With Georginio Wijnaldum en route to Tyneside, speculation has also ramped up that Aleksandar Mitrovic is also on his way to Newcastle.

The striker has long been linked to United and with his apparent first choice of AS Roma not coming up with a suitable offer, the way looks clear for Newcastle.

The latest episode in the long running saga now sees Mitrovic’ notorious ‘Super Agent’ Pini Zahavi declaring that the transfer will be completed today.

Zahavi has told Sudinfo in Belgium that Mitrovic will join the ‘club of Philippe Albert’ in the next few hours.

Pini Zahavi:

“The transfer will be completed ​​in the coming hours.

“Aleksandar Mitrovic will sign a contract for five seasons for the former club of Philippe Albert.”

Sudinfo report that the deal will be for five years and the total fee around the 18m Euros (£13m) mark.

This follow Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) reporting the following earlier today:

‘According to our information, Anderlecht striker Aleksandar Mitrovic will almost certainly agree a contract for five seasons at Newcastle.

Yesterday you could read in this newspaper that Anderlecht and Newcastle were at the table about Mitrovic . Yesterday, the case gathered momentum.

Sources close to the case expect the deal still to be agreed this week (today) .

The specific amount that Anderlecht will eventually land for the Serbian striker is not known, though Herman Van Holsbeeck (Anderlecht General Manager) has always said he would stick to the transfer of 17 to 18 million euros.’

  • Durham_CK

    If this does happen, along with Wijnaldum then it’s 2 bits of excellent business. Now we just need to get Austin in and a couple of new defenders and we can start looking positively towards the new season.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    This lad is a beast , the Serbian ibrahimovich they call him

  • LeazesEnder

    About time too…. 

    ….so that the replacement for Cisse and the replacement for Sissoko….. hang on a minute…. 

    ….whats going on?

  • Geordie Alex

    Agreed!!! I’m not sure about Austin – there have been many players who had a great first season in premier league (grant holt, ricky lambert, even andy Carroll!) so for that money I reckon we could do better by going abroad. It didn’t do southampton any harm last year!

  • Durham_CK

    True however if he can knock the goals of for an awful QPR side then Austin should be able to do it for us given the right supply. I am all for getting bargains from the continent but we have been stung before. If we are to get Mitrovic then I would prefer to also have a player with premier league experience. The fact he is English is a bonus. If QPR had stayed up how much would he have been worth?

  • scotty63

    LeazesEnder you’ve passed into an alternate reality where the club show ambition and try in cups………..

  • Nutisbak2

    Geordie Alex   I totally agree was about to write the same thing myself but then noticed you have written it so you saved me the trouble!

  • Geordie Alex

    Great minds! Don’t get me wrong he looks decent and is a great story how he has risen up but I don’t think he is worth 15 million – and I also get a feeling we’ll be playing a different style of football than the type might suit Austin. I think he’ll go to west ham.

  • Simon Sharp

    I would take what Pini Zahavi says with a pinch of salt: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pini_Zahavi
    It may be that he’s trying to get a better price for his client by getting more Premier League clubs interested in him. So far we’re the only club to my knowledge that have expressed interest.

  • ToonMag1892

    Geordie Alex Here is a point i know DE Jong little brother did not do a great deal when on loan but that could of been down to Mr P and Mr C way of training, Mc Claren is diffrent he worked in the holland why not forget Austin let him either sink at QPR or go to a top London club and sit on the bench and earn loads of money the moan when he does not get picked for england then we can all turn and say well we offered you football every weekend but you said no…….so approach PSV ask if we can bring him on load till 2016 play him a few times and under the right coach i think we would se a totally diffrent player then go and get the BIG GEORGIDE back on a PLAY – PER – PAY deal……. then go and thrash out a deal for the two Aston Villa pair of Fabian Delph / Ron Vlaar they no the EPL and would be good signing for use

  • Adam Kirkcaldy

    Jamie Coyle

  • Nutisbak2

    ToonMag1892 Geordie Alex   I’d certainly be up for us giving Luke De Jong another go, personally I thought he showed some great skills and movement/positioning when he was here, he just had a bad run. Actually interestingly very similar to Riviere last season.

    Under McClarren I think it would be a different story.

  • Nutisbak2

    Geordie Alex   Agree I think Austin might go to West ham and we might get Carroll on the cheap which would be a bonus.

  • Gallowgate82

    does this mean he is signing for charleroi? theyre Alberts former club also???

  • wor monga

    Nutisbak2 Geordie Alex      That might not be a bad move…having Andy coming off the
    bench for the last 30mins to the music of Knopflers “Coming Home” , what
    opposition could live with that….but it would have to be £8m-£10m, and on £50k/wk,
    and I think you’d see pigs fly first!!

  • 1957

    Beware of Pini Zahavi bearing gifts it wouldn’t be the first time he has used this tactic to flush a better deal from a different club. Great if it goes through but I doubt it will happen today, I suspect Roma wil be given a little more time.
    I’m beginning to have doubts over Austin he hasn’t exactly had top teams fighting for his services

  • Cristiano Cairoli

    …Christmas’ day?

  • 1957

    Luuk has said that he just came to NUFC at the wrong time, he wasn’t fit enough, couldn’t gain that level of fitness and more importantly he felt he wasn’t played in his best position. That was a familiar story during the reigns of Pardew and Carver, he appeared to have some skill but looked lost in the system of play. At the right price and under the present coaching staff I would give him another try too.

  • Jamie Coyle

    I don’t believe it a signing hehehehehe

  • stepaylor

    Nutisbak2 ToonMag1892 Geordie Alex We should have taken Luuk De Jong, could have signed him for less than 4 million. Now he would be 3 times that

  • Up that toon

    Trumps Charlie for me, keep me coming

  • desree

    i have heard mitrovic is in portugal talking to porti

  • magpie9

    Agent is looking for a bidding war

  • 1957

    The Chronicle has his agent in Newcastle, so he’s probably where he wants to be Rome.

  • Porciestreet

    Theyre all the bloody same,….. graspin gits.

  • Porciestreet

    He could be in China talkin to the wall…………..?  £  *