Newcastle United have confirmed/claimed today that Mike Ashley is now ready to pay higher transfer fees than he has allowed in the previous 8 seasons.

Via the minutes of the NUFC Fans Forum which took place on Monday, the club state that ‘…while its business principles still apply, there is the possibility to consider players that may command a higher transfer fee than previously considered.’

The club going on to state that Newcastle United’s plan is supposedly to ‘…pursue quality over quantity’.

Obviously we have seen neither of those so far this summer!

Here are a selection of the questions by Fans Forum members and answers by the club on transfers:

“Are we back to square one in terms of player recruitment since the new head coach came in?”

The club stated that its targets have been refined in some cases following conversations with Steve about his style of play and the specific expectations he has for each position.

“Other teams on a similar level as us are reported to be making bids for players that we’re linked with. Why aren’t we?”

The club suggested that view was based on the presumption that it wasn’t doing the same and that what the media writes is often not necessarily the reality behind the scenes. In terms of the calibre of player and level of fees, the club is confident it is very competitive within its grouping.

The club affirmed that while its business principles still apply, there is the possibility to consider players that may command a higher transfer fee than previously considered. The club’s view moving forward is to pursue quality over quantity and the club is confident it can attract those type of players.

transfer fees

“What can the club do to attract new players?”

The club’s view is that Newcastle United has always been attractive to new players. In addition, the appointment of the new head coach is a big step forward. Privately, Steve McClaren has been a big draw for players the club has been speaking to both at home and abroad. The club has no concerns about attracting players.

Steve McClaren

“I’m excited because the objectives are clear and you can sell that to players coming in. We want to win something. We are going for something.

“I’m excited because of the plan I’ve seen. We don’t just go short term with this transfer window, we look at the next window and the next one. We have a great opportunity in the next three windows if we get the recruitment right. I can understand if there is negativity but if I was a supporter and I knew what I know in such detail, I’d be very excited about the future.

“Talk is cheap. We have to make it happen.”

The statement from the owner seemed to lift the club but supporters still know we haven’t signed a player. The mood will change when the first player is brought in.”

The club is working hard to ensure the players who come in are the right players whether it takes a week, two weeks or more but understands there will be scepticism until that happens.

Steve McClaren

“As a coach coming in, I want to know what we’re doing and who we’re going for. It doesn’t always work. You need the right people and it has to be at the right time.

“I’m very chilled about it because I know what’s going on behind the scenes. Eventually, we’ll get there. I wouldn’t have come here if that hadn’t been the case. I know what we can do and what we intend to do. We’re in control of things and they’ll happen in their own time. There are clubs around the world chasing the type of players we’re interested in and that’s the challenge for us.”

“Fans are waiting for something to happen. Do the club give false hope to fans ahead of important season ticket renewal dates?”

The club stated that it does not and emphasised the need to maintain a consistency of messaging via its direct communication to fans.

  • desree

    possibly consider is the most non committal statement possible in the english dictionary, almost as vague as the bolt the horse to the cart or punch above our weight statements. what needed to be said hasn’t, the words are as flimsy as the actions.

  • Milo79

    McClaren talking about exciting things happening over the course of ‘the next three windows.’ I think we should all be hugely alarmed by that statement. The club is telling us not to expect too much this summer and Steve is being suckered in, the same as Pardew before him. Remember what Shearer said about these people – they tell you one thing, they mean another.

  • v0ices

    hahahahahaha. who do théy think they are fooling.

  • DownUnderMag

    Supposing that we actually believe this isn’t just about season ticket sales, they just don’t get it do they?
    The fans don’t want trophy signings anymore, we’re happy not to be forking out stupid amounts for has-beens like Duff, Owen and Viduka who earn a fortune and fail to deliver because they just can’t be arsed.
    What the fans DO want is for the club to spend what is required, the going rate, to secure the RIGHT players rather than always lose out squabbling over a million here or there and then go off and spend a fraction of that on some bargain basement player from some unknown team in a lower division.  We just want the club to be competitive, not silly, in the transfer market and secure the talent required to push on in both the league and cups.  We just want to see us try and pay the going rate to keep players who are doing well for us rather than cash in all the time.

  • toonfifer

    I think he meant we were going to punch the horse and “weight” on the cart!!!!!!!!!!

  • magpie9

    Should start with “once upon a time”

  • zemtex

    something something something over the line.

  • SeanTJB

    Love the game more than the prize, because if there is no game, there’s no prize anyway.

  • A lex

    I said here a few days ago that I bet we go back to the days of getting a ‘trophy signing’, but then pad out the rest with a few nonentities.

    What he certainly won’t do is get 4 or 5 of the quality players we desperately need, and pay good fees and wages for all of them.

  • lupamac
  • Brownale69


  • Brownale69


  • Andgeo

    Our “grouping” and what the [email protected] does that mean like penfold????

  • MilitantGeordie

    toonfifer Or we will sign an acutal horse as our ‘ big name ‘ transfer and use the cart to
    transport the TV Cash to MASH holdings for safe keeping.

  • desree

    I think Mike Ashley is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he hasn’t got a clue about football. He had more of a clue 8 years ago than he does now.
    He is like Sepp Blatter living in his own little bubble. I think he is about to fall on his sword. Well done to those who have given up season tickets. It is clear that the club not only are massively concerned- They are massively under prepared.
    I’m convinced they completely lied about the search for a manager In Jan. I am also convinced they had no plans to buy any players unless we sold sissoko, krull and Tiote, which they would had they not all been terrible since Jan.
    This club clearly believes that it is best practice to lie to and mislead customers in order to generate sales. Despite all the feedback, they are still at it.
    Perhaps fans should write to MA saying they will possibly consider renewing their season ticket when the club sign the CB and striker we have needed since 2012

  • desree

    I have made a similar pledge to my family – I am possibly considering that if we decide to buy a new house I may consider paying more than I would have done 8 years ago.

  • desree

    MilitantGeordie brilliant! I think I preferred it when Penfold was just honest and told us that the club wouldn’t ever win anything and survival is the only aim.

    This cryptic PR fluff is so patronising I think it is doing much more damage. It sends a clear message to the fans that the club has no intention to change the strategy, they just want the fans to believe they are changing strategy. 

    I reckon Charnley has been watching Derren Brown and told Mike not to worry about signings, he will use the powers of suggestion to sell out St James Park.

    How do these people sleep at night?

  • Happyharrys2011

    What a fat w4nker Jabba is.
    The next three transfer windows!!!! what an absolute shower of $hit these people are, and those of you who follow to his tune want to hang your heads in shame.