Mike Ashley’s season ticket sales push gets ever more desperate, with his Newcastle United minions sending their latest message to fans, including those who have cancelled.

Under the title of ‘Secure Your Season Ticket Today!’, the latest appeal for fans to renew/buy comes 45 days after the season ended and still not a single player bought by the club.

With only 31 days until the Premier League (32 days for Newcastle) kicks off again, none of us imagined that the squad wouldn’t have been strengthened by now.

Let’s hope today’s claims in Holland that Newcastle have bid £11.5m for Georginio Wijnaldum are close to the mark…

Reader of The Mag and now ex-season ticket holder, Philip Lynn forwarded the following that he has sent to the club after receiving his email:

I cancelled my Season Ticket in March 2015 due to the shambolic management of my beloved football club and the dire state of the team on the pitch.

Nothing to date has convinced me that a further application is worthwhile.

Please feel free to contact me again when Newcastle United FC displays any sort of ambition.

Kind Regards

Philip Lynn

The email from the club contained the following:

Season tickets for the 2015/16 campaign are still available and most areas of St. James’ Park have availability, including the popular East Stand and Family Enclosure. 

The East Stand is one of the most coveted areas of St. James’ Park and limited tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The link in the email taking you to:

‘The renewal deadline for current season ticket holders is Friday, 19th June. Once this deadline has passed all tickets will be released on general sale. If you have forgotten to renew your ticket please contact the Box Office for assistance…’

Recent information taken from the official Newcastle United website ticket section, suggested that as many as 30% or more of season tickets remained unsold.

The club’s email today suggests that the East Stand is ‘…one of the most coveted areas of St. James’ Park’.

Well we have just visited the ticket section and taken this screenshot of prime seats in Block A of the East Stand, you can make your own mind up as to how season ticket sales are going (the green ones are the unsold season tickets)….

season ticket sales

The answer isn’t difficult, if Mike Ashley starts running the club on ambitious/realistic lines and buys credible players, then those seats will be sold.

Until that kind of credible activity happens then we are all left fearing the worst, both in terms of thousands of empty seats greeting the players and just what kind of team will take to the pitch against Southampton in four weeks time.

  • Oldgit

    I gave the club a deadline off the 6th July to get some very decent players in or I will book my month long cruise with money that was designated towards my season ticket. The date has past and still no signings so I will extend the deadline to the end of this week only. If none the cruise will be booked and the money for the season ticket will be gone for this year. I may consider buying the occasional ticket through the season on a pick and choose basis.

  • Bearsize

    I believed a flurry of signings would be here by the 6th. Haha how stupid i am. Charnley ur useless mate. Cb and strikers pretty please. Think ashley wants to see if steve can get them firing first before real investment is/isn’t needed

  • magpiefifer

    They have to be joking – no signings yet plus to rub our noses in it Crystal Palce could sign Cabaye and Austin!!!

  • GToon

    It’s simple really. Improve the squad instead of selling all of it and people might buy season tickets. Funny that eh. I should be in the retail business shouldn’t I.

  • JohnyH

    I don’t care who they do/don’t sign, he can stick his tickets up his ar&e.
    I’m not going back til the FCB has gone, however long it takes. 8 years of continuous insults to this club and its supporters. Not to mention how he runs his business empire. Enough is enough.
    The man is beneath contempt.

  • magpiefifer

    GToon  And Ashley shouldn’t be in the football ‘business’ – certainly not at NUFC.

  • TonnekToon

    Some of the ” smaller” & newer clubs in the  league are showing their intentions, It’s not rocket science , show ambition with some decent signings , remove the deadwood and you just might sell season tickets ! Personally I wouldn’t buy one under this regime , but if i did want one, they’re showing me absolutely no incentive to buy .

  • toonmad1956

    I’m one of the lifelong supporters who didn’t renew this season. Even if they sign a dozen international players i’m not going back until Fat Boy has gone. This the only way to get him out. The sooner people cotton on to this the sooner he will disappear.

  • WilliamCarney

    Oldgit Don’t
    waste your money mate, I did that last season on a pick n’ choose
    basis, even that was a waste of money, I should of just went to the
    sports bars and got drunk instead lol.

  • GToon

    What amazes me most is his total lack of ability in this business. The ability to change and adapt is paramount in a successful business and yet he persists with a failing plan at NUFC. Doesn’t make sense really does it. If I was in charge I’d get wonga off the shirts straight away and put the SBR foundation on the front. Shirt sales would go through the roof overnight. I’m sure Ashley could or the club could absorb any tiny loss of income if there was one.

  • DownUnderMag

    Anyone remember when we were so popular there was a waiting list for season tickets??  This cretin is slowly killing this club…it may limp on in one form or another as long as he’s getting his TV money from Sky, but the heart and soul of the club, it’s lifeblood, is slowly draining away.
    Still, credit to those who have finally had enough.  As I posted a while back, it’s everyones own decision to make, but good to see some are following through on their convictions.  I can’t remember a time when the club had to beg people to take up season tickets this way, shows just how bad things are getting!

  • magpiefifer

    GToon  The trouble is his NUFC ‘business’ is helping SD with the free advertising he gets out of SJP – especially when live TV coverage happens.
    Here’s hoping that Sky and BT will be put off covering our games if the football is the same as last season and SJP has lots of empty seats and little atmosphere – but will Ashley bother!?