Aleksandar Mitrovic has revealed that Newcastle wanted to buy him last year and that their chase for him, allied with the fact that he was already a longstanding Newcastle fan,

The striker describes himself as a ‘real number 9’ and that with over half of his goal coming from headers, he thrives on crosses (message to Steve McClaren – winger who can cross the ball is urgently needed!).

Appreciating that it is a big step up to playing in the Premier League, Mitrovic is here because he wants to prove that he can do it against the very best.

Aleksandar Mitrovic taking to NUFC TV:

“I know last season that Newcastle asked for me and this season they showed that they really wanted me, this is the reason why I am here. Also, for a long time I am a fan of Newcastle (when at Partizan he said in an interview that Newcastle were his favourite other club and the Premier League his preferred league) and I follow Newcastle and I am proud to be here.

“I did have other clubs but Newcastle is the best club to make progress, to play here in front of these amazing fans and amazing stadium. It’s a really nice atmosphere what I can see on the television and I can’t wait for my first game.”

Alan Shearer is a real legend:

“(Asked about his style) I’m aggressive, strong and a goalscorer. I’m a real number 9 and the box is my place. I like the strikers who have played here, from Alan Shearer to Papiss (Cisse). The big names – I hope I can do something like them.

“Alan Shearer is a real legend, this is the style that I like and how I want to play.”


Using your head:

“I think I scored 14 or 15 goals (28 in all competition altogether) with my head last season, I like crosses into the box and feel really comfortable to be there in the box. I’m not quick but fast for my size.

“It is a stronger league than Belgium, better players , it will be really really difficult but I’m here to show that I can play in this league.”

Good luck to our new striker, if he proves to be half as good as Alan Shearer then we will have landed an absolute bargain.

  • Jim Joe Billy Bob

    Well he can certainly ‘talk the talk’ the big question now is…

  • potski

    Can he sing the song?

  • Budweizer

    Go on…

  • DownUnderMag

    I think we need a decent winger brought in before the window shuts along with a defender, not many of our current crop (save for perhaps Janmaat) can cross a ball to save themselves.  Perhaps a new RB and move Janmaat up to the wing instead??

  • RichMilburn

    DownUnderMag Wouldn’t move Janmaat to the wing, he does a perfectly competent job where he is, it’s just the centre half’s behind him that aren’t up to scratch…maybe that will be resolved shortly.
    I think we need a winger that can whip them in from the left with Aarons as backup.

  • RichMilburn

    DownUnderMag On the right I would be quite happy to let, Sissoko and De Jong to rotate and drift out wide to provide crosses in.

  • mrkgw

    Potentially great signing and a happy day for us supporters. Hopefully, more of this calibre to come.

  • RaySte

    Can anyone name all 5 Serbs to play for NUFC?

  • fireflyuk

    I thought would have at least mentioned George Riley :-)

  • ArtyH

    Great signings up to now, lets hope we get at lease one CB, his mate  Mbemba perhaps. If not its to no avail. Currently with the two additions we have maybe stood still in the rankings of the EPL, maybe even moved up a place or two, nothing more, we will still leak goals due to a poor defense. Mbemba and Mitrovic apear to be highly rated by all accounts but they will need at least two more similarly classy signings to make a difference as the under investment policy came home to roost last season. Hats of to the board it is being addressed, just hope they follow through this time and complete the job.

  • RaySte Almost certainly someone can

  • delashio

    Hahaha why move a player from a position which made him one of our best performers last season? When managers do that sort of thing supporters say that they dont know what they’re doing. Its a rediculous idea. Just buy a good winger!

  • Rowla

    RaySte Didn’t know there’d been any?