Sunday afternoon has seen images and video footage circulate of Aleksandar Mitrovic arriving at Newcastle Airport.

The striker set for his medical before a move is officially confirmed.

The 20 year old has been the subject of a very public transfer saga and I’m guessing a fair few fans will be hoping he lives up the hype and has been worth the hassle.

On Saturday, the media in Belgium revealed what had been offered in the end to reach agreement with Anderlecht and the (soon to be) new signing.

According to their information, Belgian media organisation Het Nieuwsblad said that the following contract details had been offered by Newcastle United:

Anderlecht will receive 16.5m euros (£11.5m) plus bonuses if Mitrovic reaches certain landmarks.

Of that 16.5m euros, Partizan Belgrade will receive 2.3m euros (£1.6m), which is their 20% sell-on clause agreed when Anderlecht paid them 5m euros for the striker.

Anderlecht will also receive 5% of any subsequent sale of Mitrovic by Newcastle.


Mitrovic would receive 2.4m euros (£1.7m basic pay – £33,000 a week)

Elsewhere in the Belgian media, it is also reported that there will be big performance related bonuses to clinch the deal on top of his basic wage.

Mitrovic will be paid 23,500 euros (£16,000) for each Newcastle win and 11,700 euros (£8,000) for each draw.

Based on last season’s Premier League results (10 wins, 9 draws), that would have seen Mitrovic receive approximately an extra £232,000, adding on average £5,000 to his weekly pay.

  • Jimmywayhay

    How many times ,will I read this same story ?

  • NottsToon

    What worries me about this signing seemingly being prioritised over Austin is that this seems to be done with future business in mind rather than improving the team long term,

    No doubt this lad has potential to be a genuine star, but I think it’s been done with an eye on tripling the outlay within a season or two by selling him on rather than brining in Austin who would improve the teams goal threat no end, but with much lower resale value.

    I hope, and I actually think that Mitrovic will be a success for Newcastle, but his stay will be short and we’ll be back to square one again.

  • ncncnc

    oh, the joys of spring

  • snodgrass2

    NottsToon Have you been asleep for the last 8 years?

  • alreet

    Looks like his mate mbemba is coming as well.
    Now really if we do nail mitro tomorrow then mbemba by tuesday. Just need 2 more defenders. De vrij and abdenour for me then get austin in. If no one else leaves hopefully then we could have a starting lineup as follows.
    Janmaat abdennour mbemba de vrij
    Gini sissoko colback de jong
    Austin mitrovic
    Now that or an interesting mix of formations and setups would be ace. At least with the first teamers coming in we have options and could finally get rid of the mess of obertan riviere willo colo and a few others.
    Clear the decks please stevo

  • Durham_CK

    This is a quality signing if he puts pen to paper. A sign of intent. These 2 signings should hopefully attract others who might have doubted coming to the Toon. Let’s go get Austin. Mitrovics mate at anderlecht. And another defender. Then we can be optimistic of a good season.

  • NottsToon

    snodgrass2 NottsToon I’m guessing you don’t read much of what I write on here snod?

  • 1957

    It’s taken so long for this to happen I have no real enthusiasm. It is obvious his father sees his future elsewhere and we are just a stopping off point, unless McClaren can get us into Europe. That said he looks a good player and is an upgrade on what we have, which should be the idea behind buying players. I worry about Austin, there must be some reason why, with his record, he hasn’t been snapped up yet. There is nobody prepared to match QPR’s valuation, Villa are apparently targeting Adebeyor as a first option to replace Benteke.
    The really encouraging and welcome thing is the club is at last targeting good players and are prepared to pay fees and wages that beat the second level European teams these players might be attractive to, despite not being able to offer European competition. A couple of defenders through the door and some positivity around he club and we might have a decent season.

  • desree

    i’d much rather we had mitrovic banging them in and leaving after two years than rivierre staying for 4!

  • IainElrick

    This is getting as tedious as sterling

  • keeganRescueUs

    Reading the blogs on here from certain people is like listening to a 90 year old constantly telling you their age, I’m off.

  • DownUnderMag

    Quite obvious we are a stop-gap stepping-stone solution for this player but if he comes and gives us plenty of goals for two seasons and moves on for a profit then so be it.  I would have felt better going for Austin given we are still getting an unknown in terms of Premier League quality with Mitrovic and I can’t help think this is more about wage demands than transfer fee…Austin would be asking for considerably more than what is being touted as our offer for Mitrovic.

  • stepaylor

    Im curious who you have playing at left back in that back 4?

  • Duke Fame

    So what do you want to happen, should we only buy 32 year olds looking for a last hurrah so you can be happy that there is no chance of “tripling the outlay within a season or two”? I don’t think I’ve read such a stupid concern over a player purchase.

  • NotFatFreddy


    You need treatment for your addiction!

  • DaveNuFcHays

    alreet Cisse and no Perez? lmao you mental??

  • NottsToon

    Well, call me old fashioned, but my primary concern would be bringing in a player to improve the team long term rather than pick the one we can resell for the most money.
    Also, who mentioned 32 year olds? Straw man once again it seems.
    Kindly return your lips to the owners pole and stop speaking.

  • Duke Fame

    NottsToon So Mitrovic is a short-term purchase as he’s 20 years old and in 2-3 years time, someone may come in with megabucks. Firstly, just think about that scenario, it would mean we’d have had 2-3 great seasons for that to happen. You’d rather Austin as a long-term view (he may well still come) as at 26, in 3 years time, as a 29 yo, we’re likely to be worrying that he’s lost a bit of sharpness and needing a change. 

    That’s not to suggest Austin is a bad choice, just that the long-term argument is a bit daft in the context. 

    The reality is that we could be in a situation as we were lest season waiting on Remy to make his mind up when all the other targets become unavailable.  We’ve forced the issue and it looks like we’re getting our man.

  • desree

    ferdinand 2 years, cole 2 years, Ginola 2 years, bellamy 3 years, cabaye two years, Ba 18 months, asprilla 2 years, hamman 12 months, waddlle 2 years, gascoigne 2 years, woodgate 18 months.
    Not sure when we weren’t a stepping stone to a bigger club?

  • NottsToon

    An equal list of players could be produced who stayed longer, including Shearer, Solano, Speed, Lee, Given who all could have moved up a level.
    Let’s not cherry pick eh?

  • DownUnderMag

    desree exactly, players come and players go, it just seems a bit more obvious this time thats all.  I have no problem with it, if a player performs well enough to get a big money move then great for us as we get a massive amount of cash as well as someone playing well for us and hopefully that reflects in the league table and a cup run.
    The problem with NUFC under Ashley isn’t that we are selling our best players, but that we fail to replace them, sometimes at all but certainly there is an element of needing some luck from the bargain bin.  It’s refreshing to see some cash being spent, I guess time will see if the club is made to suffer or if players are sold off in January to help balance the books…

  • alreet

    Fair dos. But at least i can dare to dream. Any offers on ur lineup. Potential or otherwise