season’s Premier League results (10 wins, 9 draws), that would have seen Mitrovic receive approximately an extra £232,000, adding on average £5,000 to his weekly pay.

  • hirst_peter

    mycousin1975 NUFCTheMag how long can a medical take for fook sake. Are we still in for Austin if we bid now he might be signed in time

  • potski

    He may already have signed? But they may be reluctant to officially announce it when the manager is in USA, and there is no-one to introduce him to the media. And/or they want to announce Mitrovic and AN.Other at the same time.

  • AshGT

    So basically, this article has no new news and quotes some pretty unsophisticated journalistic speculation ………….. Maybe he’s got twelve toes or something?

  • Jamiekgordon

    Ah for fakk sake I spilt my yogurt

  • wor monga

    That’s a very good deal for both parties…performance related…rather
    than trying to lure him to sign by just making a much higher offer to him (Liverpool style) than the
    other interested clubs who could offer CL bonuses, at the outset…

    …getting him on a
    performance related bonus scheme tied into the teams results…will ensure both
    parties will have to do their utmost to achieve the best results, for us.

    …The directors might get some stick for their pedantic
    approach regarding value for money…but on these 2 signings they have got it right in the end,
    and we should appreciate that!!

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Maybe we could get him on Zero Hours…?

  • Simon Sharp

    Top 4 this season #LetsGetCarriedAway

  • AshGT

    Yep, might even get Gino asking me if I want a ‘bag for life’ while some spotty student rises majestically at the far post ………

  • gavinv1972

    LeazesEnder what is the point. good deals struck this summer, whats the point in pouring scorn on everything.

  • wor monga

    LeazesEnder           No I think they tried that first off…but he said he
    preferred Chelsea’s offer…then they offered him and his family 2 weeks free
    caravan holiday for him and his family at Whitley Bay…but he said he preferred
    Porto…in the end it went down to money!!

  • Greekgeordie

    Two in the bag and a couple in line, looking forward to see the new line up for Southampton, and judging from the last two friendliest in USA a new CB is a must, otherwise I am happy for some young players in the remaining transfer window for the future.

  • LeazesEnder

    gavinv1972 LeazesEnder Haven’t you learned anything at all?

  • fromtheheed

    What’s taking so long for Newcastle to announce that Mitovic is a definite signing. First it’s the weekend and now Tuesday !
    Just how long does a medical take, suspect Penfold used chloroform and wore a Roma shirt when getting Mitrovic to sign and waiting for him to recover.
    Just let Gladys the tea lady tell the press.

  • RaySte

    fromtheheed It’s as if an 8 figure deal takes time and care eh?

  • wormongaisafilthymackem

    wor monga
    how’ve they ‘got it right in the end’ ? Neither player’s kicked a ball in anger yet.

    Perhaps you’d like to tell us how many games they played or goals they scored in their first season with us to back up your claims? Did both of them remain fit, and adapt instantly to the league? Why did they not need the extra season to adapt the way you’ve claimed with Riviere and Cabella? Are you admitting you think the ‘directors’ got it wrong at the time? That’d be a change from your usual sycophantic support of everything the ‘directors’ say/do.

    And ‘directors’ is a bit of a push; it’s the secretary, the mascot, the scout and lastly the manager. Giving them all a hat that says ‘Director’ doesn’t make them more capable than they were before.

    I will remain cautiously optimistic, rather blindly ignorant of reality.